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Why Is Tommy Lee Jones Huge In Japan?

Today I’m going outside of my usual fare. I was going to treat you with some such about “where power lies” using Game Of Thrones, and I may still do that.

But not today.

Today we are going to talk about this. Just watch and let the oddity sink in.

No, you seriously have to watch at least through :22 of this video or you’re not going to understand what’s happening from here on out.


Tommy Lee Jones makes an odd (I’m profiling) cameo. I’m not in tune with Asian cultures, made obvious by the fact that I can’t tell if this commercial is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc., but my mind exploded with the singular question: WHY? What set of circumstances put Tommy Lee Jones in this video?

YouTube comments rendered no suitable answers (shocker!), so I Googled “Why was Tommy Lee Jones in that Asian video?”

And further down the rabbit hole I fell!





I could post these videos all the live-long day. Seriously, I have found more than 30 of these all staring one Tommy Lee “Best Two Face Ever” Jones, and I can’t stop watching them.

My Google-fu tells me the first 10 of these commercials concern a race of aliens that have come to study us, while dressed as some of our celebrities. These award-winning commercials follow the story of “Alien Jones” as he does various jobs and helps the humans he comes across while drinking cans of “Boss” coffee.

Mr. Jones, the actual person, has been a spokesman for Suntory’s Boss Coffee since 2006.

So what happened is this. Tommy Lee Jones had been doing commercials for Suntory for about five years when the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami/Armageddon hit. Suntory launched a commercials featuring several prominent Japanese singers (did anyone else notice that Ninja Assassin‘s Rain was featured?) and Tommy Lee Jones. I have to assume he was included because of his wildly popular coffee commercials.

So why is my favorite Tommy Lee in these commercials?

I’m not sure, but thank god my investigation turned up some gems that help explain. Apparently tons of U.S. celebs cross the Pacific to sell swag in Japan. Did you know Britney Spears did a commercial for GG Tea? I sure didn’t. Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be some kind of Japanese sales guru? Here are a few sites with some of the best our “Japanders” have to offer.

Click Here and Here

[Featured Image by anjuli_ayer via photoree.com]

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