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The Return of Doctor Mysterio! It’s a Doctor Who Christmas Special.

[Promo Image from Wikipedia]

[Some Spoilers. Read at your own risk.]

Well hellllllllooooooooo, shippers! It has been a loooooooooooooong time! I’m serious. Like almost two years, maybe three! Has is really been that long? Wow! I’m sorry that I’ve been gone so long. You may not have noticed but if you did, I missed you too.

Okay, enough with the sentimental stuff.

Doctor Who has returned after a bit of a wait with another fantastic Christmas Special, something that has become somewhat of a Christmas tradition within the fandom. And possibly with some outside of the fandom. Hang the mistletoe, hang your stocking, leave out cookies and milk for Santa, and after unwrapping your presents and gorging yourself on your (hopefully) well-prepared holiday feast, you flip on the “telly” and feast your eyes on some new Doctor Who. And this year’s special is just as much of a classic as all the others before it, only this time it has a classic comic book superhero twist.

The story starts with one of our main characters, Grant, dreaming of when he was a young lad and first met The Doctor (Peter Capaldi). At first, Grant sort of confuses him with Santa Claus and even brings him milk and cookies. He soon learns that he’s not jolly old St. Nick; he’s The Doctor. Which Doctor? The Main one, the First one, all the others are just bandwagon jumpers. He’s also dubbed “Doctor Mysterio” by Grant. The Doctor explains to Grant that he is setting up an energy device that should help fix one of his recent goof-ups and it runs on the power from a special deep space gemstone, which he hands to the boy to hold. However, Grant has a cold and The Doctor handed him a glass of water before he gave him the gem, so he of course thought that it was medicine. That, ladies and gents is where our superhero story begins.

Check it out, guys! It’s Goku! [Dragonball Wiki]

You see, the gems grants wishes essentially and Grant is a young boy who loves superheroes, so obviously he gets super powers. First flight, then x-ray vision, and I’m sure speed and strength came along sometime throughout his adolescent years. Through flashbacks, we see he had a bit of a tough time through his adolescent years. Cut to modern day and our boy Grant (played by Dragonball Evolution‘s Justin Chatwin) lives a typically mundane life with a normal job (he’s a nanny) in New York City (typical superhero locale). The twist is he works as the nanny for Lucy (played by Charity Wakefield), the girl that he’s been in love with for 24 years who happens to be a hard-nosed reporter from The Daily Chronicle (a la Lois Lane). And just like Lois Lane, she can’t see through Grant’s glasses to realize that he is “The Ghost”, his superhero alter-ego. The same superhero that I’m sure she has been investigating since either he came on the scene or she started reporting. Typical comic book reporting – the truth to your greatest mystery is right in front of you and you can’t see it.

This story also has your standard aliens destroying major cities and trying to conquer the Earth storyline that you get with most superhero and Doctor Who storylines. It has nods to the original creators of Superman, Siegel and Shuster. At one point, The Ghost does the classic “Superman costume change spin” before leaping into action. The Doctor even has his own “secret identity.” There are some clever little classic comic book nods throughout the episode. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you by taking out all the fun of hunting for them. Hopefully you’re better at investigating than Lucy.

Glad to have you aboard, Nardole. [Wikipedia]

Something I noticed about this episode was that for a Christmas Special, it wasn’t very Christmas-y. There were small elements here and there, mostly in the first scene when The Doctor meets Grant on Christmas but other than that, the most Christmas-esque thing is the return of Nardole (played by Matt Lucas). He was River Song’s companion in the last Christmas Special, “The Husbands of River Song“, who had his head removed by River’s husband at the time, King Hydroflax. Side note: the brain-swapping aliens in this Christmas Special last appeared as servants of King Hydroflax in the last Christmas Special. One of their agents, Scratch, even stated that they represented “the Shoal of the Winter Harmony.” Hence the company name, “Harmony Shoal”. Anyway, The Doctor reattached Nardole’s head to his original body and brought him on as his companion, and by the looks of the trailer for Series 10, he might be around for a while. Which is a good thing because even though he may seem like a goofy lump of comic relief, he’s actually sharp enough to keep The Doctor in check.

The episode is definitely a must-watch, whether you’re a Doctor Who fan or a superhero fan or both. Five out of five stars. It also gives you a bit of a glimpse into how well The Doctor is doing after River’s death. It’s a nice little spin on the classic Superman story from back in the day, coming-of-age with super powers and whatnot. It also works to hold you over until the new season begins in April. At least I hope it will. It’s not much of a Christmas story but beggars can’t be choosers, and we all know we have been begging for new Who. Maybe that’s what makes it a Christmas story – we haven’t had any new Doctor Who in a year and won’t have anymore for four more months, so this is Moffat’s gift to us for waiting so patiently, albeit without any choice but to wait.

Thanks, Steven.

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New Trailer for “The Time of the Doctor!”



I’m pretty excited. It’s the new trailer for “The Time of the Doctor!” Check it out!

The Doctor Who Christmas special is set to air…ready for it?… on Christmas day! Make sure you catch it on BBC America at 9/8c.

BROODY! Image taken from the video.

BROODY! Image taken from the video.


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Capaldi, Doctor Who

Yes, yes; I know the Doctor’s name isn’t Who. 

So, it’s official! Peter Capaldi is the next Doctor! Who (*snicker*) watched the announcement on BBC America (or BBC One)?

For those of you who missed it, here’s a taste of something that went on for WAY TOO LONG:

Yeah, they played the above A LOT.

We actually DVRed the show, because due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to watch it live. So, last night, already knowing Capaldi was the chosen one, we settled down to watch Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor. Both of us (the husband and meself) faced the television, eager shining faces (maybe I need to switch up my facial cleanser..) with wide eyes glued to the screen. The promo cycled through at least 436 times. Finally, the husband said to me, “Can’t we fast forward?”

I stubbornly refused.


“I want the real experience,” I declared, chiding his impatience. After all, we already knew who the next Doctor was, right?

437, 438, 439…FINE! I hit the button…and missed the first couple of seconds of the show. Of course!

I skipped back, and the show started.

It was rather obvious that they threw the show together at the last minute. Oh, the production value was fine enough. But, speaking as a Whovian from the other side of the pond, I only recognized two of the guests they had on to chat about the good Doctor. Wikipedia got a nice workout as I checked up on all the folks on the couch. Hopefully, they meant more to our British brethren and sister-en.

Finally, Faux Goldie Hawn announced Capaldi as the next Doctor!  I liked the shot of the actor’s hand clenching before he was introduced. It was a nice touch, hiding his face and letting the audience see his supposed anxiousness. Perhaps it was real trepidation, though. After all, Capaldi is stepping into an important role, right?


Capaldi, 55, is the second oldest Doctor cast in the title role, following Matt Smith, the youngest Doctor (26 when he started). As a member of generation NewWho (how I refer to those of us who became a fan starting with Doctor #9), I’m intrigued at how this will affect the show. I’ve heard over and over (just since yesterday, mind you) that Capaldi’s age will “lend a sense of gravitas” to the role. What does that mean, exactly? They think the show will take a more serious tone overall? That the Doctor will be cast in more of an authoritarian role?

Gravitas-wielding Peter Capaldi. Image courtesy of BBC.

Gravitas-wielding Peter Capaldi. Image courtesy of BBC.

It’s a nice way to refer to Capaldi’s age when reflecting on the difference that will be obvious when compared to Doctors 9-11, methinks. “Gravitas” makes me think of words like established, experienced, serious. And maybe that’s what the show needs after Smith’s rather slapstick-y run. I’m not sure. I, for one, hope showrunner Steven Moffat doesn’t take it too far the other way. Already, a sense of darkness is hanging over the Who-topia with the lasting image of John Hurt’s craggy, sad face.

Don’t give me too much drama, Moffat. I love Doctor Who for its lightness, for its Deus ex Machina qualities. Sure, through in some darkness here and there, but not too much, okay? Please?

What do you think, guys? Will Capaldi make a good Doctor? Will the show go dark? And what does “gravitas” mean? Hit me up in the comments!

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Who’s Who?

Over the weekend, rumors started to fly that Rory Kinnear could be the new Doctor. Kinnear is (maybe) supposedly taking up the mantel that will be discarded when current Doctor Who Matt Smith leaves the show around Christmastime.


Nice skull, Rory. Image courtesy of The Guardian.

I’ve read that he’s more of a stage actor, but he’s vaguely familiar to me.

When it comes to  a new Doctor, I want the actor to be someone I don’t know. I guess Kinnear fits that bill. While I’ve seen him in the newer Bond films, it wasn’t a role that really resonated with me, and frankly, he just looks like some random British dude to me.

Is that a good thing? I guess.

Knowing that he comes from a theater background gives me some hope. I love theater, and anyone who poses with a skull (Yorick, I presume.) and some flowers is obviously a bada$$. I mean, look at the picture! His face is half in shadow! You know he means business.

When it gets right down to it, I guess I don’t really care who the new Doctor is. (Shocking!) As long as the show continues to feel the same; to stay with the message that good will eventually triumph over evil; to have ridiculous sets and terrifically outlandish aliens; I’m good.

Although, a woman playing the Doctor would have been pretty sweet. Maybe next regeneration? Get on that, BBC.

What do you think about this unconfirmed news? Will Kinnear be a good Doctor? Were you pulling for someone else?


[[Featured image courtesy of Daily Record and Sunday Mail and is found at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/tv-radio/actor-rory-kinnear-favourite-replace-1928557.]]

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Getting Ready for the Big 50

Series 7 of Doctor Who wrapped up for us Americanos on Saturday. I’m not going to do a recap (because you should bloody well watch it yourself), but I do want to mention that it ended on somewhat of a cliff-hanger, introducing a “new” character.

(Like the quotes? Oh, yeah…you know what I mean.)

There are a lot of rumors floating around as to what role this character is actually playing and how he fits into the current Doctor mythos. I have a favorite theory that involves carnage and wiped memories, but I suppose only time and the BBC (or BBC America, I suppose for us Yanks) will tell.

Suffice it to say, the season finale was a lead up to the Doctor Who 5oth anniversary special that will air on Nov. 23. It’s a long time to wait, but we Whovians are accustomed to twiddling our thumbs and playing a rousing game of tiddly winks while our British overlords take their sweet time eking out the brilliant blue TARDIS-flavored cream into our weak American tea.


Eleven and Ten…OR ARE THEY? (Watch the Series 7 finale!) Image taken from a screen grab of the video below.


I will say that they’ve done a good job recently of putting out videos, teasing the return of David Tennant’s tenth (OR IS HE?) Doctor and his beloved Rose (Who for some reason could never seem to find the time to visit a decent colorist. Space and time? Sure! Matching your roots to your bleached-out mess of a hair style? No time! No time? You’re in a time machine! Argh! I’m in a minority of those who weren’t overly impressed with darling Rose…in case you couldn’t tell.). Tennant is my favorite Doctor thus far, and I’m excited to see how the special plays out.

They’d just better not make me super sad again when he goes away. For real.

Confession: I didn’t start watching Doctor Who until Christopher Eccleston took over as the ninth Doctor (OR IS HE?), and I wasn’t all that taken with his performance. I later learned that there were problems in paradise; Eccleston didn’t have the greatest experience in the role. It’s a pity, but I must say that it came through in his portrayal of the Doctor, a flippant, somewhat disinterested time traveler who never quite convinced me that he gave a rat’s a$$ about much of anything.

Eccleston just didn’t ring true for me.

It wasn’t until Tennant took over that I really got into Who. Tennant brought vitality to the show; he seemed to actually enjoy himself. Was his Doctor written that way? Perhaps. Was Eccleston’s purposely written to be more detached? Perhaps. We could argue about that for quite a while, but the fact remains that I found Tennant’s Doctor more enjoyable!

Oh, and Donna Noble beats Rose Tyler any day. Fact.

Even though I’m not a huge Eccleston fan, I was still disappointed to hear that he wouldn’t be in the 5oth anniversary special. And what of the other surviving Doctors? Nope. It’ll just be Tennant and reigning Doctor, Matt Smith (and the “new” character, of course. But, I’m not talking about that, remember? Seriously! Go watch the Series 7 finale!).

While I understand that the older actors don’t fit into the picture of how we last saw their Doctors, I think something should have been done to include them. Perhaps they could have played other characters, had cameos a la Stan Lee. It was a missed opportunity for sure.

But, I still must say that I am definitely looking forward to the anniversary special! Every time a new Doctor Who video pops up on Facebook or YouTube, I greedily devour it, of course.

Here’s a fairly recent one:

What say you, Whovians? Are you looking forward to the 50th anniversary special?

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The Good Doctor Returns March 30


The Doctor (Matt Smith) with his new companion, Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman). Image courtesy of BBC America.

Doctor Who will return on March 30, according to BBC America. The good news broke yesterday. Whovians, rejoice!

The Christmas special gave us our second view of the mysterious Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), and both times we’ve seen her, she’s died! But, we know Oswin’s supposed to be the Doctor’s new companion, so something is definitely going on with good ole timey-whimey.

Maybe she’s a trap. Or she’s stuck in some kind of time loop/reincarnation mess. That’d be interesting!

Honestly, I don’t mind the love connection companions overmuch if it’s done well, but there’s just that: It’s been done! I’d love to see them shift away from that a bit.

Check out the season 7, part 2 teaser:

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Tiding Me Over Until My Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor Who went away a couple of months ago.  BBC does this to us every year, so I should have been ready for it. And, I guess I was, but it still made me sad.

The shining beacon of the off-Doctor span of time is the annual Christmas special! Often, these are stand-alone shows with a holiday theme that commonly rip off well-known tales like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I’m fine with this! The good Doctor spices up any old story, and it amuses me how they massage old favorites.

This year, it looks like the Christmas special is picking up right after the Ponds’ departure, with the Doctor a moody mess.  They’ve put out a couple of prequels with some returning characters, the latest of which was released today. Have you seen them? Take a look!

“The Great Detective”

“Vastra Investigates”

The Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” is scheduled to air Dec. 25 at 9 p.m. on BBC America. Will you watch? I’ve also just read that the special will premiere a new title sequence and revamped theme! Merry Christmas to us!

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When Are My Shows Back?

I think I probably watch too much television. It’s kinda hard not to, though. With so many good and promising new shows on TV these days (even on the networks, shockingly enough), it’s difficult not to pay attention…or, at least not to pack up the old DVR like a fat kid at a cake buffet.

(What? They don’t have cake buffets? Cake buffets totally need to be a thing.)

Some of my favorite shows are already back for the fall season. Doctor Who is back on BBC America at 9 p.m. on Saturdays. I love me some Doctor, and we have a great recapper/reviewer here on The Cool Ship, so make sure you check him out (both the Doctor and the writer!). His articles are here, here, and here.

Alphas and Warehouse 13 on SyFy premiered weeks ago, and I’m already dreading when they go on hiatus. They’re on Mondays at 8 and 9 p.m., respectively. SyFy has branded the block “Powerful Mondays,” a moniker I’m not convinced is the best. I’m a fan of alliteration, though. Meh.

ABC’s Revenge is definitely on my list. Because Emily will get them all. SHE WILL GET THEM ALL! Image courtesy of ABC.

NBC is really pumped about Revolution. It premiered last Monday, and you can’t hope to miss the advertising for it if you happen on the Peacock for 60 seconds or less. But, other than the annoyance of over-saturation, I must say that I’m still interested. I caught the premiere and saw enough that made me want to come around for another view. It’s on after The Voice, which is usually 10 p.m.

Then, there’s a whole slew of returning comedies I pay attention to (Whether I watch them or not is a different story.):


Up All Night – Already premiered. Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.

The Office – Already premiered. Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Parks and Recreation – Already premiered. Thursdays at 9:30 p.m.

30 Rock – Oct. 4 (Thursday) at 8 p.m.

Community – Oct. 19 (Friday) at 8:30 p.m.

CBS (Step up your game, CBS. You don’t interest me much.)

How I Met Your Mother – Monday (Sept. 24) at 8 p.m.


Glee – Already premiered. Thursdays at 9 p.m.

New Girl – Tuesday (Sept. 25) at 8 p.m. Looks like there’s another new show at 9 p.m. that night, too, which is when I’m guessing it’ll live since…

Raising Hope – Oct. 2 (Tuesday) at 8 p.m.


The Middle – Wednesday (Sept. 26) at 8 p.m.

Modern Family – Wednesday (Sept. 26) at 9 p.m.

Happy Endings – Oct. 23 (Tuesday) at 9 p.m.

Last Man Standing – Nov. 2 (Friday) at 8 p.m.

Okay, let’s talk dramas. I have to say that I’m eternally grateful for my DVR. Not so much because there are so many, but more because a lot of them start at 10 p.m. or are on days that just aren’t convenient for me. I’m old; I like to go to bed at a reasonable time. Jon Stewart be darned!


Parenthood –  Already premiered. Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Grimm – Already premiered, but already on hiatus. Returns Sept. 28 (Friday) at 9 p.m.

Smash – There’s no posted return date. This worries me.


Castle – Monday (Sept. 24) at 10 p.m.

Once Upon a Time – Sept. 30 (Sunday) at 8 p.m.

Revenge – Sept. 30 (Sunday) at 9 p.m.

I’m not even going to talk about new shows on the networks, because there are lots. Lots seem to be bad ideas (I’m looking at you, The Neighbors), and lots look too melodramatic.

Not that I can talk about melodrama…I mean, look at my choices! REEEEEEVENGE!

I know, I’m a walking contradiction, and I’m proud of it!

And cable? Gosh. Too much. My DVR would explode.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall season?

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