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Christopher Walken Plays a Mean Borderlands 2

His pixelated face makes me want to dance on a hotel ceiling. Image is a screen grab from the video.

Did you know Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman are gamer buddies?

Celebrity impersonator Jason Stephens is the genius behind this hilarious web series carried by GameSocietyPimps and Machinima on YouTube that has Walken playing popular video games. Freeman makes appearances in the videos, also thanks to Stephens’ VO talents. In this video, we find out that Walken is the superior gamer, but Freeman is a quick learner, which only adds to the hilarity. Check it out!

(By the way, it’s definitely an R rating, kids.)

Find more Christopher Walkenthroughs on the GameSocietyPimps Youtube channel.

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Seven Psychopaths (or I’ll watch anything with Tom Waits in it)

Don’t let the title of my article fool you, I don’t think that Seven Psychopaths is going to be horrible or anything. I actually think it’s going to be quite amazing. I mean, it couldn’t have a more incredible cast.

I stumbled upon this gem as I was searching through the Coming Soon trailers on my IMDB app. The only thing I saw at first glance were the names Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken. Honestly, the studio could’ve just put Walken’s name and I would’ve been sold on this film. Oh, and it’s written and directed by Martin McDonagh, the guy who wrote and directed In Bruges. That should be enough for you, right? WRONG! They decided to add more awesomeness to it with Farrell and Rockwell. And they weren’t done yet. After I started watching the trailer, I noticed Woody Harrelson is in it as an offbeat gangster who’s dog has been stolen by Rockwell’s character. Seriously, this movie had already become one of my favorites, and I hadn’t even seen it yet. The trailer hadn’t even ended, but I was totally amped for this film. And that’s when they got me. That’s when they pulled the ace from their sleeves.

If this doesn’t get you to go see this movie, I don’t know what will. (image source: tomwaits.com)

Tom Motherflippin’ Waits is in this film.

Yes, you heard me right. Tom Motherflippin’ Waits. [Editor’s note: I don’t think that’s actually his middle name. Just a guess on my part. Hold on a sec and I’ll Google it…..nope, it’s Alan. I was wrong. Motherflippin’ sounds better though.]

That right there was the clincher. I was done. SOLD. This movie had my vote for movie of the year. As if the cast wasn’t already solid enough get me to go see it, the addition of Tom Waits just built a freakin’ adamantium box around it. Now that’s solid. [Editor’s note: Adamantium is like, the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe, for those of you who didn’t know.] And, “Why” you might ask, “does Tom Waits make this film so much better than it already was?” I can only respond by saying, “Have you seen or heard his work?!” The man is a freakin’ genius, whether it be music or film or just being awesome.


I’ll give you an example:

There’s also this:

[Editor’s note: This is the best clip or collection of clips that I could find on Youtube.]

Now you see why he makes the film so much better?

But I digress…I have strayed from the topic at hand: Seven Psychopaths. Here’s a synopsis of the film from Wikipedia:

“Marty (Farrell) is a struggling writer who dreams of finishing his screenplay, “Seven Psychopaths”. Billy (Rockwell) is Marty’s best friend, an unemployed actor and part time dog thief, who wants to help Marty by any means necessary. All he needs is a little focus and inspiration.

Hans (Walken) is Billy’s partner in crime: a religious man with a violent past. Charlie (Harrelson) is the psychotic gangster whose beloved dog Billy and Hans have just stolen. Charlie is unpredictable and extremely violent and wouldn’t think twice about killing anyone or anything associated with the theft. Marty is going to get all the focus and inspiration he needs, just as long as he lives to tell the tale.”

Sounds like a winner to me. There’s no way this film cannot be great. It’s definitely one I’ll be sure to see in theaters and own when it comes to Blu-ray.

So what do you think of the film? Let me know in the comments.


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