Gen Con: Day Zero

Table flip

Don’t play games with this guy. He’s the worst.

Well, I’m (mostly) packed and ready to go on the big trip to Gen Con. I’ve been going since 2011, but I’m not sure exactly what to expect this year. I always tend to find something new, find something I’d like to do but can’t, or just get sad about not having enough time or getting tired.

This year, as normal, John and I will be attending, along with 6 other people. Some of these peeps I haven’t even met yet, but I’m sure everything will go smoothly. Gaming tends to bind people rather than divide. Unless you’re an awful person.

Things often happen organically at Gen Con. Normally, our group finds a theme song (Sail! last year; Payphone [WITH WIZ KHALIFA] the year before that). I’m hoping we find a new place to eat that is delicious.

Getting away is pretty nice. I’m a work-at-home dad that makes money on the internet while watching my children. It’s a good life, but it’s exhausting being in “dad-mode” constantly. Gen Con is a good time to just be a person for awhile.

So, coverage starts tomorrow night. We’ll be arriving in Indianapolis, getting our badges (those of us that can) and maybe finding a gamer gathering somewhere. Maybe we’ll get to play some Pathfinder. That’d be awesome.

I hope I’ll see you there.

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