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A Case of the Mondays

I’m in a crappy mood.

It’s Monday (with all of the work-related crudiness associated with it), I didn’t get enough rest over the weekend, and it’s so humid that my hair looks like a dandelion gone to seed. I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Alexander has nothing on me. I’ll punch Alexander in the face. (Not really. I mean, he’s a kid. I’m not a monster!)

So, dear Internet, what is there out there to pull me out of this funk?

What’s that? A 3d printer made a new foot for a duck? Are you serious? Let me see this thing:

Buttercup the duck can waddle again? Oh, geez. That’s a good start, Internet. A really good start.

What else do you have for me?


A kitty in goggles? Cute, but weak. Appreciated, though. Still weak.

Okay, you have another animal for me? What is this, monster Monday? (What? I couldn’t think of another alliteration. Shut up.) And I’ve totally seen this one! Who hasn’t seen this one?

(Melts into a gibbering puddle) Awww! That’s so freaking cute!

I mean…right!

Well, it’s cute, but, like I said, I’ve seen this one before!

Do better, Internet!

So this one isn’t about an animal?

Um, what was that? I miss the animals, Internet. This is really bizarre! They made a song to let English-speaking people know what they sound like to non English-speaking people? Huh. Sounds like a load of nonsense to me (which is its purpose, I understand). And it makes me think of something else…


Oh, Internet…You did it. Words escape me.

However, I will admit that I MAY be smiling a bit. MAYBE.

What else you got?

Buzzfeed? Really? Isn’t that just a cheap out? I mean seriously. It’s a constant barrage of insipidness! FINE! I’ll look.

buzzfeed bear

AHAHAHAHA! Look at that bear! That’s HILARIOUS! What’s he even doing? I’d like to think he’s a gymnast bear, and he’s practicing for a meet. GYMNAST BEAR!

What else?

buzzfeed hamster

Two questions: Why are they squeezing that hamster and WHY IS IT SO FREAKING FUNNY TO ME? BAHAHAHAHAA!

Jolly good, Internet! Jolly good!

Alright. I admit it! You got me, Internet. You cheered me up. Really!

Cool Shippers, what are some of your sure-fire cheer up tactics? Let me know in the comments! I’ll probably need them next week…

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