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Why Is Fantasy Escapism?

You didn’t misread that. Looking at events like gaming conventions, video game launches, Halloween parties, etc. we started to wonder what connected books, movies, gaming, and the various parts of “geekdom” together. What is the single string that binds anime cosplayers with competitive board games and a zombie puppet musical? By what right do these things share the same space?

Take a moment to let that sink in. By any measure there is no reason to think that Spider-Man comics and Twilight previews belong in the same place. Or that Magic Cards and Halo tournaments should be just doors away from each other. Yet, in spite of the vast differences in entertainment setting, style, tone, and mechanic it all seems to naturally mesh–connected by one passionate experience.

Our love for fantasy escapism.

And this is where our writers live; in that space where we consumers of escapism (from James Bond movies to retro Tamagotchi enthusiasm) meet. We are as interested in how our passions work and how they connect as why we engage them and how they can be better.


Editor-in-Chief: TJ Johnston
Writers: John Calhoun, Rob Allyn, J. Fortune

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