An Ode to an Old Gamertag

I changed my gamertag today, and I’m sad. “Spumis” has been with me for over two decades, from Juno email to AOL Instant Messenger to Xbox Live.


Spumis in miniature form.

Spumis was a name that I came up with thanks to a classmate who couldn’t quite remember the word “Tsunami” on a pop quiz. He ended up writing “Tspumis,” and I thought that “Spumis” would be a unique, fun screenname… And I wouldn’t have to rely on numbers or the infamous “Xx__xX”.

The first time I used Spumis was for a roleplaying game my neighbor was DMing back in jr. high. Then I used him again in Gemstone III, the text-based MMO game.

Then I just started using it everywhere. It was mine. In fact, I still answer to Spumis when people call me that IRL.

Spumis will live on in other places and other realms, but my gamertag is now officially “The Cool Ship.” I wanted to give it some synergy with my Twitch account, if I ever decide to do the Twitch thing (don’t worry, I won’t be annoying about it when I do).

Gamertag Spumis is dead. Long live gamertag The Cool Ship.

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