My Favorite iOS Games

Gaming often helps me relax when I’m really stressed out. Honestly, after a long day, playing some Halo, Minecraft, or XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great way to engage my brain in ways that have nothing to do with my day job.

However, when I can’t boot up the Xbox because my family is watching a TV show, my iPhone is generally my go-to gaming destination. So without further ado, here are the iOS games that are scratching my gaming itch.

1. Chrono Trigger –

This is the most expensive game on the list. I got this game when it was on sale, and it’s totally worth it. Sure, it’s not an original (it’s a port of my favorite SNES game), but it’s still a great RPG to dive into. Time travel, multiple endings, and killing monster: what more could you ask for in a game?

Ghostbusters iphone2. Ghostbusters –

Combine ghost busting with business management in a “freemium” game? Ghostbusters by Capcom is waaaay more fun than it sounds. And it has witty writing that makes me smile. You control a team of Ghostbusters as they are mentored by the original team from the movies. It’s fun, and it’s free (unless you want to pay for powerups. I haven’t come to place where I’ve had to yet), so give it a try.

3. Elder Sign –

The fun board game is ported to iPhone. If you like Cthulhu, board games, or just rolling dice, you probably owe it to yourself to buy this game and try to save Miskatonic Museum (and the world) from the threat of the Great Old Ones.

4. Temple Run 2

It’s basically the exact same thing as the original Temple Run, but the graphics are improved and there are some fun bonuses. If you have a few minutes to waste on your commute or if you’re waiting for dinner, play it and become a drooling addict.

All right, those are the games I’m currently playing. What are you playing? Give me some suggestions!

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