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Cheating on Me

Caught in the act!

Last night, I had to leave my wife, kids, and best friend at my house to go to a practice for a Christmas program I’m a part of. On my way out the door, John and Gabrielle professed their intention to cheat on me…by playing Halo 4 without me.

I was, of course, devastated. My heart sank, and I slowly finished my dinner as if I was a condemned man. Then, I left my house… and drove to practice.

For the duration of the practice, I kept looking at my phone. I can check Halo 4 multiplayer stats, so I kept my eyeballs glued to what Gabrielle and John were playing. I saw that Gabrielle had an assassination. They were playing capture the flag. They were playing Big Team Slayer. My jealousy was bubbling over. I wanted to watch my wife play her first games in the wide world of multiplayer gaming!

After practice, I sped home. Cheat on me, would they? I burst in the door to see what was happening and caught them in the act!

John had his TV and Xbox 360 set up in the kitchen. He was using one of my headsets. ONE OF MY HEADSETS! Gabrielle was sitting on the couch, controller in hand and baby on lap. I looked at our TV just long enough to see her gunned down by an enemy. Then, our baby, obviously sensing the guilt prevalent in the room, began to cry. Gabrielle offered me the controller, and I snatched it away. She calmed the baby down while I got her a crazy high awesome score.

I may have been multiplayer game cheated on, but I’m proud of my wife for taking her first steps into a gaming world.  I just hope she lets me join in the fun with her next time.

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