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Confessions of a Casual Girl Gamer: Angry Birds Star Wars

That’s right, folks! Rovio is set to release Angry Birds Star Wars on Nov. 8.

My three-year-old son will be overjoyed. (Commentary? Hmmm…maybe.)

He is your father. Image screen grabbed from the preview.

Angry Birds is a fun game, don’t get me wrong. And I’ll probably be fine with my husband downloading this latest game. But, my interest startedĀ waning halfway through the first game, and Angry Birds Space, while having some keen features, just really doesn’t do it for me.

That being said, I can’t resist a Sith Bird. I have to assume they’re evil. I mean, the preview starts out with the iconic Darth Vader breathing! And check out those scary eyebrows the Bird is sporting. Seriously, these birds need to go to the Dark Side.

One look at the tumblr ruins that hope. *sigh* Here’s hoping that there will be both!

But, I have to wonder if this will be an appropriate introduction to Star Wars for my son. We take these things very seriously, you see. Malachi has been shielded from Star Wars until he is ready. Really! I don’t count the Clone Wars cartoon because that’s more of a Daddy show, anyhow. (Yes, there is a block of cartoons that are Daddy cartoons.)

When he is ready, Malachi will be introduced in a proper manner to the REAL Star Wars. I’m talking A New Hope, not those prequel abominations.

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Bad Piggies!

I know that it’s not exactly cool to be a fan of Angry Birds or casual gaming in general, but I don’t care; I’m a fan. For a quick game anytime I need it (like waiting at the doctor’s office), Angry Birds Space is probably my go-to game.

However, that might be about to change with Rovio’s newest game, Bad Piggies. Starring the bad guys from the Angry Birds franchise, you have to build vehicles for your favorite green pigs to travel in to collect eggs.

It’s casual, you get to build things in a simple interface, and most of all, it looks fun. Check out the trailer below.

Bad Piggies releases Sept 27.


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Rocking the Boat – Twilight and Trolls

With the release today of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, I’ve noticed two things.

1.) My Facebook and Twitter feeds have been blowing up with people who love Twilight.
2.) My Facebook and Twitter feeds have been blowing up with people who hate Twilight.

This guy is all over the internet. He might even be you.

It’s interesting to me that a book meant for young adults generates so much emotion. But so does everything that is popular. Especially in geek culture.

Go to nearly any message board that deals with Geekery. I bet that you’ll find at least one post within ten minutes that is full of pure vitriol for the given subject. And I’ve seen AWESOME things being hated on.

Zelda II. Batman Begins (after The Dark Knight came out). Hate over a video game review. Hate over a funny video someone posted. Hate over a previous message board post. Hate. Hate. Hate.

It even happens in my own house! My wife really hates Apple products. She doesn’t know why. I’m not sure if she’s even used an Apple product beyond playing Angry Birds on my iPhone, but she will insist vehemently that she hates Apple.

And that’s my biggest problem, I think. People are hating on things without reason. I was recently in a conversation with a friend who told me he hated Twilight. He hadn’t read the books, but had seen the third movie. How did he know he hated it?

I hated Harry Potter for awhile. I once started a novel about a boy who discovers he has magical powers, his parents die in a tragedy, etc. Then Harry Potter came out, and my dreams were pretty much dashed. I resented it for a long time. Until I read a couple of the books and watched the movies. I really, really liked it. I felt stupid for being such a troll hater.

I’m going to give you guys a tip. This is free advice, from a guy who has been on the internet for nearly two decades:

You know who else isn't courteous? This guy.

Use courtesy.

Listen, if you are going out of your way to post on message boards in order to vitriolically hate on something, stop. You’re not bettering yourself. You’re not bettering the conversation.

If you are posting Facebook messages about how stupid something is (and I’ve seen plenty of these with Twilight’s newest release), I want you to look in the mirror or turn on your webcam and look at yourself. Then, I want you to point at yourself and say these words.

“I’m a douchebag, and I need to stop.”

Listen, there are plenty of reasons to hate things. Call people stupid for liking things is, for lack of a better term, stupid. How about instead of going for an emotional appeal in your hatred, try instead going for a rational one. You’ll learn how arguments work, you’ll learn a bit about human nature, and you’ll be a better person for it.

So, let me say this.

I don’t like Twilight because it is written poorly. Here are a bunch of examples.

Isn’t that ultimately more satisfying?

You can be smart, courteous, and still hate Twilight!

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