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Flannel, Nirvana, and Feeling Old

Kobain FlannelI had kind of  a weird nexus of nostalgic things happen to me last week. Last Monday, my wife came home from a fairly major shopping trip with one item for me: a flannel shirt.

While many would take one look at my bearded appearance in a flannel shirt and think of a lumberjack or Al Borland from Home Improvement, I clutched the flannel and thought of the days when I wore it because it was cool. I used to listen to a lot of grunge music, and I saw a picture of Kurt Cobain wearing flannel, so I immediately associated it that with cool.

Of course, really, he wasn’t all that cool of a guy. He had multiple personal demons and finally lost his fight with them when he killed himself. He was uber-talented, but not all that cool. But, I didn’t really understand that when I was a kid.

Later in the week, the surviving members of Nirvana reunited with Dave Grohl and Sir Paul McCartney sharing vocals. It was oddly surreal, watching Paul McCartney sing what, for all intents and purposes, could easily be a Foo Fighters song (not too surprising, since Pat Smear, Nirvana’s touring guitarist, joined the Foo Fighters). It was cool to see Dave back on drums and seeing  Krist Novoselic looking so tall with his bass slung down so low.

Here’s the video from the 121212 Concert

And here is the studio version.

It’s loud, and I kind of like it. I think. I’m undecided.

Combine all this with today being my seventh wedding anniversary (I love you, Gabrielle!), and I’m waxing a little bit nostalgic today. Nostalgia is interesting in that we think everything used to be better, but I often think that maybe we just perceived the world more simply.

What are your thoughts on flannel, Nirvana, Paul McCartney, or nostalgia in general? Do you yearn for your younger days? Let me know in the comments.

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