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Xbox One Impressions

Xbox One ControllerSo, the announcement is over: the Xbox One is here to make you rush out to GameStop and empty your wallets on a pre-order. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what I think about the whole thing.

1.) The tech is impressive

Being able to control live TV from the Xbox One is pretty awesome, and I love voice commands through Kinect. Skype will make my parents happy, and since you can record and upload videos from your games, this could be really great for content creators.

The specs are solid: 8GB RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3.0, WiFi, 500 GB hard drive. And they said it was “silent.” Good. My Xbox 360 sounds like a jet taking off.

The controller’s D-pad is redesigned, so hopefully that’ll play fighting games better than the last one.

I really like being able to do multiple things at once on the console. I hope that actually ends up working and isn’t just an empty promise. Here’s hoping “snap” works better than Windows 8.

2.) Used Games — Not yours

One disc. One license to play the game. Used gaming really won’t be the same after this. And that really hurts the consumer. Unless it keeps prices low (which I doubt.). Want to borrow the game from a friend? Sorry. You can’t. Not without paying a licensing fee. This is one of my chief turn-offs about the console. I doubt licenses will be cheap.

3.) Xbox Live

300,000 severs for Xbox live. That sounds awesome. I’m all about having more options for cloud saves, and if it makes my online gaming experience better, awesome. Hopefully they’ll finally raise the friend list limit.

Assorted thoughts

I’m not sure how XBOX live content will be handled. Will my purchase of Final Fight: Double Impact be ported over?

Xbox 360 games aren’t able to be played on the new system (the framework is too different), so that might be a no-no for a lot of gamers.

I never really trust press conferences demos, so I doubt things will work as smoothly as they were at the presentation.

NEW HALO TV SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 I’m pretty excited.

The Xbox One isn’t always online, but it COULD be in the future, depending on how game developers decide to use the system.

For me, this won’t be a day one purchase. I’m an Xbox fan, but the used game problem really bugs me, as I feel it hurts the consumer. Also, I try my best not to buy hardware day one anyway, since there always seems to be problems.

All right, what are your thoughts on the new system?



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