My Love/Hate Relationship with Card Games

I am TERRIBLE at card games. Specifically, I’m talking about collectible card games like Magic: the Gathering (even digital CCGs like Hearthstone). I just do not have a mind for it.

Magic tgMy terribleness is probably at least partially due to how unpracticed I am. I played a little big of Magic when I was in Jr. High, and I played a lot of the old Pokemon card game with my sister, but other than a few matches with John or at Gen Con, I don’t really play them.

Even when I play a card game a lot (I try to play Hearthstone at least once a day on my phone.), I’m not great at it. Practiced or not, I just can’t seem to bend my head around probabilities, ability combos, deck building, etc. In games, I’m kind of bad at thinking ahead and planning my next move. I’m reactionary and twitchy. It makes me okay at online shooters, but terrible at strategy games.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on things like booster packs and expansions, either. Magic, especially, is built around constantly buying packs and hoping you get cards decent enough to field. I try to be frugal about my gaming habits, though; I rarely buy games when they first come out (since you know a discount is coming eventually), and I constantly scour websites for deals to feed my hobby. Micro-transactions for card packs in Hearthstone can add up quickly, and I tend to forget when I’ve spent money on such things, so I just don’t do it. Magic booster packs seem relatively expensive as well.

Maybe the entire genre isn’t for me. There are card games that let you play a game straight out of the box with no booster packs required. The Game of Thrones Card Game and Star Realms are well designed and lots of fun, for instance. You only have to purchase the game one time, and boosters/expansions are optional. But they don’t seem to have the mass appeal of Magic: the Gathering.

How do I get good at these games, then? Do I hire a tutor? That seems unlikely. Do I just need to play more? Commit to spending money? Read The Art of War a couple more times?

Really, though, until I’m better at thinking ahead in these games, they probably just aren’t for me. I don’t think I’m a sore loser; I just lose about 80% of the time.

Next time, I think I’ll write about how bad I am at games in which I have to bluff and lie. Ugh. I’m a terrible liar.


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