Where is my Fandom?

I’m having a bit of an existential crisis. I used to be a fan in the literal sense of the word: fantatic. I used to be able to talk your ear off about comics, movies, video games, board games, and I would do so with glee. But, lately, fandom has been kind of annoying to me. Every time I see a post by a Doctor Who fan, I just want to unfollow them. When I see people arguing over which video game console is the best, I want to give up on the internet altogether. It’s not that I’m not a fan of those things; it’s that I’ve lost my patience for the fandom.

Just this morning, I saw a friend make a post that was ripping apart Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That movie came out over half a decade ago. People are still complaining about The Phantom Menace. It released 15 years ago.  For half my life, I’ve been hearing people complain about that movie. And I was complaining right along with them, for the most part.

What changed me? You know, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s that I had kids. Or started my own business. Maybe I’m just tired all the time. Maybe the fandom is just getting younger. But, I am just getting weary of it all. I’ve started unfollowing so many of the Facebook pages of things I like. Some of the Doctor Who pages are the worst.

Pond gagI hate stuff like the above picture. I don’t find it even remotely clever. The picture doesn’t really fit, and it’s sappy as all get out. I think maybe I’m just incapable of loving a television show like some other people on the internet.  Maybe our TV shows actually become a religion to some.


Being a kind of geeky dude, this is starting to worry me. While maybe I’m just growing up, there’s a part of me that feels inexorably linked to geek culture. I don’t want to give it up. I like gaming. I like sci-fi and fantasy. I like comic books. But, I feel like my quest for moderation might be harming my geek credentials. And I can’t believe that it’s an actual concern for me.

Maybe it’s my desire to belong with like-minded individuals that makes me worry that I’m falling a bit out of hardcore geek culture and into “dreaded” casual fandom, but I’m not JUST a geek any more. I have family, friends, church responsibilities, job stuff. Honestly, in the face of that, maybe falling a bit out of fandom’s gravitational pull isn’t such a bad thing.

So, if you’ve been where I’ve been, how did you get your fandom back? Or did you just leave it behind?

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One thought on “Where is my Fandom?

  1. mike says:

    While it was a different genre of fanaticism, I used to be crazy into sports – like all sports. I remember watching golf! And caring about it! And occasionally following Canadian football (because the NFL just wasn’t enough!). I was following soccer teams in leagues around the world, including the lower tier, semi-professional leagues. Why? Because I could (Thanks, internet!).

    Part of that stopped when I no longer had cable, but in all honesty I don’t really miss it. Now the only energy I can really devote to following sports is concentrated on one team that has been terrible for the last several years, so even that is waning a little.

    But there are a lot more interesting things in the world, and (I hope) I’m a much more interesting person for dropping most of the sports fanaticism and picking up other things to care about. It’s still there in some ways – Colleen will tell you if we are at a bar and there is a game on, my eyes will repeatedly shift back to the TV, whether or not I care about the teams playing.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t care about geek credentials. People tend to be more interesting and fun when they are free to focus on the things they still really care about, so don’t be afraid to leave the fanaticism behind if it’s just not that doing it for you anymore.

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