Gen Con Day Four: Who We Are Now

Sunday is always a bittersweet time at Gen Con. It’s officially branded as “Family Fun Day,” so you’ll often see harried parents herding children through the crowded vendor hall.

But for many of us gamers, it’s the last day of the convention, and everything will be torn down and packed away for next year.

For John and I, Sunday meant one last trip through the vendor hall, one last wait in the line at the Marriott for coffee at Starbuck’s, and one last game–this time, Pathfinder in the Legacy of Mana setting, run by our friend (and game designer) Cameron Parkinson.

Honestly, it mostly turns into a fun shooting-the-breeze session of gaming. It’s pretty relaxed, and this year we only had one other person show up for the game: a nice man named Greg who seemed down to game and enjoy chatting. Sundays are chill, after all.

Well, they’re chill for some people. We were constantly beset by trolls from a group of gamers who seemed very upset that we were assigned to a table in “THEIR” space. They were afraid that we were going to be interrupting them, but they actually kept passive-aggressively interrupting us with nary an “excuse me.”

I love gamers a lot, but when they act like THEIR gaming is the most important thing ever, it gets tedious. Anyway, we ended up moving because they were super loud, but they kept butting in anyway. One guy apologized, but sheesh.

After the game ended, we parted ways and walked through the halls, watching chairs and booths being packed up. A weird, sad ending, but there is always the promise of gaming for next year.

As John and I left Indianapolis, our drive home was quieter than normal. We discussed a bit what we want to do next year and what we want The Cool Ship to be.

All in all, I think we had a pretty good, chill Gen Con this year. I’m already counting down to the next one.


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