Gen Con: Pre-convention Thoughts

Undiscovered CountryPhew. Another year has passed, and I’m about to pack up a bunch of games, snacks, and toiletries and head to Indianapolis for Gen Con. This will be my sixth trip to the largest tabletop gaming convention in this hemisphere. At this point, I feel a bit like an old pro. I know what to expect, I’m not really overwhelmed by the glamor of the whole thing, and I haven’t planned too much.

This year, the convention is bigger than ever: expanding throughout the Indiana Convention Center, all the hotels connected to it, and the Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts) across the street. It’s getting huge. Too huge? I guess we’ll find out.

The group is smaller this year, and that’s fine. As much as I love taking as many people as possible to this gaming Mecca, this year it’s just two, which made planning everything quiteĀ  a bit less stressful. It’s a lot easier getting two people into events than 11… or even 4, really. That said, my friends have an open invitation to join me in coming years. The more the merrier.

As per usual, I’ll be bringing you my daily impressions of Gen Con: what I see, who I meet, what I do. This isn’t really a place for breaking gaming news… I’m one guy, and I can’t do that coverage justice. However, I’ll include brief reviews of the stuff I’ll be playing and giving you my recommendations.

Truth be told, I’m really excited this year. I’m excited to see people I only get to really interact with on Facebook. I’m excited to have an organized way to play my favorite games. I’m excited to not have to GM, and I can just enjoy pretending to be a bard-warrior half-elf or whatever.

I’m going to have fun, and I hope you’ll share in a little bit of that with me.

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