Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Entertainment is different for everyone. Whether you enjoy unwinding with a good book or watching an engrossing film, entertainment is all about escaping our stress.

But, what would happen if stress met you right in the middle of your escapism of choice?

Imagine you are playing a poker game with your buddies. Suddenly, your friend interrupts your tournament-style no limit Texas Hold’em  game to deliver an editorial on his personal feelings about wearing fur. The escape of the game would be lost as reality intruded.

That is exactly what happened during NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast of the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Veteran commentator Bob Costas took the microphone during half time to respond to the tragic murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. Rather than offer condolences, he began stating his opinions on gun control.

Within moments, the Twitter-verse and news outlets were abuzz with opinions of Costas’ opinion. Heavy hitters like Keith Olberman and Rosie O’Donnell praised Costas for utilizing the platform to speak out in favor of gun control. Ted Nugent and others were quick to come out against the commentary.

I could tell you where I fall on gun control, but I do not believe this is the point.  Weekly, millions of viewers tune in to Sunday Night Football on NBC to be entertained. They use the experience of watching professional football to unplug from their day-to-day pressures and stress. They root for their favorite team and feel a part of something. This reality was completely shattered by someone attempting to further their personal agenda.

There will always be a debate on gun control in America. Valid arguments will always exist on both sides. The key is time and place. What Bob Costas did was to rob people of a release; one that, given recent events, was sorely needed


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