Don’t Save the Costumes Just for Halloween!

Halloween is based in some questionable history, but we’ve come a long way, and these days it’s more about dressing up and candy. Lots of candy. Buying Trick-or-Treat candy alone is enough to bankrupt you! But, we all fear the little darlings in Transformers, princess and Superman costumes, don’t we? Oh, we do. Deep down, we do.

And as we hand out candy to cute kids, chase off the high-schoolers and judge the parents of four-year-old girl who is dressed like a “Sexy Kitten,” there’s something else deep down that we all love…

DRESSING UP! (That’s not just me, right? Everybody loves dressing up!)

I absolutely love costuming and everything that goes with it! I don’t want to save it for Halloween, but it’s definitely more accepted during this time of year.

Age makeup is my specialty, but I’m always up for fairies, monsters, or somesuch. It’s so much fun! Plus, I’m halfway decent at it, and that never hurts. For instance, here I am as a wintery elf:

Yes, there are pointy ears in there. And, no, that’s not my real hair. Lots of people asked me if that was my real hair! I couldn’t believe it! I’d never have the patience to let it grow that long.

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween for several years. These days, it’s more about Trick-or-Treating with the geekling(s) than myself. However, there were a couple of years that my husband and I dressed up for a friend’s Halloween party.

Here’s the first year we went:

I am obviously a terrifying vampire, but can you guess who he is? Leave your guesses in the comments! We thought and searched long and hard for a costume befitting his awesome beardness.

The next year, I went as Rogue:

It was very last minute but ended up working well. Rogue is my favorite member of the X-Men, and I had enough of her costume colors (from the Fox show, of course) to make a go of it.

The vampire and Rogue are really the only times I’ve dressed up for Halloween. Oh, there were some times in high school, but those don’t count. Really, you DO NOT want to see those! [shudder]

Being involved in community theater has given me plenty of costuming opportunities, and I’ve loved every one! Our latest endeavor was an undertaking of Edgar Alan Poe readings. We skewed toward steampunk and top hats were in abundance!

It was a ton of fun, but I learned some very valuable lessons. First and foremost of those lessons: you can’t bend over in a corset. Every tried to change a baby while wearing a corset? It’s unpleasant. Not that it stopped me!

I like this time of year because it’s okay to dress up; it’s okay to wear weird makeup; it’s okay to be someone else for a bit. Being yourself can get terribly dull after a while, don’t you think? Stepping into someone else’s shoes can pep up your own.

I like to add bits of  costuming to my every day wardrobe. Big weird rings, colorful ridiculous earrings…they’re all game. And, they’re all very common place, really. So, in the end, I guess it comes down to how you see yourself and what you put on. You might not wear a blond wig to work, but who knows what kind of interesting Gothic underthings you’re hiding?

((Featured Image: By Gregg O’Connell (originally posted to Flickr as Wonder Girls) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons”))

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