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Weird Science: Redirecting…

We all know that your arteries can be clogged, and that this can kill you.

Source: Google

Not always, though. Because you are magic.**

Your body can sense when arteries are closing– the medical term is stenosis– and will build new blood vessels to bypass the clot and keep blood flowing. Like adding another lane on a highway. This is known as coronary collateralization.

Working in the cardiac catheterization lab at a big research hospital, I’ve seen several patients whose lives depended on these auxiliary vessels– their main coronary arteries were all or mostly shut.

The magical self-regenerative properties are enhanced in people who exercise regularly, because their hearts are challenged more often, so the body is constantly trying to maximize blood flow under pressure. One doesn’t need to exercise much for this benefit– half an hour 3-4 days a week was enough in most studies, and is less than what’s recommended for general health maintenance.

A Google search of this phenomenon will bring you lots of different studies, which goes to show you that doctors, too, think this is pretty bad ass. The method is being explored so physicians can understand the extent to which it occurs and how it interacts with other factors (exercise, sleep apnea, lots of stuff). Which means maybe one day it can be manipulated therapeutically– used by people to heal you, in addition to your body healing itself.

Coincidence? Source: Google

** Disclaimer: Plenty of people die when their arteries get clogged. The magic is not unlimited, nor is it predictable.


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