Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Poster!


DOCTORS! Image swiped from BBC America's Facebook page.

DOCTORS! Image swiped from BBC America’s Facebook page.

I’m going with the theory that John Hurt’s Doctor is actually #9, and his actions were so un-Doctor-ly, that he was banished from memory.

“What actions?” you ask. I’m guessing it’s something to do with The Last Great Time War.

We’ll see soon enough, though! Well, not SOON ENOUGH. I’d like to watch it right now, please.¬†Who do I talk to about that? Does someone have Moffat’s number handy? I’ll just give him a quick ring. I’m sure he’ll accommodate me.

I love the exploding Daleks! Matt and David looking all smolder-y doesn’t hurt anything…(Insert girlish giggle behind hands). And “BAD WOLF!”

What do you think, fellow Whovians?

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