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Halloween, Oh How I Adore Thee

I felt like I needed to write an article about Halloween. Ya know, ’cause I like to rant.

This time of the year has always had a special place in my heart. It’s my favorite holiday of all, closely followed by Christmas, but you’ll hear about why I love Christmas later on in the year.

1382935_10152319115414428_950192439_nEver since I learned what Halloween was, back when I was a wee lad, I have adored this day. The imagery, the festivities, the candy: it’s all amazing to me. Even though a lot of skanky, ignorant people try to ruin it every year by taking it for granted and making it a reason to dress like a skeezebag, I still hold strong to my belief that it’s the best day. Honestly, if I could decorate my house all year round like people do on Halloween, I would. But I think my wife would kill me. I hadn’t done it in a while, but this year I renewed my love for carving pumpkins. I think it’s the artist in me that loves the act of creating something wonderful with my hands. Seeing my creations, a Ninja Turtle and the Doctor Who logo, sitting on the front porch, glowing proudly, it brought me great joy.

The best part was watching my little girl get into the fun of it and seeing her face light when the pumpkins lit up. This is the only time of the year that I like spiders too, so that’s gotta say something. Black cats, skulls, witches, vampires, werewolves, monsters, and pretty much everything else you’ll find in a haunted house–It’s all magical to me.

And who doesn’t love free candy? Sure there’s always been that fear of those sick people who poison candy or put razor blades in it, but has that ever stopped anyone from going out at night and getting bags full of the good stuff? Nope. Kids still throw on their costumes, grab their trick-or-treat bags or buckets or pillowcases, and head out in a fiendish attempt to gather as much as they can. I did it when I was young, you know you did it, and kids will continue to do it for many years to come.

Then there’s the non-stop horror movie marathons. Sure you can have those anytime you want but they won’t mean as much as they do on Halloween. Sitting in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn, some sodas, a pizza, a few beers, or whatever’s gonna hold over your thirst and appetite while you watch, just letting your mind go numb as you zone out on some quality (or horrible) films. Halloween (original or Rob Zombie), Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Puppet Master, Leprechaun…whatever. Watch whatever makes you happy, or scared, just have a good time.

There were years when I would start to lose interest, but something would happen that would renew my love for it. This year, it’s my little girl. It’s her first trick-or-treat and I can’t wait to experience the joy I’ll feel from watching her dressed up in her costume, collecting candy, and then devouring a bunch of it and going into hyper-spastic mode until she crashes, just like I did when I was little. I’m pretty stoked for it. Not to mention, getting to enjoy all the free candy I’ll get from all the stuff she can’t eat. Awesome.

Halloween, oh how I love thee.


What do you love about Halloween? Leave your comments in the comments section.

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Going Broke Over Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad might be the best TV show I’ve ever watched (of course, we’ll see if the ending messes that up for me). There are only 7 episodes left, so I thought it was about time to make a post. I’m not going to get in-depth; I’ll save that for when the show is over. Today is just for some of the fun stuff that has sprung up around this wonderful series. In other words, I’ll “tread lightly.”

First up: If you need a recap of the show, watch this “Middle School Musical” version by local commercial masters Rhett & Link.

Wash The A1A Car Wash:

Last weekend, Breaking Bad fans were treated to a number of car washes around the country being rebranded as “Walter White’s A1A Car Wash” (You’ve tried the rest; now try the best!).  People who went in to have an A1 day (and a clean car) were treated to various prizes, such as Breaking Bad air fresheners and T-shirts! I’m sure Bogdan Wolynetz would be super jealous that his little business has expanded so rapidly!


In-Universe Websites

The creators of Breaking Bad are masters of viral marketing. See a website on the show? Its real-life counterpart probably exists. Remember when Walt Jr. (when he wasn’t eating) made a website for Walter when he was dying of cancer? Yep. SaveWalterWhite.com really exists, goofy Geocities-style yellow-on-green font and all.

Walter White

Along with this awesome picture

It doesn’t stop there, though. Are you having legal trouble in Albuquerque, NM? Have you been caught with a live tiger? Want to sue someone? Maybe you were ALLEGEDLY dealing drugs? Did you get a theft misdemeanor with an attached double homicide?

You better call Saul.


While I could spend the next 12 years showing you all the awesome T-shirts that are based on the show, I wanted to show you this instead. I’ve heard that it “kicks like a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape.” And that it’s nearly 100% pure. This rock candy is the good stuff. And at this price for a pound! A steal! They must’ve robbed a train to sell rock candy at this price!


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Dear Heath Ledger…You Are Missed.

January 22nd of this year marked the five year anniversary of the death of Heath Ledger. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. It feels like it was just yesterday the news was breaking on Ledger’s body being found in the SoHo apartment of Mary-Kate Olsen, dead of an apparent overdose. Autopsies would later discover that it was an accidental overdose from the misuse of multiple prescription drugs. It’s the way many Hollywood stars have gone out, but it was definitely not the way many fans had expected him to die. Heath was one of the actors that were expected to live many years a grow into a respected actor and Hollywood legend, much like Clint Eastwood or Tommy Lee Jones. Instead, he’s become one of the Tinseltown tragedies, much like River Pheonix. Gone too soon, just as his star was on the rise.

Rest in Peace, Heath.

Rest in Peace, Heath.

I’m sure most people’s first experience with Heath Ledger was from his performance in 10 Things I Hate About You, where he played the high school rebel trying to “tame the high school shrew” so another guy could date her sister. From there, he wowed us in The Patriot, Monster’s Ball, and the modern-day/medieval mashup A Knight’s Tale. After that, he starred in a few less than successful but still quite wonderful films; The Four Feathers, The Order, Ned Kelly, and Casanova.

Next, he co-starred in The Brothers Grimm with Matt Damon. The film, directed by Terry Gilliam, is one of my absolute favorites. It’s the not-so-true story of Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm, a couple of con artists posing as witch hunters who find themselves in deep trouble when they must hunt down and kill a real witch for a French general or be killed themselves. It’s a quirky and eccentric film combining elements and characters from all the Grimm Fairy Tales into a story that only Terry Gilliam can tell. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Following that, he made Lords of Dogtown, where he played Skip Engblom, one of the creators of legendary skateboarding team, the Z-Boys.

His next film, Brokeback Mountain, brought a bit of controversy for his portrayal of Ennis Del Mar, a cowboy turned gay cowboy. The film drew much critical and box office success and earned Heath Ledger, as well as his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, some much due acclaim (and I’m sure some good natured ribbing).

He followed up the success of Brokeback with a couple indie films, Candy and I’m Not There. In I’m Not There, he portrayed a persona of Bob Dylan during a period in his life. He shared the screen with five other actors to tell six different stories in Dylan’s life.

09 heath_ledger_as_joker_wallpaper_-_1280x1024

The Clown Prince of Crime.

And then there was The Dark Knight. One of the greatest comic movies ever made, if not the greatest, and it was in part because of Ledger’s performance as The Joker. No other actor has captured the character quite like Ledger did. He lost himself in the character to the point where you didn’t even recognize him. You didn’t see Ledger, you saw The Joker. This was the greatest performance of what would be a very short career that should have been a jumping-off point for a long and fruitful career. And it was Ledger’s loss of himself in the character that may have lead to his untimely demise, but that’s neither here nor there.

This role would usher Ledger into the pantheon of legendary actors and make it very difficult for any other actor to ever portray The Joker ever again. It also made it very difficult for Christopher Nolan to continue The Joker story line in his Dark Knight Trilogy which saddened many die-hard Batman fans, including myself.

His final performance was in another Terry Gilliam film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, where he portrayed a conman on the run for embezzling money through a charity. He hides out with a small troupe of traveling performers whose leader just happens to be immortal. The film, also one of my favorites, was more surreal and trippy than The Brothers Grimm and just as successful; I mean it’s more of a cult classic than a box office success. But even without the commercial success, it and The Dark Knight were excellent performances for Ledger to end his career. His performance as The Joker did win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor posthumously.

He was a star that burned out too soon. An incredible actor, father, and all-around wonderful personality that was taken from the world all too soon, leaving a void that will never be filled by another actor. In a sea of talentless hacks, it seems to be the talented ones that seem to be the first that sink when they should be soaring high above the waves, like a proud seagull or something. I’m not all that good with sentimental analogies.

Heath Ledger…You will always be missed.

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