10 Things to do While Your Boyfriend Plays His Games

Around this time of year, every single year, we hear the same things come out of girl’s mouths.

“Call of Duty stole my boyfriend.”
“All he does is play that stupid video game!”
“Will you pay attention to me?!”
“No, I won’t make you a sandwich. Turn your stupid game off and make it yourself.”

Now I’m a gamer girl, so I don’t usually have this problem, but girls, this is for you. This is for those lonely nights when you feel single because of Call of Duty. This is for those Saturdays when you have nothing to do because your boyfriend is discovering Skyrim. This is for every single time your boyfriend has put a video game before you.

  1. Just pointing out the obvious here, but PLAY GAMES WITH HIM. You don’t even have to be good. There is nothing a gamer guy will find more attractive than his girlfriend playing a video game. He’ll know you’re making an effort and maybe you’ll win some of his attention back. Games aren’t just for guys.
  2. Actually make him the sandwich he wants. Okay, so I know this one sounds absolutely stupid, but guys like food. If you’re trying to fight for his attention, you can’t be mean! He likes his food and his games, so why not humor him? You get to be a better cook and win back some of your boyfriend’s attention, while finding some way to occupy your time.
  3. Hang out with your friends for once!  Don’t get me wrong, you probably like to spend time with your boyfriend and there’s nothing wrong with him being your best friend (I know mine is), but it’s okay to want to have girl time with your friends. Go shopping, go out to eat, go to a bar, go DO something. There’s no reason for you to sit around and wait for your boyfriend to turn his game off. You finally have time that you can spend with all of your friends, so go have fun!
  4. Find a new hobby, or just a hobby in general. There are so many things you could be doing, but you might not have the spare time to do it. Maybe you can find out you really enjoy video games, or you like to make jewelry, or you like painting. Whatever it is, you have the time to do it. My suggestion? If it’s something you can do at home, do it in the same room as your boyfriend while he’s playing games. Even if you aren’t talking, at least you’re together, right?
  5.  Get hot(ter). Most girls, myself included, have at one point complained that we’re fat, even if we aren’t. One of the secrets to feeling better about the way you look is to become more physically active. Work out a few days a week and you’ll not only see an improvement in the way you look, but also the way you feel. You can also treat yourself to a makeover if you want. The better you feel, the better you’ll look to your boyfriend, the sooner he’ll pull his eyes away from the screen for you.
  6. Catch up on your work. Boo, this one isn’t fun, but it’s true. We’re all guilty of procrastinating and sacrificing work to spend time with our boyfriends. I would rather hang out with my boyfriend than work out the enthalpy of heat in a reaction. Well, now’s the time to make your mother proud. Put in a little bit more time and see more results. Who says that you can’t be hot and nerdy? Absolutely no one.
  7. Relax. Relationships can be stressful, especially when you spend too much time together. Not spending every waking moment together will not only be healthy for both of you on your own, but also as a couple. Breathe a little bit; it’s not going to kill you!
  8. Watch all the shows and movies he would never watch with you. Let’s get real; most guys don’t want to watch Twilight or Glee. How many times have you begged your boyfriend to watch it with you? How many times have you ended up watching Super Troopers or South Park instead? Don’t get me wrong, those are some quality productions, but every once in awhile, it’s nice to be a girl. So, go ahead and watch them without worrying about whether or not he’s going to walk in and turn the game on.
  9. Clean up the mess he’s left for you. Do you realize how CLEAN everything is going to be? He’s hibernating in a room for who knows how long! There are no more messes for you to clean up, because he’s not letting you into his man cave; you might walk in front of the screen, and he’ll lose his headshot. Rejoice in the cleanliness that you will experience. It’ll be worth rejoicing over!
  10. Cuddle up next to him and watch. Okay, so I understand this sounds super boring, but it depends on who you are. I personally LOVE lying next to my boyfriend and watching him play his (and my) games. I get to spend time with him while he’s doing something that makes him happy, and with a good book, it’s pretty alright.

Now, if you’re offended by any of these, I apologize. More often than not, girls are going to complain when they don’t have the attention of their boyfriend. If there’s anything you’d like to add, just leave a comment and let us know! Until then, I hope you find comfort in the little things while your guy spends all of his time with the $60 happiness his game has brought to him.

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145 thoughts on “10 Things to do While Your Boyfriend Plays His Games

  1. Blawle says:

    Great post!

    We posted a similar article last week! Gamers Guide to Relationships!

    • Amanda says:

      This is stupid and it seems like this article is favoring men. “Make him a sandwich.” Really??? And “Get hotter.” That is ridiculous. I do workout every day at a time when it doesn’t conflict when my bf and I want to spend together. If I can do that for him, then why he can’t do the same for me? If guys are spending that much time in front of the tv, then I don’t think they are really taking care of their health or working towards getting a hot body. Women should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Nicole says:

        It’s not at all it’s realistic, make him a sandwich? I think that’s normal, I personaly love to cook so it’s fine and I’m pretty sure by “get hotter” she means catch his attention by something about your attire and if you really feel that way talk to him, maybe even break up with him give him a awake up call. But don’t put down woman because you disagree with someone.

      • Linda says:

        The only real solution is to get a real man or find a second boyfriend to make up for the slacking one.

      • Moz says:

        Think back how many things he does/did for you, and doesn’t ask a lot? besides if you start saying things like why cant he do the same for me then you need to evaluate how much you “love/Like” him.

        the same could be said to the guys alot of things our gf’s do for us that we dont appreciate…but from my experience a lot of girls like things (attention, gifts, time, favors, *insert anything here*).What do guys ask for? prob one thing or two

      • Chila says:

        Agreed. “Get hotter,” “Make him a sandwich” — sounds like a man-child wrote this.

        • adro says:

          Haha. Dont forget about the part where “she” says to clean up after him. Um no… he can clean up his own mess, right after he makes himself a sandwich.

      • Cody says:

        My girlfriend wanted me to post on this to see how I felt about it so. Actually no lie this article is somewhat true exept you don’t hafto make a sandwich or work out or apply a shit ton of make up. When I’m playing games there is absolutely nothing more hot in this world than my girlfriend wearing a stained shirt and sweatpants no makeup comes in there and cuddles up to me wile we play call of duty or any other game. Personally I try to not ask much out of a girl but 90% of the time I’ve seen a guy command make me a sandwich he is just joking but sometimes we are dicks and mean it and I geuss if you have one if those demandy boyfriend then just be honest with him about how you feel about what he is doing, like not spending enough time with you or bieng a dick or having a lot of demands.

      • Samara says:

        I agree right now my boyfriends not working aswell; even when were watching movies together hes playing fifa!! Everytime I tell him how I feel he just says I complain too much I feel like hitting him over the head sometimes!!!

    • Annie says:

      My boyfriend CONSTANTLY play video games and usually play with him. Believe me it’s awesome. :D

  2. Katie C says:

    This is super cute!! <3
    Though I'm obviously on your side here; gamin' next to my man! ;)

  3. manda says:

    i like to watch him play or i get on my laptop and sit with him

    • Juju says:

      Ya but I’m not that big into technology. I’ve watched him so many times it just gets old. We bought a house like 60 miles away from my home, so if I wanted to break up with him I couldn’t. I love him , but I dont think I can put up with his addiction, anymore. He’s working 6 day weeks and is gone from6:30 to 5:30. Today is his day off and so I called school and said I was sick so I could spend today with him. I guess I’m still in that stupid hoping state of mind that i matter. All his done today is play his game. I don’t know why this hurts so much to write this, but it does.

  4. Nikki Jonnes says:

    First I would like to say—Are you for real? No honestly ,not being a smart ^&*, just is this meant to be taken seriously?
    If you aren’t and you are just making a point about whiny girls then more power to you and I stand behind you all the way. If you are for real, that’s cool… but it is kind of biased. #1 I will grant you. There is nothing wrong with joining him, he will enjoy you getting lost on HALO and shooting at you when you are spinning around in circles (Oh yeah, he loves that). #2—okay, but only if I am doing this it is without his knowledge or he ASKS me. Bark an order at me and your Xbox gets to eat the sandwich. And disk drives aren’t partial to prosciutto. (The order part is the sticking point for most of the aforementioned girls). #3 Is excellent in moderation. But if he is 24/7-ing the Fall Out and there is no down time with him then girl’s night out isn’t going to do much good. #4,#6 and #7 are fair. #5 kind of feels like a shallow man’s unrealistic dream. Why should I spend time busting it at the gym to look hotter for you if I am going to come home to “hey honey, can I get a sandwich?” and a night of first person shooters. Not to mention this one presupposes that the unhappy girl is unsatisfied with herself or uncomfortable in her body. #8 combined with #1 says that you are willing to put an effort towards the things he likes but he will not do it for you? That is not fair and not okay. #10 is the best advice on here and it is worth taking.
    But number nine. Oh, dear number nine.
    “Clean up the mess he has left for you.”
    In a word…….no.
    In this scenario I have been to the gym, made him a sandwich watched movies alone and played a game I do not like. I have started a hobby I didn’t need and caught up on my own work. Your further advice is to do his work as well? So he can… play video games? No. I am not much for feminism but the little part of me that embraces it died just a little upon swallowing number nine.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree with this one. I live in a 700 sf apt with my bf and work from home and can only find so many things to do out side of the house but that doesn’t help much if he’s playing for 12 hours straight.

      I don’t like playing video games and I don’t like video games in general so when I wake up in the morning and I hear that crap on his stupid giant TV at 7 a.m. and he says ‘well ths is the only time I have before I have to go out of town for work’ and I say ‘can you turn off the volume?’ and he doesn’t I just want to punch him in his stupid face.

      • Beth says:

        Thank you, I have been searching for answers, and I’m a pretty understanding girlfriend, but wow! Clean up the mess he left for u after going to the gym and making him a sandwich?!… perhaps you should blow him while hes playing Halo as well.
        Jesus, this girl needs to either build up her self esteem or… wait did she write this knowing her guy would read it… there you go!

    • kickyou says:

      Are you serious??? Cater to a lazy ass gamers whim? You need to open your eyes darlin.. Maybe get off the game and go experience the real world.. You dont wait hand and foot on someone who ignores you and doesnt put their part into a relationship… You dont clean up after their messes and kiss their ass. I think the best way to remedy the situation is a hot cattle prod to the ass. I honestly feel sorry for you people that waste your life sucked into a game. You are missing so much out in the real world,even your relationships crumble and as proven in this written list my dear, you are so oblivious. Perhaps you should sit indian style at his feet and let him rest a beer can on your head,would apply to your submissive list of a gamers gf…

      • mike says:

        Ok you nee to chill the fuck out bro… As a “lazy ass gamer” who “needs to experience the real world” who coincidentally has a P.H.D and works as a school teacher to special needs children. I find your comments and insults to be quite unfair, when im playing a game on my Xbox (with my wife, who works as an art teacher at a diferent mainstream school) after a long day, w enjoy playing C.o.D together and talking about our days, andshe enjoys making me sandwiches and other snacks,cooking helps her relax. So before you start another derogatory self absorbed man hating rant, remember that each relartionship is different and that you don’t have the right to tell people what is and isn’t acceptable in their lives.



      • Nichole says:

        I agree, my god. What good of a boyfriend when you have to do all that? Just get a new one and save some headache. Especially when I feel (in my opinion) gaming is a waste of time. Doesn’t benefit the relationship, pay the bills, nor does it do any good for the person playing it. Playing a couple hrs a week is fine. However, Every gamer I met consume all their free time into gaming. Even pulling an all nighter.

    • catt39 says:

      I agree 100%… that is totally middle ages… we are their girlfriend not their mother I will help clean up the mess if i have made it but i will not and nor will i ever clean up his mess… I have been with my guy for around 17 months and I am so in love with him, he is such a gamer. He got me into it too but not nearly as much as he is.. seriously his gamer score is ridiculous! Yeah i’ll get like maybe a few texts a day… if i’m lucky. I just accept it, so what if he’s got a hobby i do too and he doesn’t get my hobby but you know what he’s super excited when something great happens concerning that and i always celebrate with him when he’s came top of the leader board. If you don’t like that he’s a gamer move on and don’t try and change him. If it bugs you and you really don’t think you’re getting the attention you deserve say something to him, don’t fight about it, don’t nag, just mention it in conversation.

      THE END.

  5. Lunerian says:

    #1 is great but rest, what the fuck?
    What happened to feminism, stand up for yourself? Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with making him a sandwich once in a while or cleaning IF he does his share of the housework.
    Don’t turn yourself into an unpaid servant!
    /male feminist

  6. May says:

    I suppose this all depends on a million other variables, and no situation is the same.
    I game with my boyfriend. Sure I suck at Halo, but I can lancer-execute Locust in “Gears” with the best of them. He cooks for me sometimes, so a sandwich is fair. My response really depends on how he orders, though: does it do it like he’s in a restaurant, or the military?

    Now, for the most part I don’t mind when my boyfriend puts in a single player game. Just means I have to sit back and watch for a minute. But… Skyrim. Ohhh, Skyrim. I understood that he had been waiting for this game for a while, and judging by his excitement when we went to the midnight release, he needed some alone time with it.
    A month.
    A whole month of Skyrim.
    Of NEVER even THINKING of a multi-player game that his girl could join in on.
    A miserable month. THANKFULLY, I was rather busy with school and had tons of stuff to do. I’d even do it at my own place, but then I’d get a million texts saying “I miss you, come over and we’ll hang out.”
    ….And I’d come over, and he’d greet me at the door, and we’d go to his bedroom, and he’d pick up the controller and get back to the game.

    There are times when a woman should stand up for herself. Not every time. If it’s multi-player, play with him. If it’s not, well, find something to do. But if you sit in his bedroom for a month, trying to do anything to keep busy enough not to think of the current situation and how miserable you are, you need to make your stand. When kisses and friskiness are met with “stop distracting me!” either make him listen, or just go home.
    You don’t need to put up with that crap.

    • Dominic says:

      Loving this comment. Haha!

      Skyrim FTW. Well, now that there’s a Skyrim multiplayer, you guys should sign up :)

  7. Amanda says:

    Your suggestions are good ones, unless — not exaggerating — the gamer literally plays every free second of his life. This is a serious issue. I’ll give the gamer six hours a day, sure, fine. That’s cool. But 16 hours a day if he’s off??? That’s not a relationship. And that sure isn’t healthy behavior.

  8. Kirsten says:

    Okay, wtf at number 5.

    “Your boyfriend doesn’t pay enough attention to you? Stop whining and go work out for a few hours. He’s obviously playing so many games because you’re fat. Slap on more makeup. Once you’re thinner he’ll want you more and the sex will totes be like five minutes longer tonight. Or something. You’re welcome, ladies.”

  9. marge says:

    get a life

  10. Mark says:

    Being a gamer myself and spending a ton of (maybe too much?) time on gaming and or my website (which is dedicated to gaming) is something I constantly battle. There are times when I simply ask my wife if she minds that I get some gaming in and she never really says no.

    I think it is something that a guy gamer has to consciously make a decision about.

    I like the first suggestion and third suggestion the best; but really this all comes back to the people involved. If you don’t like his gaming and he gets pissed when you tell him to spend time with you – maybe you should rethink the relationship. Otherwise, let him enjoy his hobby within reason and eventually he will figure out that his real girlfriend is a better weapon against evil than anything he would find in the land of Cyrodil.

    PS – Many guys resort to playing their video games because they aren’t getting any… ‘fun time’… outside of that.

    While some guys have lost the drive to romance their ladies with flowers or cooking dinner it isn’t a one way street either. Just something to consider. Feminism is great, but if your libido isn’t helping matters he will be fine with jumping onto his games and taking out his sexual frustrations with some shooter games… or he might just jump onto the internet for a quick game of… well, you know.

    • Amanda says:

      WOW!! Mark,
      My husband’s name is Mark too and he ask me too and I never tell him no too because I don’t want to cause an argument with him about his game but he does play it too much he chooses his game over me and our children he doesn’t clean house when I am at work he works too but he gets 3 days off 1 week and 4 days off the net week, I on the other hand I work everyday of the week and only get one day off and guess what?? I have to come home and clean my house myself and change my daughters diaper because he had left my daughter in a wet diaper for hours… He had also promised me that when we are off together that he wouldn’t play his game so we can have family time and etc. But as always Promise’s are broken.. We have been married for 6yrs and before I bought him the play-station 3 he was spending time with me and etc but now since he has his games he is always on there and if it isn’t there he is either golfing with his friends and or fishing with his friends and believe it or not the friends he plays Black Ops with online , golfs with and fishes with are the same friends he chooses his friends over me and his children.. I have told him many of times that he needs to cut down. But he doesn’t listen but I can say that if it doesn’t slow down soon he will be getting divorce papers because the fact of being his game playing has been causing him to neglect our daughters care and needs.. He is just became pure lazy and being very immature for his age he is 39 years old he should act like a man and help me support the family and care for them but no I am the more mature one in my family and I am only 30yrs old..

  11. Kimberly says:

    All this stuff sounds good to me. I’ve done some of it too. I’ll clean up his messy room (it makes it nice for me), I tried playing Halo once (no… I suck bad) and I’ll cuddle up and just watch. He thinks its cute when I try to help him. I like video games a lot too, just a different type. So I understand that when you want to play, you need a few hours.

    I think working out, going out with your girls, catching up on work and relaxing are great ideas.

  12. Christina says:

    Haha! Wow, it is nice to know that I am not alone XD
    I’ve read your tips and I think some of them have merit and I may try them out when I run into “boyfriend+games” scenarios. Other tips that are mentioned I feel iffy about them. I mean “go to the gym and doll yourself up so you end up being the bigger distraction?” I am not so keen on that approach. I personally feel the “conscious decision” Mark stated in his post is completely true. The guy DOES indeed come to the “Girlfriend or Games” fork in the road a lot, and (speaking from experience here) it really feels like a stab to the heart when the guy chooses a game over the girl. Granted-the guy may wanna blow off some steam and chooses to take it out on the games instead of the girl (which I think is healthy in a way). But still it is the thought that inevitably bites. >.<
    But I also think that "just coping" with it doesn't solve the matter. I agree that there should be a compromise in which both the boyfriend and the girlfriend need to come up with in order for things to progress smoothly (or at least to make things easier). I don't know for sure, I personally am still working out the kinks with my boyfriend ^^; haha

  13. Luana says:

    yeah, games stole my boyfriend! :'(
    but it’s ok since lot of stuff stole myself xD

  14. Georgina Beddow says:

    I sometimes get abit pissed off when my boyfriend has time off work and he wants to spend it on his computer watching something or playing his favourite video game. When I’d rather spend the time together to actually do something like go out.
    The other day, I made an account on his game he plays Starcraft and I tried to learn now to do it, so when he plays it I know how it’s played or when I watch him I can understand it. Then I got him to show me how to play it cos I did get stuck a few times. It was good I guess I thought instead of getting pissed off whenever he plays his game why don’t I learn and play it myself cos I may like it too. Can’t say I love it lol but I will learn now to play it, so I have something in common with my boyfriend lol.
    I did number 10 the other day, he had a day off and I thought Ok we are not going to be going out anywhere today then, when I saw him playing on his game. So I sat next to him, and gave him a cuddle and just watched him play it. Then when I got a little bored, I grabbed my book and read it sitting next to him, he commented on his game now and again and I talked to him about it, like asking him if he’s winning or how he’s playing against etc.
    That night though we went out for a meal so I guess i don’t mind as long as he doesn’t spend ALL this time on games or computer and none of me or says no whenever I suggest doing something so he can play his games instead. I wouldn’t have that lol I’d just feel I am better off with someone else.

  15. Elske says:

    Thanks wiseindividualspell@gmail.com you so much for the spell you did 2days ago. As you said James behavior changed little by little. He phone me more and with time wanted to see me. I did as you suggested and ignored him a bit and now he loves me as before!

  16. Kristin says:

    Ladies, this is absolutely horrible advise. The point is to be happy, not turn yourself into a personal maid. One- talk to him. If he doesn’t have a positive reaction, he obviously doesn’t love you and is just using you. Two- if you’d like one last chance, doll up. Get pretty and cute, let him see it, and leave with friends. Don’t tell him where you’re going or with who. Just say friends. Everyone deserves someone who loves and cares about them, the BOYS who ignore someone who loves them is not worth the time and pain. Go find yourself a real man.

  17. Cortnee says:

    WOW. I am terribly sorry, but if this was meant to be “real” advice, you need to reevaluate the things you said. I live with my boyfriend, and it is an annoyingly constant struggle with him playing Guild Wars 2. I work full time and am full time in school. He works with his father from 9-5, sitting at a computer, doing what he wants. I generally work twelve hours a day, then come home to do homework. He can’t even do one goddamned thing I ask, like, scoop out the litter box, take out the trash, or clean up the mess he has left in the kitchen, because he is too busy living in a virtual reality. I enjoy games, too, but when it comes down to real life, you need to realize what the hell is more important– and that should quite obviously be the REAL people in your life, not the guild members from overseas you talk to on your headset and the game you play from 5-midnight. You suggest cleaning up after him ? It’s not 1950, it’s 2012. Why the hell should I be a maid for him, after I spend all day at work or school so I can make sure my future isn’t spent living on minimum wage I get from flipping burgers at McDonald’s ?! That’s such bullshit. Also, number five. “Get hotter ?!” REALLY ?! Bullshit. Not only that, it sounds like you’re saying he’s playing the game BECAUSE the girlfriend is ugly and fat.

    Sounds like to me that you just don’t even have a clue.

    • Chelsey says:

      But see, in 1950 there was a trade off. The man would go out and work and be the bread winner thus supplying the family with money to buy food, supplies etc. while the woman would take care of everything in the home. Today, with this video game scenario, there is no trade off.

      It just doesn’t seem balanced to me, your situation. You work, you go to school and you take care of all matters in the home while your bf may work but then does nothing else to help out. It’s not being snobby, it’s seeing an imbalance in things.

  18. Tanya says:

    My bf will play the game to like 4 in the morning and then he will go to sleep til like the next night and play again lol its crazy then he will ask me to make him noodles whiles he is talking to his bffs from states away I think its really funny but im used to it and hey u only live once and if u love him, u gotta keep him happy ut the best part is sleeping with him all day and I do honestly play with him but I get so annoyed when they shoot me or knife me . Tip: if u make him a sanwich or noodles or whatever they see that you care about them and they will love u even more tjen to be a snobby bitch like this chic up here that works trick stop complaining and leave him if u dont like it lol

  19. kate_h says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Made my day better. I’m a gamer girl myself but recently I’ve been pretty stressed out from school and work so i haven’t had much time for video games. I am beginning to hate this time of year when all the new video games are coming out and my boyfriend is playing every single one of them. I’m going to try tip 6 out tonight. Hopefully it will make me less stressed about school and whatnot

  20. Rosie says:

    Im still just as confused, I read the first comment and suggested to the lazy man lying beside me that i would play with him, then I read on and now im like i dont no. if i play with him it feels like im letting like im letting him win. because i complain about it so much!! I think that yes i will play with him but as long as his takes the time to share with me things that i like to do….there needs to be a balance. If not the girls will always feel resentment, I know my partner loves me, i have tried everything from ignoring him, to being with him to getting thinner, making him food. Cleaning, nothing matters because once he is playing his games he is oblivious to everything going on around him. It is impossible to change someone, granted they will change for a little while but it always turns out the same. I just have to decide weather i want to be with him enough to adapt to his behaviours or go and find myself a ‘real man’ haha i dont think these men have existed since the 1950’s. Nowadays woman are like mothers to their men, its terrible.

  21. Sez says:

    My partner n I live together and are expecting our first child together yet I find myself on the couch all day watching tv or doing the washing, cooking. Dinner and working am I going to do this and juggling our baby while he comes home from work and jumps on the computer to play wow.. I don’t nag him anymore cause I become the worst person in the world.. So the days I want to do something with him I need to book it in basically.. I have done everything you have suggested but I don’t think your correct in what you hv said as if anything they keep doing it.

  22. Mike says:

    Idk what y’all are whining about, these are pretty good tips, unless a bf has gotten into Skyrim. I fing that game. But I do know what it’s like, I’ve gotten stuck in fallout for weeks. Like I said before tho all these are fair tips, but the biggest thing is to just communicate. If you girls will do that then the relationship can work. If your afraid to do it then things probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways. Whatever you do just don’t put an ultimatum, never works lol. My girl games so were fine, but even she gets bored here and there. And when I get hooked every so often on fallout, she’s done every one on this list. (My favorite is when she gets sexy to try to distract me. Works every time!!!!)

  23. nv says:

    or heres the obvious….

    Seriously, there are guys out there that don’t do videogames. Just like there are even guys who really don’t indulge in porn, shocking-yes, but it’s true.

    Many Women make the bizarre mistake of ending up with a guy who’s the embodiment of everything they don’t like in an attempt to not seem TOO picky, when really there are guys that they could be dating but they overlook those stating
    “oh he’s just a friend” or “he’s too…nice” or if he doesn’t do the socalled “norms” like porno or videogames- they steer clear from him thinking he’s “gay”.

    If you actually needed to read this article for help with your boyfriend, your one of those women who should try dating against your own guide of likes. Theres a big chance you keep choosing the wrong guy.

    wow…Good article though.

  24. Hilary says:

    Bad advice for the most part. I had a boyfriend like that and I am a little bit of a game lover myself it still sucked. He always wanted me to fit his needs, he was always right, never listen to me, always made me feel like an idiot and made me cry. Now I am engaged to another gamer but he will stop playing if I tell him too and worries about me not having fun. I like to cuddle and watch games cause they normally have Better stories than tv nowadays. Like uncharted, it has great story plus amazing graphics. There is no way in hell I have the patients to play in so I watch him do it. I watched him play skyrim, I freaking love that game, because it allowed me to see how to get through a spider area which I am deathly afraid of. In the end he does laundry and gets food some times plus cleans the house. I help out when I can. That said not all gamers are bad, only the ones who are true douche bags which expect 1-10 of the advice posts here meaning they do not want a girl friend, they want a second mom that also fullfills their libidos. Also they are unfit fathers since you will do all of the child raising while they can hid in their man caves when the kid throws a fit and starts crying. Poopy diaper, I am going to play wow, you can get that honey and afterwards wash your hands since you are making me a sandwich. You might need to work out too, starting to see some chops. Love you, yeah that is why I dumped the douch bag.

    • Faye says:

      Wow, I am in the same situation as you were with the douch bag boyfriend. I confronted him about it, saying he was neglecting me and totally prioritizing his game over me, and he apologized but kept playing his game. Red flag? I wish it wasn’t… I love the guy..when he’s not playing video games :(

  25. tonymonica says:

    Ok ladies, im a call of duty gamer.yeah I don’t remember when I started to become such a hard gamer but, I live with my gf and work 12 hours a day 4 days a week. I never play when I have work. It kills me not to but I spend Three hours getting to and from work on days I work. On my days off I just want to get online and play COD my gf constantly tried to get me off the game after about 3 hours and for some reason I would ALWAYS get upset and would continue playing.I used to say Can I get one day to myself and of course she threw a fit saying I don’t spend time with her. Solast month instead of me giving her money to get something for herself I decided to make her play three games of call of duty online. With the headset. “BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE ” within a week she took over our game, couch and television. It was terrible She forced my hand to buy a new TV, ps3 and cod game with headset included. Lol we play in separate rooms on the same team or against each other online. Trying our hardest to come out on top.like wtf my gf knows how to QUICK SCOPE! ! I Don’t. But our relationship is more exciting now. Because when one of us loses a ridiculous number of times in a row we go out somewhere random to let off some steam and enjoy each others company. I pay attention to my gf,job,game and family everything else is irrelevant to me. I don’t think life could get any sweeter. Oh my gf works where I work just less hours and sometimes different days. Word of advice. my friend plays games with no job and he loves his gf dearly BUT ladies If u love your bf and want more attention NEVER ask a Guy who just received a new game to choose between you and the game. let’s just say you’ll most likely be single or with someone else. Try to join in and don’t play expecting it all to be boring. You’ll end up ruining the experience for yourself. Make deals when you play like “if I win one out of five games , you spend the rest of the night with me” make it fun like that or something that way when he lose he can’t be upset because he lost fair and square. DO NOT BECOME A HOUSE MAID. You’ll end up in an eternal loop that you can’t escape until the game gets old. JOIN IN, KICK HIS A** anyway possible and just have fun.

  26. No says:

    You must be between the ages of 15-20. Youre obviously one of those typical, I’m-one-of-the-doods girls who think they understand how a man’s mind works.

  27. Nuke says:

    So what would you say if the man plays so much he not only forgets about his women, but he also neglects work and his hygiene.

    I call it a loser! But I liked your article and value your opinion…

  28. Gg says:

    Lol. K, I’m a gamer girl so I don’t have these problems. But if I had a boyfriend that wasn’t, I certainly wouldn’t expect him to clean my mess, make me a sandwich or go to a gym and fight for my attention. It’s called BALANCE – you need it in life. You balance games and time with your significant other. There are times and places for both. This article is, in a word, stupid.

    Women, don’t take shit and, be you the gamer in the scenario, don’t give any. Make time for everything you care about.

  29. MISSKITTYS357 says:

    I think some of your advise is good, my biggest issue is the xbox really belongs to our teenage son and my husband has taken over the xbox. He suggested we get our son black ops 2 for his birthday, my son got to play for a few hours and now my husband has completely taken over the xbox. We also have a 6 year old son that he NEVER plays with and always has 101 excuses why. sex? yea forget it I have tried all extremes to get his attention including felatio while he played, I stopped midway through and tried to coax him into more and he said, ok let me finish this game and I’ll be right there….20 minutes went by and I fell asleep.

  30. sandy says:

    I have been with my husband for quite a few years now and we both jam out on ps3 we also balance our own life outside of video games. We have a 3 yr old and one on the way and I never bitch about him playing his game for hours on end cause i dont give a 2 shits if he does it keeps him out my hair for those hours so im good and ppl who do bitch about it need to shut up and get a life bc all you are is just mad bc you SUCK at gaming. I love COD and im pretty damn good at it oh and im not fat nor ugly and there is a way to get a guy off of the game its called get butt ass naked and walk right in front of the tv then start doing things to him works every fuckin time and if it doesnt then your doing something wrong so…. STOP YOUR BITCHING THATS WHY HE GAMES BC YOU WONT SHUT UR FACE!!!

  31. Evan says:

    I suffer from this, unfortunately. My fiancé and I have a 50’s type relationship by choice. She enjoys being a homemaker, and I enjoy taking care of her and providing. I work 45 hours a week, pay all the bills, including a hefty monthly rent to live in a luxury rental community, all the house bills, her car bill and her healthcare bill. On top of that, I also help out with the housework, as I have OCD and enjoy an immaculate home. Now I believe in the idea of fairness. That is, if she doesn’t have a job and bread-winning falls solely on me, I expect her to do the large majority of things around the house and make home-cooked meals; thus the trade-off, as one of the commenters said. If she does work, then I believe the responsibilities around the house should be shared 50/50. Therefore, since it was her choice to not work, and my choice to be the only provider, I see nothing wrong with expecting these things. Part of being a good home maker, is letting your man unwind and relax after work.

    Which brings me to my point; I am a gamer. This has been true since I was four. This will be true for the rest of my life. I come home from work, we eat dinner, I help clear the table, and then we go to the living room. This is the time I usually like to unwind with my laptop, and do some gaming, while watching shows with her, sitting RIGHT next to her on the same couch. Not unlike a 50’s husband with a cigar and the paper on the chair. However, this is usually a problem. She gets upset with me if I play more than twice a week, and more than an hour at a time, even though I am sitting right next to her, dividing my attention between the TV show we are watching and my game, with the TV show and her usually getting the majority, she gets upset and acts like a brat, usually holding a grudge until the next day or longer. However, it’s perfectly fine to sit there and watch 4 hours of sitcoms every night…as long as I’m not doing anything else at the same time.

    News flash: gamers like to game. They also like to do it for more than 1 hour. And don’t get me wrong, I am not the type to play from 5:30pm – midnight. I am happy with 2, sometimes 3 hours of partial attention gaming. Would I game that long if I was single? Sometimes, yes…most likely. But I understand that 5pm-12am gaming is unreasonable in a relationship. I also understand that if we have plans, gaming goes on the back-burner, and that is fine. However, I believe that there is nothing wrong with me playing my game in the background on the couch while watching TV with my fiancé on an uneventful work-night in the middle of the week with no plans, and it is complete bullshit that it is a problem. Hell, most men retreat to a man cave to do this. I bought a laptop so I could game and still spend time with her and it’s still a problem.

    And the funniest part is that she enjoys gaming. She doesn’t play much, but when she does, I’m allowed to game. Problem is that she can’t sit there and game for more than 1 hour. So when she gets off she expects me to get off and if I don’t, we fight. Often times this causes problems when we game together, because, again, she is over it, and I’m just getting into it by an hour’s time. It’s fine if you want to stop, but just because you can’t play for more than an hour doesn’t me I have to stop too. Tell me, and I’ll switch to laptop, put Netflix on the TV, and we’ll hang out together. Very frustrating.

  32. danyele says:

    i agree with you 150% with nikki jonnes…

    i did the whole make “me a sanwich” thing, and i did make him one…… for the first week… then, that was it. Now my response to “make me a sandwich” is ummm yea ok lol… i to am a gamer chick too but, he dont let me play no more cause a 55″ plasma is not enough room to split screen anymore.. so i basicly took up a hobby like making things i didnt need to make.. (dont do that any more) waste of time… dressing sexy and walking infront of the screen….. haha funny! i got yelled at to move and that i made him loose his kill streak!.. watching movies on the pc.. ok. try that when the tv is so loud you feel like your in Iraq… i mean this post is not for ppl in ther 20s+ obvi… i am not cleaning his mess that sits around his gamer chair… ill clean because im board (not to make him happy) and again not his mess… read a book and cuddle next to him? where am i putting my head on the hard edge of the chair? or on his vibrating arm?… at first i was like ok ill do all these things because i’d rather him in the house then out running around getting into trouble with his friends… then i relized.. he aint going nowhere! he cant get off his game if a tornado came and took him, his chair, and his xbox off the ground and swirled him, and the chair, and the game around he would still be playing and not notice! and he dont even notice when i leave. only in the mourning… cause hes half a sleep and he still got the turttle beaches on that i bought him (amazing buy by the way) great for trying to sleep when hes playing… so now i just go walk with my friend and her dog for 45 mins to get out of the house at night and away from the noise… by the way… all the nagging we doo about the game and attention pays off in the end (if you do it the right way).. they end up noticing the room is a mess, there sitting ther hungry, and you are now starting to ignore them… you will get your attention.. or your other option is go out and find a man… not a gamer lol! 2 different types of males (gamer, man)…

    dont get me wrong… i love my gamer but i dont like being ignored.

    ps.. he now knows when i say BABE in a more agressive tone im ready for bed or i cant take it no more… so he says ok one more game n gets off or he puts his turttle beaches on and gets off earlier then he normally would…
    BELIEVE me i get my time.. lol hope this helped the people who tryed the other way n faild.

  33. sarah says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for over 5 years, At first he would play a little bit of games and spend some time with me. All he dose is play games from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. I don’t ask him to do anything i do it all cooking, cleaning, Garbage and so on all i really want is a hour with him. I don’t think that is a lot to ask for.
    He even turned me down for sex he said he wanted to play a game. Is it he rather play games or he just not into me anymore?

    • Natalie says:

      So has my boyfriend. I just bought a brand new nightie that is really just wow and he looked over at me and got mad because I interrupted him. It’s like, really? I guess I don’t have to ask who she is because SHE is WoW or Skyrim. smh

  34. Bad Advice says:

    Is this supposed to be taken seriously? I don’t understand how this is supposed to be advice. I just stumbled upon this post and couldn’t help but think, my god, your man has got you whipped! Clean up after him? Cook for him? Watch him? I think you forgot tip 11 which is “Enable Him!”

    You are sending a terrible message to some poor innocent naive readers out there who are going to take this seriously and think that it is okay for their partner to ignore them, and give the computer more attention than themselves. You know, I had totally forgotten that we have gone back to 1950 and we need to submit to our man and we have no say in our relationship.

    How about you grow a pair, tell your man to get his ass out of the chair and shut off the video games, and create a meaningful relationship with you.

    Or, you could continue to be a robotic stepford wife. That works too…

  35. Stephanie says:

    That is so stupid. If your boyfriend loves you he would turn off the game whenever you wanna spend time with him. My boyfriend does it automatically if he sees me and I’m bored and lonely. Although I’m a gamergirl myself and whenever his over he plays on my account and we play together so …. It’s a win win.

    And really? Number 5!? Are you stupid, why get ‘hotter’ just to get his attention. You’re asking girls to put in effort for their guy who is abandoning them! No. How about you learn to stick up for yourself a bit? Instead of being a slave and making them a ‘sandwich’ , if you were a gamer girl you’d know that that is a ridiculous and sexist term that guys online say to girls… And yet your trying to show them that yes we’re slaves and do as you command.
    Il make him anything besides a bloody sandwich

  36. […] to look gorgeous memories to be created what preparation complete living room with each other when and where you are just going flirting […]

  37. MEME says:

    Great list. To add one more .. ASK FOR IT. don’t demand plan a date do something where it’s not a silent expecation.

    Hey honey do you have a minute.. press pause or get him on a break. I was hoping this saturday we could go out with some friends. if you do this for me I’ll make you (favorite sandwich) and stay up and watch you play your new game!

    Like you i game a bit, not to much but once my husband gets going there is no reaching him.. hense why your list is good. when I give him what he wants he is less defensive and does pay more attention.

    but I think they key figure here that you and I need to remember.
    The guy is doing his own thing. and your post is just about that.

    One bad thing about it. is if you GROW with out your spouse/boyfriend etc. like improving your hottness and all that. You could out grow your partner.
    like i’m currently doing. But I try to get him on board.. I’m just starting to lose any interest at all.

    but the moral of the story if you have to change that person.. They were not meant for you!

  38. meg says:

    thank you to those like minded women who have stood up and said “no” to this post. while i do acknowledge that our author is much younger than i and has perhaps not yet arrived in the ‘partnership’ type of realationship that i yearn for this post was shocking to me, are there those who are seriously sitting home sad that they are once again left behind because of a video game, and they should join in, clean, cook or “make themselves hotter” (i vomit a little each time). wow. just wow.

    i was really looking for a way to tell my boyfriend that i feel like a second class love to his game he’s currently playing.

    maybe he should find someone out there like you, perhaps i am the problem…. ha.

  39. Anonymous says:

    #11. Break up with his retarded ass (and I’m both a man and a computer systems engineer!)

  40. Julia says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I enjoy video games, not enough to call myself a true “gamer”, I just kind of discovered other things in my life as I got older that would take priority.

    I dated a guy like this. I pretty much did all those suggestions, in that order. The problem with this is not that it didn’t make me happier or less annoyed about the obessive gamer bf, it’s that it made us grow apart.

    We did fewer and fewer things together until I found myself not even missing our time together. Odd how I would always be up to trying things HE liked, but he would never really give things I liked a shot.

    You either grow together or you grow apart. Lesson learned here is that if you have nothing in common to begin with, that’s likely how things will end.

  41. Carla says:

    Wow, what a happy world you’ve just created for us troubled Ms Gamers out there!!
    I’m so thrilled to be able to accept my boyfriends gaming habits! You’ve shown me that the 7hrs my man spends online raiding, I could be primping myself, preparing him delicious meals, tidying up after him and tending to his every little need!
    I found he particularly loves trying to teach me how to play World of Warcraft, and I’m sure myself and my level 3 elf will be online with his buddies anytime now! My favourite thing is to cuddle up on my his lap and watch my big boy run around Skyrim, topping up his glass whenever he needs it! <3

    All in all, you're a fucking twit.

  42. Christeena says:

    First of all, I think your advice is very good. And second of all, what if you’re the kind of girl who isn’t much of a couch potato? Someone who wants to be out and enjoy life out of the house, like me. I’ll go over to my boyfriend’s home and I’ll sit and watch him play his games. And I’m fine with that every few times. But, he still never wants to do anything I would like to do.. I would love to take walks down at the park. Our relationship has just shifted to wanting to do everything he wants. I’m not sure about what else I could do. I have given in too much, I guess.

    • Natalie says:

      I’m right there with you. My boyfriend’s excuse is that it’s too hot outside or people stress him out. I don’t understand the point of being in a relationship at all if people stress you out. It’s so frustrating! Especially when he gets along with most of the people he works with and has over 100 friends on WoW alone. Myself not included. Joy.

  43. Natalie says:

    I found this and just need to vent because right now I’m kinda livid and seriously considering going to a hotel for the night… or maybe a while. Video games did steal my boyfriend and I. HATE. IT.

    We work all day and come home to our little apartment and I expect to be able to catch up with him after 11-12 hours of no interaction with him. He comes home, takes off all his clothes but his boxers, slap on his noise blocking headphones, cranks up the volume (because the sound is epic and he loves it ?? ARGH!) and plays his video game for hours. He says he’s anti social but that’s such complete nonsense. He gets on these games and chats with so many people. He has a ton of friends on there but whenever I try to play with him, I’m too slow and he just moves on. I ask for help and he tells me to read a book on it. I try to get into all these different games and he never has the time for me. I try to make pleasant conversation with him and how freaking dare I. I interrupted his gaming time. He says that we spend enough QUALITY time together just sitting in utter silence in the same room. He says that’s all he needs and we have literally FOUGHT because I want some of his attention. Well, excuse me. I thought maybe I was entitled to it because -GASP- I’m his girlfriend. I work out all the time, I go to school full time, I adore baking and cooking so sure, no problem making dinner but never when it’s demanded of me. I clean the house and take care of our two dogs but nothing gets me attention so when I get mad because I’m not getting attention, he tells me I’m being immature. I go out with my friends and he says he was lonely. I’m so confused that I’m crying.

    I’m getting a big refund from taxes this year (Thanks school!!!). I think once I get the money, I’m out. I can’t take this nonsense anymore. It’s taking a huge toll on me.

  44. Jami says:

    I was going to write a comment, but I think my head just imploded from the smart being sucked out by all of this stupid!!?!?!? No. Just no.

  45. Ana says:

    Good (overall) suggestions! but try doing all this once you get married to him and have a baby! doesn’t work as well gsmergirl!

  46. TSAIRE says:

    Bad Advice. I really think they need to mature themselves ( the girls who acually support this forum) ! hilarious

  47. Veronica says:

    If the guy is paying bills, works a good to great job, takes you out on dates, helps clean around the house, spends time with you during the week, good standing with your family. I think that justifies him being able to do whatever he wants in his free time honestly. Guys need something to do that stimulates them other than a woman all the time, whether its cars, building, working out, or whatever. If it stimulates fun then it is considered a hobby in my mind. Hell if we can watch read a book, watch netflix, reality tv, or talk to my girlfriends for hours; They get the same satisfaction but it comes from the video games. At least you know he is at home and not out doing what guys are “programmed” to do haha.

    If your man is not doing what he should be doing (I will not go into detail because that is trivial and we all know what that is) then yes I can see the problem. However, if you are just desperate for attention or something I think that is a personal problem and you need to grow up. Let the guy have some fun gosh.

    • Migs says:

      Thank you Veronica. That was the first non-biased-feminist comment i’ve read here. I can say that me and my girlfriend have bumped heads about the subject on many occasions.

      Now, I can see how some of this pro-feminist ladies think it unthinkable to cater to their boyfriend. Why, think of the degradation for pete’s! Everythign our mothers and sisters fought for would come un-done for the simple task of making someone you “love” a sandwich.

      Ranting aside, I think Amanda’s article isn’t out to lunch. Assuming you do not have a gaming addict (plays mroe than 5-6 horus a day) this is completely reasonable.

      I work out wiht my girfriend, we’ve joined sports teams together and fitness calsses together. we go camping just abotu every long weekend, meet her friends, my friends. throw parties. In fact, we have family members complaining because we cant schedule enough activities in a single week. After all that is said and done, come 8pm on a friday night (Sorry gals but the club just ain’t what it used to be for me) i like to relax on a few hours of video games.

      Or unwinding after work with a video game? even if you played everyday for an hour. i just don’t see the problem. It is not like you can’t stop if you all of a sudden decide to go, say to a shisha bar or to the movies?

      Cleaning up while he plays? we ARE talking about a relationship right? not a relationshit? whenever she has to work from home and i come home I start cleaning up, and so does she when she can. Nowhere in my mind did it enter the thought of inequallity. I am reading some of the replies by some of you ladies and wowza! Sounds to me like your on a Vandetta against men.

      Shoot, i fix her dinner AND tea. Do i ever say “cater to their every whim?… hmm no simply no”. Assuming you love the person, this is infact not a shore.

      to recap: if it is indeed a 50/50 relationship. Read this article, it will help your relationship. it doesnt mean you (both guys n girls) get to neglect each other.

      tips: google definition fo neglect, addiction, and attention hungry.

  48. SamDoe says:

    In the words of the outdated unpopular boyband…



  49. Amanda says:

    my bf does tabletop role playing games with his friends and he works all week to pay all the bills leaving me to care for 2 kids, 3 animals and the house all by myself so on his off days he likes to game from 5pm until midnight says that he needs alone time with his friends to be creative and be a complete guy leaving me to clean up after him and his friends and take care of his kids that he doesn’t see all week is this normal healthy behavior for a man who is nearly 30

    • TJ Johnston says:

      I’m nearly 30 and I still tabletop roleplay. However, I generally include my wife in this as well. We both work, so we both do chores and share on the child duties equally. Your situation is probably different.

  50. amy says:

    WOW you are fucking retarded.so fricken retarded i cant even see straightMake yourself more attractive?Make him a sandwich.?Lol!!!!Lolololol…..No just no!Please no self respecting woman would do any of these things just get a man that respects you and paus attention to you regardless of how you look.Jesus christ smh…

  51. me says:

    For one thing I have no idea why it is always the womans position (job) to meld herself into what the guy does. Why do we have to play pc games to get a little time? watch the action films he wants too? stay up late because he will not go to bed before 1am. Well I for one am as geeky a the next guy, I know alot of software, love pcs, action films but i also like alot of other stuff.. I don’t remember the last time my boyfriend… of 9 and a half years told me hey I’m going to stop playing WWC or Victoria and take you out.. I always make the suggestions.
    It’s not about putting on more makeup and less clothes. this rant is about stop giving dudes an excuse to be thoughtless, single-minded, lazy, boring, and super selfish. We wont stand for it. I think it’s time for women not to be silly and forgiving about this and demand more. It’s about setting standards. if those standards are not met. does he really care? do you really want to be, ultimately wasting your time with someone that might think your hot, your conveniently there at any time, cook for you but really spends time on the computer.

  52. vanessa PUCHI says:

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  53. Frank says:

    First of all nice post and yes, you are a very cute girl, I mean you are very sweet (my native language is not English, hope you understand ^^”). But when we are talking about obsessive players my thought is to take a bit, even a little, of position. I’m not obsessed in games but when it comes I admit to be a little nerdy and Rpg-minded. I think games are great (in my case manga and anime too) but hey! If there is a girl with me how come I don’t even care about her? I can’t imagine a boy making noise or eating sandwich while playing 12h per day! Dude! Perhaps I’m not SO nerdy but if I had a girl I would have done other things during the day!
    But lets leave this behind, another comment I have to do is: I agree you girls should find a little hobby if you don’t exactly like gaming, especially because if we need a (even little) time playing is no good you get angry or bored, but if you have something to do near us guys (this is referred to your example, wish I had a girl haha! Your boy is very lucky having a girl who wants to stay with him sitting near him etc.) for example reading! We (or almost I, dude xD) will be happy to pause and read with you the path you found interesting and comment together… Reading is just an example tough…

    Also I’ll say if you can’t make us guys stop… Tease us! I don’t mean inappropriate or extremely private things to write here, just convince us with a good smile and a proposal for an activity.

    Best wishes for everyone’s love life

  54. simpsons hit and run cheats ps2 says:

    Nivea will be the undisputed leader for Men’s grooming within the UK and are well known for his or her association with football – using the clean cut Beckham as the face of the product line. The characters in the game are actually sentient, and after three decades to be the not so good guy, Ralph decides to produce a break for this with the game’s power cord which gives him usage of other games inside the
    arcade. 7.

  55. Kay says:

    I got from the article that you aren’t supposed to make someone the reason for your happiness. Instead of sitting around waiting you could go out have fun without the partner and hopefully they will see what they are missing. That being said, It’s not easy to have a relationship with someone who has stopped living in reality. For my partner I believe the problem stems much deeper than a love for gaming. He hates his job and as such has cut himself off from friends, me and life in general. I think gaming is his way of escaping a reality that he feels he has lost control of. I can’t make him feel better but I can concentrate on me and not take it personally. It’s hard but I’m just going to spend more time with my friends and do more things on my own. The worst thing I can do is let the situation make me feel miserable, then I’m no good to anyone. One thing I have found is that getting mad with them just makes things a lot worse, they end up resenting you and you end up feeling rubbish. As for making him a sandwich! I’d rather let him get it himself, I think that would further perpetuate the situation and have them rely on you.

  56. torn inside says:

    I met my boyfriend in an online game. We were bit crazy about that game, until we went into a relationship and our interest in the game faded. It’s a long distance relationship and we did talk about meeting each other sometime next year. Recently though, he took an interest in the game again and I feel a little left out. I cannot play the game and just don’t have the interest anymore because I’m studying and I want to find other things in life to enjoy. It’s tearing me apart inside because we don’t talk as long and as deep as during our first few months we were together. I understand that part of it is our differences in interests now…as well as our long distance relationship (this one is a huge deal). It’s just making me realize now how fleeting online relationships can be. I am torn inside. I’ve broken up with him once. This time, I am thinking about it again. I just don’t trust myself to be strong and stand up to that decision like before. But I can’t stay stay this way anymore. It’s distracting me from productivity. Yet, I don’t
    know how to tell him. Sorry guys for the rant.

  57. may says:

    i like number ten i love to do that

  58. juliana says:

    clean up while he does nothing???
    Seriously? I got no problem cleaning as long as my boyfriend and I tackle what needs to be done TOGETHER. To hint that because you are a woman you have to clean is pretty narrow minded. Aside of that you have good points about using our time more productively why they live a virtual life…

  59. kimberly says:

    Would love to game with him but I am one of the unlucky ones that gets motion sickness. The house is clean and he is fed I am a stay at home mom that does yoga.What then huh? Still does not get his attention!

  60. alexa says:

    What if he only plays from midnight to 5am?(he sneaks his friend in)
    His drug addicted friend annoys the shit out of me?
    He won’t just play with me because Iim “not good enough” I have a 1.2KD from when he used to play with me.
    We live together in a bedroom until our apartment is finished and its somewhere btw 12 and 5am so I cant sit in the living room and do something bc it will wake everyone else up.
    I’m 6 months pregnant and need sleep. I normally just sleep in my car, but I cant anymore!

    HELP ME!

    Heres a little something I wrote tonight.

    It’s 4 o’clock in the morning.
    Oh, how I wish I was snoring.
    You said your going to bed soon.
    So I snuck off to your bedroom.
    But you’re still playing games in there.
    So I walked back down the stairs.
    I guess my car is where Im sleeping
    And I was hoping….
    Your stupid PS3 would die and go back to hell.

  61. J. FED says:

    This is truly, the stupidest article I’ve ever read in my life. So stupid that I felt the need to provide some constructive criticism to the writer and some insightful advice to the female readers.

    Rather than making your lazy, antisocial boyfriend a sandwich while trying to look your hottest after you’ve cleaned up all of his mess. Unplug the system, and firmly tell him to eat shit and to jerk himself off from now on.

    Find a sensible woman to start editing your articles.

    • TJ Johnston says:

      Actually, I mostly disagree with her points as her editor, but I also will let me writers say basically whatever they want to say. This article was published in 2011; the writer doesn’t actually even write for us anymore.

  62. Woah that website is extremely good i enjoy looking at your articles. Stay in the great work! You realize, lots of individuals will be looking rounded just for this data, you are able to assistance them significantly.

  63. Brooke says:

    I know this article is old, but I thought I’d throw in my two-cents.

    No one is saying a guy can’t play for 1-2 hours per day. That’s fine. But when it reaches 4+ hours its pushing it. It’s comparable if I put in headphones, listened to Netflix on my computer while surfing Pinterest and Facebook with my boyfriend sitting next to me, asking to make plans and I’m too busy to respond.

    I asked my boyfriend to play for 2 hours a day, which he initially agreed to, but now instead of playing a few rounds on Call of Duty, he created a clan: he has to spend hours up-keeping a website and answering player clan member questions. It consumes all his free time after work.

    If we didn’t live together, I honestly wouldn’t care. But we do, and it’s not acceptable or mature behavior. I feel like I have a child, not a boyfriend.

  64. Alison says:

    Well, I’m not a gamer but I don’t understand how some girlfriends have such a huge problem with their boyfriends gaming. If assuming that he spends more than 40 hours a week gaming, that is probably too much. I support my boyfriend in his clan and gaming activities and even help the clan organize meetups and gatherings.
    Come to think about it, how much time does the girlfriend spend in front of the mirror while he is waiting? What does she ask him to do while her nails are waiting to dry? And during the time when he is being dragged to go shopping with her (in which she assumes it’s “spending time together”)?
    It’s all about compromise and seeing each other happy. I would rather see my boyfriend gaming happily than pulling a long face going shopping with me.
    And come to think about it, it’s still healthier to game than to just sit and watch TV.

  65. Wow. says:

    What a load of bullshit! So you’re a gamer girl, who gives a shit?! Thanks for your load of crap that helped no one ever.. Idiot.

  66. Rowan says:

    These are great ideas!
    My boyfriend is always trying to get me to play hos games with him. I enjoy it and sometimes I just watch. Yes, sometimes I have to pry him away from his computer or console but it is worth it and together we get things done. Plus in two player games we make quite a team! :)

  67. Christina says:

    I think these things apply to when you don’t have a boyfriend or just ideas for general things you should be doing in your life. However, I do think these suggestions are pathetic because they don’t change anything about the main problem. It basically just avoids the problem, therefore irrelevant.

  68. abby says:

    Now I agree with your post 100% but my boyfriend doesn’t have a job. We wanna get out of his aunts house we want our own place well I’m not moving out unless he has a job and he won’t go get a job. What am I to do? At my whitts end.

  69. Chaz says:

    The problem for me is I do all these thing so I play video games with him and kick his ass !
    I sit bk n watch him while I do my sewing !
    I go out with my family and friend !
    I watch all my family guy alone before bed and I think that’s what hurts a lot of girls with this problem is not the fact we don’t want a lot attention it’s just we want to know we’re loved by them for example I get bk from not seeing him for a day or so n he dosnt stop to give a quick kiss hello n how was work its just oh hi and keeps on playing all day for 5-6 hrs strait and by the time he is done its time for me to go back to work.
    It upsets me that we as woman have to take extra interest in there past times yet a man never dose the same back
    I’m going to try your advise for a week and see if I get much improvement
    I know a guy loves a girl bro so think I might up my game ( excuses the pun) and just play games with him and not become so distent in sted of me waiting for him I will go there ! At the end I this I will see if he is more Likley to give up the controller n hang out doing my shitzzle !

    • jenny says:

      hi chaz that’s the same for me I don’t live with my bf he dosent kiss me or say hello as I write this im in the room with him while hes playing cod alone as he hates split screening he isent talking and I still didn’t get my kiss I just dyed my hair diding t notice so I hope that we both find a souloution so good luck hun x

  70. jenny says:

    hi im a gamer girl and recently I played cod with my bf yeah its fun but he dosent like split screening so im getting the game myself but what I hate is every darn day its cod cod cod he dosent notice when I dye my hair he dosent notice when I leave the room im not joking he just dosent care and all I hear him do is scream at the screen not to mention his friends who are girls on here so what am I supposed to do? just play games all my life take nothing seriously you guys got any tips for a girl trying to get seriouseness out of a gamer boy? who has like no life

  71. Jessica says:

    Came across this website, read the suggestions and comments, broke up with him. Way to hotThis is definitely not what I want. Neeeext!

  72. gaby says:

    I just had a talk with my boyfriend. He recently (like, yesterday) bought Dynasty Warriors 8 and his friend comes over every weekend to play video games so you can imagine how my weekend is going… Anyways,I told him that he doesn’t have to play the whole time… his eyes were bloodshot last night by the time they were done… and the only reason his friend decided to leave was because I asked if I could play so he decided to take off. Anyways, my boyfriend says that I will never understand gamers because I’m not one. But see, I atleast try to play games with him.I do like video games. Just not as much as guys do. I played with him last night and this morning and thought it was only fair if we did something other than play games. I suggested we could get in the pool and be active. Only problem is, he has never been an active person. He’s not a pool person either. So, if he cant compromise with me even though I try to compromise with him, what’s the point, right? We were in a long distance relationship for a year so when I got an xbox, we’d play things like gears of war and fable. And that was our connection. Now that we live together, I guess I expected him to want to spend more time with me rather than with his friend playing games. He says, since we get out of work nearly at the same time, he spends a lot of time with me. But really, he plays magic the gathering allllthe time when he gets out of work. And then the weekends are always reserved for games with his friend. I don’t have any friends here so hanging out with girlfriends is out of the question, idont have enough space for.my hobby (art) and I workout , but then what do I do after? I just feel ignored sometimes. He can play his whole life non stop if he was able to. But I wish he would want to do stuff with me on his own rather than have me nag him all the time.

  73. Rosie says:

    i’ve tried to play the game with him, but where i’m not good at it in the slightest he doesn’t want me to mess up his ‘prestige’ or something like that..

  74. Carrie says:

    So I should just ignore the chores and our three year old daughter to play video games and make sandwiches because since my daughter never sees her father outside of his computer room cussing up a storm very much anyways and got along fine so what the hell would it matter if mom did the same, right? Anything to avoid being a nag ..or dare suggest a real role model and a decent childhood for my daughter… Wow your very nieve if you think thats the answer and if you think women haven’t tried what you’ve suggested and more these arnt a bunch of bored girlfriends some are adults and wouldn’t mind having a man to replace the little boy they’re stuck with.

  75. Bea says:

    I don’t have a problem with his gaming , I play games as well and we interact (game) together. He chooses to hang out, alone, with other members of his clan and hang out with this all female clan (NWBB), they are associated with adult gaming clans. What reason would he have to be alone with these female members. I give him his space but with other females?? No? Not on this planet!!

  76. Veronica says:

    I don’t care if my fiancée is playing his video game, what pisses me off though is when he is complaining that he has to wake up early in the morning for work and he stays up until 4:30 in the morning which effects our new born daughter’s sleep period more than usual and then he wakes up at 6:30 bitching and throwing a fit because he is to tired to want to go to work. Trust me by all means let him play his game, it means that I can get what I need done, while our daughter is sleeping or just keeping herself quiet.

  77. daVaderIV says:

    My boyfriend plays LoL, and I’m trying to be really supportive because whe wants to go pro. While he plays, I try to study, finish some work, read a book or something. That’s ok. I actually find it really sweet that every time his team wins (of course after all the joyfull screaming) he runs to me, hugs me, and even kisses me. I love him. The problem is.. he is also into watching streams and tournaments… I mean.. he could do that any other time..
    I just finished finals, and we had Friday afternoon all for ourselves. Yeah, my plan was to watch a LoL tournament -.-
    I know he does it because he’s in observation mode, and taking notes for do’s and don’ts.. But I had a tough week.. I just wanted to be with him, to make me feel special… I’m sure he loves me.. is just that he doesn’t show it off that often.. And during my sad days, I had thought he prefers LoL than me.. :(

  78. April says:

    I love this. My bf plays Halo. I really like Halo but whenever we play he gets wayyyyy ahead of me to the point before I know what in doing I’m zapped to another checkpoint. For some reason it makes me frustrated and I lose interest in playing. I like playing my games when he’s at work lol. Your tips really helped. Any advice on how I feel about sucking at Halo and how to be better at it so we can play?

  79. Kim says:

    I skimmed over the article. I tried playing a few games with my boyfriend to try to be a ‘cool’ girlfriend. He knew I had never played the games before but he said it was okay. However, all he did was yell at me and told me how horrible I was.. I hadn’t even started to become familiar with the Xbox controller so it was all new to me. He still didn’t ease up on me. If I pressed in the right trigger instead of the bumper, he’d flip the f out on me. Now he plays online so I couldn’t join him if I wanted to. Sitting next to him while he plays games for 6 hours a day aka all the time he’s awake, is not my idea for a good day. When he’s off work, it’s literally all day and sometimes he won’t even sleep. As for my interests? Hahahahaha….

  80. Ali says:

    Ok so my bf and I live together and I have done all the things on that list. I got fat and then lost it all and then it was just me doin all the house work even when he didn’t have a job. He has a job now and he finishes work and will come home and play, till after 1 and he finished work at like two three in the arvie he won’t come to bed with me gets up early on our days off to play and plays the whole day. He is even constantly turning me down for sex cause he’s too tired from work and paying I don’t know what to do. I know that the smart thing may be to break it off as I’ve talked to him heaps bout it and it doesn’t seem to matter but I really love him but I don’t want our lives to be this way.

  81. Tailer says:

    I love video games. My boyfriend loves video games. Unfortunately we love different ones. So playing together is out of the question. I cook for him all the time, seeing as he cant cook anything, and let me tell you I am a great chef so a big check for 2, done. As for 3, we have recently moved to a new city, all of my girl friends a two or more hours away so that unfortunately is also out of the question. As for a new hobby, I don’t get ANY screen time for the games that I like and there is not a lot out there I can afford t dabble in, I could however find a new book. Im happy with my body, and I feel great so number 5 need not apply. I have ample time to get my work done, by the time it come to me complaining about his video games, it’s done. My shower routine covers 6 and as for 7, he is taking up the only TV, the internet connection in these parts is not fast enough to play movies/shows on the internet. 9 fuck that, seeing as I just made that sandwich, and served it to him(probably had to get him a drink too), I will not pick up his mess. 10 is nice when he gets a new game, but especially now he’s playing Dark Souls he dies 50% of the time B-O-R-I-N-G.

  82. Rob says:

    Your boyfriend as probably been gaming a lot longer than he as been with. Why get with him in the first place then? I you are not happy, leave him. Bit of common sense is all that is needed. At least your boyfriend is at home, he could so easily be at the pub every night. Gaming is a hobby. If you can not accept him for it then its your problem. Cuddled up every night watching films gets boring. Do not try change him and you should not have to change either. You are clearly not made for each other. I agree with some comments. If he wants a sandwich he should get his own. Clean up after himself. If he spends so much time gaming, then ask yourself what did you do wrong?

  83. Mozzystar says:

    I am not a gamer chick but I don’t mind my boyfriend playing his video games, & he’s on a gta kick right now..he has asked me to play & I tried, but I realized I drive like a chick on the game so I gave up..Lol…. funny thing is that he feels guilty & is constantly asking if I’m okay or if I’m bored..: )..go figure. Lol..I love to watch him play his games..I like watching just how much he gets into it..which makes me get into it.. So when he plays I busy myself with cooking, or reading, or I just sit next to him and watch him.but thats me..I guess I understand that most woman might feel neglected depending on just how much their boyfriend actually plays..or how much attention they require.. I’ve always been very independent. And being born into a family with 5 brothers allows me to understand men better. With that being said I will now express that men are very simple, I say that in a sense that they are not complex…to be happy they require the minimum.. And just like us women they need their own time to vent or just have time outside of you…now just like sometimes we don’t want to do stuff they like to do, is why I don’t think you should take your man shopping with you, or to get your nails done, or to the mall..they hate that shit!..so why subject them to it..thats why we have girlfriends…i just figure if women are allowed their Oprah & Dr. Phil & Soap operas,or the bachelor and all that other crap..why can’t we understand that video games are their Oprah, & Dr.phil.. The sooner they realize that & accept it..I don’t think it will bother them as much. Now this is just my opinion & in no way mean any disrespect to anyone..but if it is really an issue where the game plays a bigger role than important things in his life, getting mad and Bitching about it isn’t going to resolve anything.. An open dialogue with a clear calm head will get things started towards a resolution or at least a compromise…

  84. Mozzystar says:

    Oh..my bad I digressed..& i forgot to mention the reason I decided to even express my opinion on this..about the whole ten things to do while he plays, we’ll because you yourself are a gamer girl, & don’t have a problem with your bf playing, is why it is so easy to offer ideas like the ones on your list..but since you don’t have an issue with your boyfriend playing games, how can you honestly offer an opinion about what women should do to entertain themselves while their better half plays video games unless you yourself have done or are in that situation.. & as much as I believe men need their space and have a right to it.. By no means do i agree that a woman should become his girl Friday.. Or a stepford wife/girlfriend.. Let him do him without you changing how you do you..if he wants a sandwich..there is a little button with the word pause written on it.. But if you don’t mind making him a sandwich by all means do… But some of these ideas & by some i mean most of them, are redonkulus! Y not just tell them to play with a ball of yarn?..I fully comprehend that each situation is quite different.. But if while he plays you have to pretend your single, wouldn’t it be fair that the perks of being single should come right along with it?… No right? ..my boyfriend is very attentive to me..but if it becomes an issue I will voice my opinion to him..cuz if it gets to the point where I have to compete with a video game for my boyfriends attention, then it’s game over. Unless he realizes that he needs to make some adjustments..

  85. Selfrespectingfemale says:

    Wow, you have absolutely no self respect.

  86. nattalie says:

    I hace asked my boyfriend several times to take a break from his game but all he does is sita there and ignores me. I make dinner ever night and also do the dishes and most of the housework. We are always argueing bc all he does is Play his game and i cant sleep most nights and he stays up all day and all night goes to bed around 5 or 6am and wakes up around 10 and gets right back on his game. And when i say about him playing all day he get más at me and says he hasnt been playing all day and ive went out with friends made him plenty of meals and ive also gone and worked out. Im pretty skinny so that cant be it. He says its a habit becuase hes played games his whole life.. What do i do?

  87. Ashley says:

    I always love watching my boyfriend play. I used to watch him all the time, and he would talk with his friends and I would be able to communicate as well. He can’t even hear me with his headset in now so it’s pointless. I would love to play with him but most of his games are one player, and he’d rather play online with his friends so I wouldn’t be able to play anyway. Am I being stupid or what? I get so annoyed and feel so left out.

  88. sadgirl says:

    Hi everyone,

    I met my bf through a game we were playing. And we have been together for over 2 years. I am sad to say that not only has he put games before me. Playing up to 14 hours a day but when he loses, he curses, throws the remotes, bangs them. He bangs on tables and sometimes throws things around. He has broken the remotes and has even hit me when I disconnect the console so he can’t play. He does know how to control his anger. I don’t understand why he gets so angry. Ex. He KNOWS a certain game is modded yet he still plays but gets mad when he loses. When he doesn’t play games he is fine. He says I treat him like a child by taking it away but I need peace in the house. I get very stressed when he plays because I know he is going to end up cursing and bang on sonething and or throw something.

  89. dre says:

    Im 27 my wife is 30 she wants to listen to ratchet music and watch ratchet reallity shows sleep and smoke all day luckily I have my xbox. I beg her for time and attention but always get lied to. She sleeps all the time I clean everything message her all the time and shower her with love. Im 6″3 and very attractive. Im tired of playing xbox cuz that’s all I do but if I out it diwn im staring at a wall

  90. ArcXIII says:

    OP, good for you. And never you mind the endless flames surrounding you. As a gamer, you’re probably use to that anyway. Also, it makes you look cooler, true story. So do forgive me if I steal some of your flames.

    A lot of these people attacking you out of butthurt have chosen to complain anonymously on the internet rather than–God forbid–do something about their situation. Your advice may not solve every case (I’ve met an assortment of terrible boyfriends) but sometimes this does work.

    Along this vein of advice… an example off the top of my head would be (the 100th week of bestselling), “The Love Dare” book which (summarizing) has the partner that desires the change do the changing first. Sometimes that means… *gasp* being sweet first, and doing it in the face of that someone “who doesn’t deserve it” or “is not appreciative.”

    If after you’ve made the effort and your partner still makes you unhappy: Discuss it with him and/or bail. You’ve become a better person or at least more understanding/patient… maybe this relationship gave you enough “level-ups” to find a better one. Christ, a bajillion people on this planet and most of you would rather complain how your boyfriend is terrible rather than become a better partner and/or find a better partner. I wish complaining solved problems. I’m pretty sure old age would be cured and everyone would be filthy rich.

  91. Megan says:

    Ok did the gamer boyfriend write this? Haha this is a joke!

  92. Ok first of all yall ladies should understand that we are guys we always f****** up but besides that it’s likes this. When we start playing and getting into a game we don’t want to be bothered. Then it goes over board and we spend all day and night on it. That can be said for anything we do, i mean look back at how we were able to get “you”. We went overboard and bam! look who’s together. So I see yall want to find a middle ground and balance. Which key those suggestions that were given at the top were good but only in moderation/fairness. Best thing I can advise is don’t put down what we are doing. We will only resent you for it just as you resent us for lack of attention. Communication is key don’t try to discuss this stuff when we’re doing something find the right time. This is all obvious of course. Now I don’t ever like to advise this its wrong but manipulation is best but only for good #superhero lol but yea. When we find something we enjoy or like we give it our all. So you need to get us to enjoy you more than anything else. I am not saying we don’t enjoy you personally speaking I would say I love you even if it don’t show. There’s not one secret method to doing this all guys differ. So if you know your man it shouldn’t be that hard #challenge. Unless it’s too much too hard or you feel you do too much already. Then you have a problem cause your wasting your time on here when you should be looking for better. So with all the talk about I do a lot and he does nothing talk, is out the window. The question is how to get my man back from the game world. That’s the first problem he’s not gone he will never say that, yall are the ones who do. We may delve many hours deep into a game for hours/longer over the years but we are still here. I can’t say why he does it maybe cause he wants you to leave or maybe the lesser which is we have a hard time balancing everything I mean look you do too. So you can’t get mad about all that. Back to the manipulation part which still sounds bad but anyways. Look he loves games take him to a game convention e3 is one its all he loves around him if he’s like na this not for me then you know if you have a true gamer or if it’s just a phase. Think of it as a fad. By establishing this you know where to start your work from. The key to this is ammunition to win your argument because “most” not all, so other ladies don’t get mad want to win be right center of attention and all that involved. Look we understand this and get it we were raised to be men and we never really felt we had time for our own thing when we were younger with our parents telling us to stop what we are and do what we want you to do so now we are older we can be a kid do the things we love or didn’t get to do before. And when yall say do this do that yall put yall selves in the mother category so we treat yall that way but the thing is yall need either not do it in the first place get out of the “mother zone” similar to “friend zone” so he can take you serious and believe me we say we are serious and do listen at least that’s what we belive so don’t knock us for our confusion. Because how easy yall women tend to be a mother to all around you gotta remember your his girlfriend/wife and sex romance is what we have besides family kids or relatives so yall can’t lose sight and expect us not to notice. Because this issue is not all on us even if it’s all about us. I could say this all day long but no woman is gonna hear it cause she don’t the truth is we react to how you react. Again manipulation you want us to react a certain way the do the right thing which differs man to man. It’s like sex you know how to get off so you do it and it works every time. And another note if you have if you have to direct your man in what to do during this time and it’s been a good while yall been together then that right there is a sign of lack of communication just a thought. So find his triggers it’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing exactly how to get ya man off or attention with only a few minutes of his time(me it’s knowing my girlfriend how to get her off and aka shut her up) or for yall get him up. This is just an overall view. The more difficult ones is the long relationships like a few post said many years or kids. There’s no excuse for any irresponsibility when it come to kids but longer years on the other hand is different. We as men become complacent in our lives fall into routines we all do as do you many examples could be the boring parts of your relationship but even if we adventure and explore and never game then yall would say we need to settle down verses we need more in our lives than games so again balance. When we arrive in adulthood we are entitled to whatever we choose to have and if it’s gaming for hours so be it aren’t you entitled to have what you want why not us is it because we don’t fit your demanding and controlling life you have planned for us too bad we are not your robots so when we say can i get a sandwich it’s the as you saying stop doing that now who’s robot us or you. We do not need much to be happy but you however have big vanity issues so that right there is a slight percentage of our time say you look hot or sexy or no your not fat not speaking for the a***holes then there’s the other stuff too.what alot of woman don’t realize is yall demand everything from us and don’t realize we do it reminds us of our parents so that’s the loop we get stuck in and the answer is to be above the loop don’t be a mom be a wife/girlfriend but hey if you love it and be happy go for it if not change that s***. Our problem has always been balance moderation we hate it but I bet yall won’t be complaining when we go all out on you oh no its everything you want what about us yall should not be so self centered that is a over statement though some of the things yall want are perfectly viable demands it just us so with all this I say again balance and manipulation and respect for our choice just as we have given yours understanding yourself and your personal situation to rectify your current situation knowing when it’s too much and when it’s not enough. I probably won’t come back to this ever but these are just thoughts and inner workings of some guys heads hope something out of rambling makes sense and helps you out I know I probably said some things wrong so don’t knock me it’s hard to give a good response with so much to say

  93. Jax says:

    I think it all depends on the way you are, if you are a gamer and like games, then there’s nothing wrong with playing videogames with your bf, on the other hand, if you dont like games then obviously he will not expect you to play with him.

    There’s nothing wrong with playing videogames if you like them. This doesn’t mean you will clean his mess or prepare food to keep him happy, I personally will clean or prepare food if I’m hungry and I’m anyways cooking and if i have the time to do it, i dont see why not!!

  94. anon says:

    Im sitting in the living room now with nothing but my dying phone. I have spoke to my bf plenty of times and hes a agreed to pay more attention/ spend a bit more time with me. But still… when he plays games for hours on end im not even allowed to talk to him. He’s over 20 yet a cartoon game is still more important than a relationship. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

  95. vina says:

    I just came here because I refuse to talk to my boyfriend or be around him when he’s gaming. He gets way too tense and it makes me sick when people are angry. So I thought i’d see if I’m the only one. But this was rather mehhh. Even if I wanted to game, I can’t. It gives me motion sickness and the other options are so sad. I’m all for supporting your significant other….if they were doing something that benefits themselves or your relationship. None of these advices do that.

  96. Jazmin says:

    I totally agree with you. However, and foremost, this society thinks of girls as pretentious when labeling themselves as “gamer girls”, so you might as well just say you’re part of the gaming community. Second, not everyone plays Cod, so don’t generalize. (I had to say that.) Anyway, it really does suck, even if my boyfriend and i get along with each other while on the screen, I can’t even see him very often. Military takes 90% of his time and if he is not gaming, he’s at work. Now, it’s like I don’t even have time to ever see him and it sucks! It’s even worse knowing this is the only person that makes you feel a certain way that no other guy can. But lately it’s like he pays more attention to that console. Even though I enjoy it myself and work with games, I hate that this is the reason why we don’t talk as much anymore.

  97. charotte says:

    I love what you said and I totally agree with you. I actually found this site when I googled “things to do whilst my boyfriend plays destiny” he got the game 2 day’s ago and its been non-stop. normally I don’t mind, as I care about what keeps him happy and all that s*** and I’m a gamer my self but when I have to watch him… I will admit it does get boring…its like watching heartbeat or a 1950’s movie with your nan. I love watching him play something with a story or when he hasn’t got that headset wrapped around his head, like GTA5… I loved watching him play that but when it comes to Destiny or Mass Affect it just totally s***s on my parade, lol. So thank you for writing this, as it has brought humour to my evening.

  98. gg says:

    okay,,,,WHAT! Are you being serious? so your suggestion to the common situation in which ladies are feeling as if video games are sometimes priority or competition for affection, is to in some way encourage the gaming by following up on demands and recovering the lounge space from their laziness??? maybe here or there yes, but when it is a constant issue that causes more argument than anything else, i don’t feel this is getting the right message across. to be stubborn in your gaming ways will only concur with stubborn frustration in return. W

  99. hellvetica says:

    If ur offended by this, you need a new boyfriend……
    not every single thing will apply to everyone obviously not every gamer guy is created equal! !! You may totally be with the laziest most ungratefu never-changing loaft master in the world… not this articles fault.
    These are suggestions.
    It doesnt have tl be ” a sandwich” and she also didnt say everyday… when im painting or doing some art on my computer my bf will totally make me food sometimes too. For these things to work hes gotta also appreciate you aswell… if he doesnt then no article will save you…
    also just to add she did say she apologises if anything offends you … dont take it personally it wasn’t written custom for your particualr situation…

  100. bridget says:

    Lol just came here for the comments.

  101. Krissy says:

    Sadly, I don’t agree with you. Why should someone bend forward and backwards for someone who constantly puts their video games before you? Your advice for woman is suggesting they get all dolled up, make him a sandwich and tolerate the obsessive addiction they knowingly choose to have? Pfft…I am a gamer as well, but do you really think playing games with him will change anything? I hate to break it to you…but not every guy enjoys playing games with their girlfriends and I think you are really setting a bad example for woman by posting rubbish that promotes woman to degrade themselves just to please their asshole boyfriends who can’t get off their ass and spend 10 minutes of their time with them. Though I agree with getting out and being with friends, as space is always important…I sadly do not agree with putting up or making yourself up for a guy who can’t equally be attentive towards someone’s feelings. That, should never be tolerated and thus, you might want to consider whether the relationship is one sided. What you describe is off balanced and unrealistic for long term, committed relationships…..

  102. will says:

    Unsurprising that people are going nuts about the sandwich comment. I dont see something wrong with a girl making a sammich for a guy who is making a game. Sometimes I’m feeling lazy and I’ll get her to fetch me something. BUT it evens out when my girlfriend is playing her game I cook her dinner, we take turns to share the chores if the other is occupied.

    Feminism doesn’t mean you don’t make sammiches anymore.

    Love this article. Some women seem to think that a boyfriend is just something that hangs around, has no mind of his own, enjoys listening to gossip for hours and can think of nothing more fun than being dragged around to do shoe shopping. A lot of modern feminist ideology and also the whipped white knights that support it, don’t help the matter either. Modern relationships are supposed about equality, not gender reversal.

  103. X says:

    As a hardcore gamer chick who gets involved in competitive pvp in a few multiplayer games ranging from Star Wars to WoW, I think the attention whore who posted this needs some self respect.

    “Oh no my guy is refusing to spend time with me, let me downgrade from significant other to maid service.”

    It’s fine if you’re a chick who likes making cakes and shit for people, but it you like doing that do it for you. Not because your loser boyfriend is taking advantage of your thoughtfulness.

    The truth is if you’re a gamer girl and you look good while handling your business, you can have any guy you want, so don’t waste your time on one who thinks girlfriend is synonymous with mom #2.

    Now before you men get pissed and flame response, I have been in the dude position where I feel like my bf is nagging me because I’m not spending time, and too absorbed in a video game.

    Well guess what? There are tons of things in life your lonely significant other can and does do, but they are asking to spend time with you.

    So be a responsible and considerate adult lover and talk it out, set plans to do shit together or pick a day or two of the week to do shit together and fuckin stick to it.

    Your game is not going to last forever. Eventually your favorite server is going to go down sooner or later, and you will wake up with nothing.

    If your significant other cannot get unplugged because they do not want to compromise or break promises then it’s time to discuss moving on, and if they don’t make the effort, from experience, it’s because they either aren’t really interested in the relationship anymore or they are using the game to mask what issues they have going on in their heads, but it’s not your job to beg them to look at you.

  104. Jade says:

    Some of those suggestions were kind of unfair and unrealistic I am a gamer girl to but our time something in many cases don’t get very often I don’t go my Nintendo when he’s around so why should it be any different for me. The suggestions that really get people are clean up his mess and make him a sandwich are simply out dated and frankly you sound like you you’ve got it of a 1940s advert

  105. jessica says:

    WOW!!! I thought it was a good article. makes since! my man works all the time and goes to school so when he has time if he wants to play his game i let him. he plays games with me too. Sometimes i feel its a bit extreme but i dont complain too much. yes make the guy a darn sandwich. whats wrong with you girls? my man does everything for this family so bet your behind im gonna make his all kinds of goodies. sounds like some of yall are snobs and im surprised you even have men

  106. Enya says:

    Ugh this is awful. You’ve basically said “give in to all his wants and desires because this isn’t a real issue and you shouldn’t get upset about it”. This is worth being upset about. My boyfriend is quite literally choosing pixels over me! Me! I am a living, breathing, talking human being that can give blowjobs. How in the fuck is a video game better? Girls, don’t feel stupid for thinking his excessive game playing is a problem. It’s a fucking problem. This website gives actual advice that liberates you instead of suggesting you be his slave http://www.techaddiction.ca/boyfriend-husband-addicted-to-video-games.html

  107. Victoria says:

    This is terrible advice. I am a gamer as well and its still a problem for me. I can’t game when he’s playing all the time and how would I play skyrim with him? Make him a sandwich? Are you joking? Am I his mother? That’s just enabling bad behavior. Here master, you play your games and ignore me,I’ll make you a delicious sandwich and you won’t have to acknowledge me at all.

  108. Madelen says:

    The last tips, number 10, says to cuddle with him while his playing.. are you sure he won’t get annoyed or find it distracting? And I was wondering if the same goes for when he is watching a football match?

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