Charting a New Course

transparent ships bigHey everyone,

It’s been awhile… hasn’t it. A lot of life changes were happening for a lot of us, so we went away for a little bit.

But now we’re back.

And we’re doing things a little more simply now. You’ll notice the look of the site has changed. I’m sure it will undergo further revisions as we discuss (argue?!) and refine what we’re doing here.

Who are we? Oh. Yeah, maybe I should reintroduce us.

I’m Tj. I’m the guy that generally takes care of The Cool Ship and tries to keep the ol’ girl on course. John and Rob have been here since the inception (bwaaaaam) of the site. Gabrielle is here, too. And Mr. J. Fortune. And more! I’d encourage you to go back through the archives and read some of our stuff. I think you’ll find that it’s generally pretty good, and you’ll get a good feel for what we’re doing here. We’re just people with opinions, writing in our own little corner of the Internet.

Come along with us.


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