The State of the Ship

I’ve been neglecting The Cool Ship a bit lately. Partly because it’s just me at the moment and I really like working with collaborators, but mostly because I’ve been making money with writing and editing, and this doesn’t provide any cash. I mean, I really love this thing, but providing for the family has to take precedence.

So, where is the Ship heading in 2016 (even though it’s nearly half over)?

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1.) Gen Con – I love board games, card games, and RPGs, so we’ll be making our yearly trek to Gen Con. I will provide daily reports from the frontlines, so you can know what we are playing, what you should be playing, and what’s coming up that we’re excited about. Also, we might get philosophical, like we did last year.

2.) Twitch Streaming – I play enough Destiny that it might be fun to stream the thing. You can follow me: The Cool Ship on Twitch!

3.) More writing – I really need to write here more. I apologize. I know I don’t have any rabid fans or anything, but blogging on here is a lot of fun.

4.) Getting some new or returning collaborators – Most of the people I started this site with have moved on to bigger, better, or more important things, but getting some fresh blood in here could only be a good thing.

So there they are, goals for 2016. I’ll try to stick to them, and you stick around too. I miss you.

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