The Week in Geek: June 15, 2012

Growing up, some people wanted to be movie stars. Some people wanted to be the guy on the corner who shouts at traffic. And some people wanted to be both. That last group can finally achieve their dream by paying someone on Etsy to superimpose Nic Cage’s face on your body.

Lady Sabre

Like it? They’re selling signed posters for $30. Not too shabby. Image courtesy of Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether.

Writer Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett’s Old West/Pirate/Steampunk/Sci-Fi web comic mashup Lady Sabre and The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether has wrapped up its first story.

Harley Quinn as the bad girl at the sock hop? Iron Man a’la Lord of the Rings? Gabrielle has the lowdown on the new ways to look at superheroes.

Look like you’re busy at your desk by playing the addictive arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr., the game from Disney’s upcoming Wreck It Ralph. I died immediately and kept dying – surprisingly Kafkam for a children’s movie.

In “things that make me want to curl up in a ball” news, Anita Sarkeesian at Feminist Frequency created a Kickstarter project to discuss women and tropes in video games. Her YouTube page was immediately blasted with every kind of hateful, threatening gender-based trolling. Here’s our take.

I use Instagram to make my pictures look all golden and fancy, but those of you with real photographic talent probably have already heard of the Golden Hour – when the light is just so. Find out when it is anywhere on Earth with this handy website and app.

Have the wanderlust in your veins but no money in your pocket? Emily advises you to take a virtual vacation.

Kiss the cook

Seems legit. Image courtesy of Steotch.

“Carl, stay in the car! Carl! Seriously! There are zombies afoot, and you get out of the fricking car! You know what, I’m leaving you. This is Darwin at work.” Robert Kirkman and Hyundai are celebrating the 100th issue of The Walking Dead by giving away a zombie survival-modified Elantra designed by Kirkman.

Stop hovering, cat. You’re a cat, not a hovercraft.

So apparently being Batman’s love interest and a cat burglar means that you either live in lumpy space or have no spine.

Steotch has managed to combine a chef’s love of cooking, a grandma’s love of stitching, and a snob’s love of Breaking Bad into one magnificent sampler.

We’re going back to the Jurassic Park well because it’s awesome – just like this guy who proposed while acting out their favorite scene from Jurassic Park where that scene was filmed.

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