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Tom Slick and Super Chicken Should Be Next, Right?

In 1997, we were given George of the Jungle, starring Brendan Fraser.

Then, in 1999, Brendan Fraser returned as Dudley Do-Right in Dudley Do-Right.

In 2000, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle was released.

Now, we’re getting Mr. Peabody & Sherman, featuring the voices of Ty Burrell, Patrick Warburton, Mel Brooks, and Stanley Tucci.

So when exactly is the world going to get a Tom Slick and/or a Super Chicken film?! Am I the only person wondering this?! (Probably)

All of these characters were created by the creative genius, Jay Ward, and were all fantastic cartoons from back in the day that were part of the childhoods of thousands, including myself. So why are these two characters being neglected? Both have great stories that could easily be adapted and expanded on and both are exceptionally humorous.

Tom Slick is an all-American racecar driver who competes in various races with his trusty car, the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper. He’s accompanied by his girlfriend, Marigold, and his elderly mechanic, Gertie Growler. His rivals are the evil Baron Otto Matic, and the Baron’s stupid lackey, Clutcher. You have your story foundation right there, now just some crazy hijinks and a fantastical adventure and you’ve got a hit. You can even bring back Brendan Fraser to play Tom Slick. I’m sure he’d be down for pulling off the trifecta. Think of the film as a comedic spoof of the Fast and Furious films but made with a Mel Brooks-style of satire.

Super Chicken is the alter ego of the wealthy Henry Cabot Henhouse III, was a superhero who fought crime with his trusty lion sidekick, Fred. They would fly around in an egg-shaped air vehicle, saving people and stopping criminals. When trouble arose, he would drink his “Super Sauce” and don his “Super Suit,” then he would let out the battle cry of “Quick, Fred, to the ‘Super Coupe’,” and off they would go. Just think of a film version of the as a comedic, CG version of Green Hornet (the tv series, the 2011 film). Animated animals, superhero antics, and cheesy one-liners…kids would go nuts for this film.

Both of these films could be box-office smashes, both playing off of the nostalgia factor. Tom Slick would pander more towards adults, while Super Chicken would be more of a family film, but both have great potential that needs to be tapped ASAP. Get on it, Hollywood!


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