Get Off My YouTube! (A Reasonable Political Rant)

Much to the chagrin and frustration of my friends and loved ones, I am rather apathetic about all things political.

A moderate by nature and a conservative by obligation, I tend to be able to see issues from both sides and can appreciate the roads people travel that lead them to their respective beliefs. It’s not that I agree with those beliefs, per se, but I can understand where they came from.

It’s that mindset which generally leaves me bewildered when an election year rolls around. The unmitigated vitriol with which political slurs are slung is genuinely perplexing to me. And it pops up EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday, while preparing a lovely article for The Cool Ship on several YouTube vocalists and musicians, I was inundated with political ads.

They’re all liars. Image screen-grabbed from YouTube.


V/O (MALE, SERIOUS): Mitt Romney hates your family. He wants to take all your money and give it to big pharma! 



V/O (FEMALE, LIGHT): President Obama fights for American families and jobs!  

I swear I’ve seen that one. Haven’t you? And they’re no better from the other angle, either.

However, I gotta call the win for the president’s staff in the YouTube arena. I rarely see a pro-Mitt advertisement before the videos I watch. Now, perhaps that’s because I’m not watching the “right” videos (Right…get it?). Maybe Mitt’s ads skew toward videos that I’m not interested in.It’s possible, I suppose.

But, given the social and Internet savvy President Obama’s campaign exhibited the first time around, I don’t think it’s an accident that they’re all up in my business every time I want to watch a cat meow the Game of Thrones theme.

Overall, though, I don’t go to YouTube to learn about politics. Granted, I’ve watched my fair share of news autotuning, but, more often than not, I’m going to be entertained.

So, I will end my brief and reasonable rant with this: GET OFF MY YOUTUBE!

Unless you’re Chuck Norris, and you make your own videos that aren’t tacked on the beginning of what I want to watch. I love me some crazy Chuck Norris.

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3 thoughts on “Get Off My YouTube! (A Reasonable Political Rant)

  1. mike says:

    Have you ever read Chuck Norris’ columns for the WorldNetDaily? They are chock full o’ crazy. Also, I love the (not so) subtle change to the Edmund Burke quote…

    As for the actual topic, I tried to get rid of all the political ads on Facebook by marking them as sexually explicit, but Facebook keeps putting them back up. I guess that strategy doesn’t work…

  2. John Calhoun says:

    1000 years of darkness. I hope you’re ready.

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