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Oh, What’s in a Tweet

If you are like me you are waiting everyday with baited breath for any morsel of information about the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past. If you are not like me then you are wasting your life.  Director Bryan Singer’s Twitter has been abuzz with images and tidbits about the film. The first picture of a sentinel, the announcement that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen would reprise their roles from the original trilogy and even the title of the film were first announced by Singer via Twitter.

So imagine the hysterics this tweet created when posted last week by the director:

X-Men-Apocalypse-Bryan-Singer tweet

The Tweet is rather cryptic unless you know anything about the X-men universe. In that world Apocalypse is an ancient mutant and one of the toughestImage property of Marvel Comics villains in The X-men rogues gallery. Indestructible and godlike, Apocalypse has been the big baddie in plenty of X-Men storylines. The most famous being a temporary series of alternate reality releases called Age of Apocalypse in which Charles Xavier was murdered before forming The X-Men; leading to many different alliances and awesome new costumes.

It is unlikely that Age of Apocalypse would be used as the backstory for the follow-up to the yet unreleased Days of Future Past. It is just too much of a shake up following a time travel film. Not to worry though, Apocalypse could be the source of any number of fantastic plots, or they could try something crazy…like writing an entirely new story.

What do you think Singer’s Tweet means?

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Geek Week Round-up

Usually I fill this space with a complaint or observation about something that I have been watching or reading over the past week.  Well two things have gotten in the way of that: First, what I am watching this week is just not that geeky, and what I am reading I have not digested quite yet.

So how about a round up of things that interested me from various media this week?

I thought you might like that.


SingerDays of Future Past is going to be without a doubt the most epic film in the X-men cannon. Blending the casts of the original X-men trilogy and  X-men: First Class should prove big box office bank in 2014. In X-men 3 we got a quick glance at a Sentinel in the Danger room, but this week, director Bryan singer gave us the full monty. Still no word as to whether or not Singer will sew up the plot holes between the films as I mentioned in a previous post.









avatar-1-121109Oscar winner James Cameron announced today that not one, not two, but three sequels to his 2009 smash-hit Avatar are now in the works According to 20th Century Fox, Avatar 2, 3 and 4 will be shot simultaneously, with production kicking off next year, and will be released in December of 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively. This should give the writers plenty of time to watch Ferngully again and Ferngully 2.





rts programme awards 2 190308The wait is almost over as the BBC announced today that it will announce the next Doctor on Sunday 8/4/13. I somehow doubt it will be anyone I suggested. Read more about the pending announcement in this Modest Wit post. Peter Capaldi seems to be the main contender– probably for many great reasons. I am sure it has nothing to do with his cast credit from World War Z.

World War Z

Peter Capaldi…………………………..W.H.O. Doctor

I rest my case.


Netflix now offers individual profiles and instant queues for everyone in your household. Which means Netflix can now screw up “because you liked ” for your whole family.  I will no longer have to see a recommendation of The Backyardigans next to a recommendation for Silent Hill Revelation–neither of which I want to see but the mixture is just weird.


QueenThe BBC also released today the script written just in case WW3 ever broke out. Meant to be delivered by Queen Elizabeth and dating back to 1983 the speech encourages those survivors of a  direct assault on The British Empire to “move on and rebuild”. A speech written for the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was also released. Full text available here





Finally a new Thor poster debuted this week. Still my least favorite Avenger, but it is still better than most things coming out this fall.





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Mockingbird Lane

The new Munsters. (source: huffingtonpost.com)

(I’m gonna try not to give away too much, but there might be a few SPOILERS.) 

Mockingbird Lane, it’s The Munsters remake.

So, let’s just say that I’ve been waiting for this remake for a while now and was quite worried that it might not make it onto the small screen. It was originally intended to be a series, but NBC made a last minute decision to pass on it. However, thanks to some persuasive tactics on the part of Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2: X-Men United) and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls), they managed to get the pilot run as a Halloween special in the hopes of getting the series green-lit.

Hopefully, it works!

The pilot starts off with a scout troup sitting around a fire during a camping trip, when suddenly, they’re attacked by a “baby bear,” which turns out to be a werewolf. They manage to escape to the safety of the scout master’s truck, where they wait until morning.

The next morning, one boy asks “Where’s Eddie Munster?”

Shortly after, Eddie (Mason Cook) appears from behind a bush, with no memory of the events from the night before. From there, the rest of the family is introduced.

Thanks to Eddie’s werewolf incident, the Munsters have to move. While real estate hunting, Marilyn (Charity Wakefield) discovers their new home at the legendary 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Shortly after the acquisition of the new home, Herman (Jerry O’Connell) shows up to inspect the new home. There’s even a clever throwback to the original Herman’s square head. When night arrives, Grandpa (Eddie Izzard) and Lily (Portia de Rossi) are delivered in crates, rounding out the not quite normal family.

Just like the original show, the family knows what they are…all except for Eddie. He thinks he’s normal like Marilyn and doesn’t know that he’s actually a werewolf. The pilot partially revolves around how the family will tell Eddie about who or what he is. There’s a bit of a family power struggle between Herman and Grandpa, involving who will tell him and how they’ll tell him. It’s a deciding factor in their struggle to be head of the household, which is the other plot point.

Marilyn and Grandpa visit the neighbors. [source: latimes.com]

Grandpa seems to be the focus of the show instead of just a secondary character, which is perfect because Grandpa is played by the incomparable Eddie Izzard. Quite possibly the most excellent casting choice made for this, I must say! He plays the part in a darkly cynical and humorously sadistic manner, seeming to fit perfectly in the role. All of the best one-liners from the show come from him. If you’re a fan of Eddie Izzard, you don’t want to miss this.

The one person I was worried about was Jerry O’Connell. I had my doubts about him being cast as Herman, but he won me over. He wasn’t dopey and bumbling like the original, which was a good choice for this remake. He played the part more as the charming, caring, slightly goofy sitcom father, and I think that’s what swayed me. I take back the doubts I had about him.

Portia de Rossi and the rest round out the cast quite nicely and put a very interesting spin on these old favorites.

Lily Munster and some unorthodox fashion designers. [source: joblo.com]

The special effects weren’t overdone just for flashy spectacle; everything fit nicely. Grandpa’s initial transformation from a large group of rats into his undead form and his giant bat-like form, Lily forming from smoke into herself and spiders dropping down to form a dress of webs around her, as well as the first and only appearance of Eddie’s faithful pet dragon, they all looked and worked beautifully. The story was solid, an edgier and darker twist on the original without losing any charm or humor.

This wasn’t The Munsters of yore. This was The Munsters for a new era, and one I hope is ushered in quite swiftly by NBC, because the pilot felt like the story was unfinished and left me wanting more. I mean, it is and I do, which is what a good pilot is supposed to do…leave you wanting more.

This is just the setup, reintroducing us to The Munsters, and the story needs to be continued, so we can get to know the “new” family on the block. But, if this is what NBC is going to leave us with, I’m going to be saddened and disappointed for quite some time.

At least until Bryan Fuller’s next project.

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