Snuggling Up With The Doctor

I’m cold today. Seriously, it’s one of those days that my fingers literally hurt.

Actually, it’s more of a numbness that you don’t really realize is there until you pick up your mug-o-joe and recognize the tingly pins and needles feel of the blood returning to your hands.  Ugh!

It’s the kind of day that I’d rather be on my couch, snuggled under blankets and enjoying some fine British entertainment. What kind of British entertainment? Well, while I do indeed have a soft spot for Sherlock and Downton Abbey, my first choice will always be the good Doctor. Of course!

(You knew that was coming. I mean, you saw the title, right?)

Since circumstances are currently preventing me from the aforementioned couch snuggle-time, I must content myself with dreaming! And trolling Etsy. Etsy’s great for dreaming and trolling. And for dreaming of trolls.

First on my list of snuggle necessities is a good blanket. Check out this one from MockingbirdMP.

tardis blanket

It’s bigger on the inside! Get it? Narf!

I’m not about to drag my comforter downstairs for couch time, and most times, I’m just looking for more of a lap warmer. A stadium blanket sounds just about right to me! And I love the embroidery, don’t you? Very cool.

My first thought was to head straight for a blanket that is full-on TARDIS. But, you see those everywhere, you know? There was just something about this one that I love. It’s simple, and I like that!

So, if you’re going for more of a lap blanket (which I clearly was), you’ll probably need something for your feet. Slippers!

I really tried to find some slippers on Etsy that I liked. It was a no-go. Um, get on that, crafty people of the Interwebz.

But, slippers are still needed! Enter my favorite geekery purveyor: ThinkGeek! Guys, I love ThinkGeek and could easily spend WAY too much money on their website.

Back to slippers! Check out their TARDIS ones here. It’s a pretty classic design, and for those of you with larger feet, no worries, they’re BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!

(Oh, hush. I had to put that in there, and you know it!)

Okay, so the body and feet are taken care of. What next? Straight to the top with a fun hat!

I know they’ve (science-y people) have generally debunked the idea that tons of heat is lost through the top of one’s head. Sure, you lose heat, but not the huge amount I was lead to believe by my well-intentioned mother. At any rate, hats make me feel warmer! I really like this one from Akiseo.

Again with the TARDIS, right? Yep!

Next on my list is something for the hands! Kinda.

Check out this sweet mug from TheMugglyDuckling! (What a great shop name, btw!) Minimalist and fantastic.

ten pillow


Lastly, if you find yourself alone, this Doctor pillow is the perfect cuddle buddy! It’s modeled after everybody’s favorite Doctor, the Tenth played by David Tennant. (What? He’s not your favorite?! Well, I suppose you’re entitled to your own opinion…even if that opinion happens to be wrong, of course.) I spotted Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in telahmarie’s shop, and it looks like custom orders are available, too, so, you could cuddle up with any of the Doctors, I suppose.

Ten’s still the best, though.

There you have it: the perfect list of must-haves for a snuggle session with the Doctor! And right before the 5oth Anniversary Special, too! You’re welcome.

What did I miss? Hit me up with some links in the comments.

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