Tiding Me Over Until My Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor Who went away a couple of months ago.  BBC does this to us every year, so I should have been ready for it. And, I guess I was, but it still made me sad.

The shining beacon of the off-Doctor span of time is the annual Christmas special! Often, these are stand-alone shows with a holiday theme that commonly rip off well-known tales like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I’m fine with this! The good Doctor spices up any old story, and it amuses me how they massage old favorites.

This year, it looks like the Christmas special is picking up right after the Ponds’ departure, with the Doctor a moody mess.  They’ve put out a couple of prequels with some returning characters, the latest of which was released today. Have you seen them? Take a look!

“The Great Detective”

“Vastra Investigates”

The Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” is scheduled to air Dec. 25 at 9 p.m. on BBC America. Will you watch? I’ve also just read that the special will premiere a new title sequence and revamped theme! Merry Christmas to us!

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