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Confessions of a Casual Girl Gamer: Angry Birds Star Wars

That’s right, folks! Rovio is set to release Angry Birds Star Wars on Nov. 8.

My three-year-old son will be overjoyed. (Commentary? Hmmm…maybe.)

He is your father. Image screen grabbed from the preview.

Angry Birds is a fun game, don’t get me wrong. And I’ll probably be fine with my husband downloading this latest game. But, my interest started waning halfway through the first game, and Angry Birds Space, while having some keen features, just really doesn’t do it for me.

That being said, I can’t resist a Sith Bird. I have to assume they’re evil. I mean, the preview starts out with the iconic Darth Vader breathing! And check out those scary eyebrows the Bird is sporting. Seriously, these birds need to go to the Dark Side.

One look at the tumblr ruins that hope. *sigh* Here’s hoping that there will be both!

But, I have to wonder if this will be an appropriate introduction to Star Wars for my son. We take these things very seriously, you see. Malachi has been shielded from Star Wars until he is ready. Really! I don’t count the Clone Wars cartoon because that’s more of a Daddy show, anyhow. (Yes, there is a block of cartoons that are Daddy cartoons.)

When he is ready, Malachi will be introduced in a proper manner to the REAL Star Wars. I’m talking A New Hope, not those prequel abominations.

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