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The Sing-Off, or Why I Still Love Jewel

The Sing-Off premiered last night. I’m a fan of a capella music, so I’ve enjoyed every season thus far. You may be familiar with some of the past winners of the competition, including Pentatonix.

Naturally, when the fourth season was announced, I was excited, especially since I thought the show wouldn’t be renewed.  I appreciate Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds as judges, but I knew that former judge Sarah Bareilles was on tour. Who could replace her musical know-how and constant cheery cuteness? Only my favorite mononymed, snaggle-toothed musical superstar!

Jewel, Sean, BenIn the article I wrote the day before I turned 30,  I noted that there are no guilty pleasures. So, I’m just going to come out and say that I love Jewel. She captivated my young self in the 90s with “Foolish Games.” I like her weird “psuedo-country” stuff that she’s been putting out lately. I even take weird joy in her yodeling, and I sat in Barnes and Noble once and read quite a bit of her poetry book (I was ashamed of my fandom back then. I wasn’t even willing to buy a book for fear of looking uncool.).

So, how did she do as a judge on the Sing-Off? Pretty well!. She had some decent musical insights, was willing to challenge the boys on some of their criticisms… and was cute as a button! She wasn’t just the judge we deserved; she was the judge we needed.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of music, or Ben Folds, or Boyz II Men, or Jewel, you should be watching this show. It’s simply delightful. The mix of a capella groups this year is pretty varied, and it’ll be fun watching these groups battle for a recording contract.

But, can you keep a secret? I’ll be watching for Jewel (and maybe for the singing).

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