Owl City Wrecks it with Ralph

I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to music. All there has to be is a┬ádiscernible┬ámelody and a great hook, and I’m in. Plus, I also love gaming and geekery themed stuff, so, it was pretty much a given that I was going to like this new video from Owl City.

From the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack, When Can I See You Again? is a catchy piece of fluff right up my alley. The video incorporates scenes from Wreck-It Ralph and Owl City dude Adam Young bopping around with technicolor dancers. He’s kind of a goofy looking guy, but I enjoy him.

Take a look:

Like it or lump it?

Wreck-It Ralph releases Nov. 2.

(Featured image is a screen grab from the video)

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2 thoughts on “Owl City Wrecks it with Ralph

  1. John Calhoun says:

    Can’t help but think maybe he should have worn better clothes in this video. I think the sets are great and I really enjoy the costumes, but black burlap pants and whatever that shirt is wasn’t the way to go.


  2. He totally should have dressed like Ralph.

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