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Who’s Coming Back to Music in 2013?

I’m not downplaying last year’s comeback albums (Soundgarden, No Doubt) but this year is shaping up to be a great year for them.

First off, we have the legendary David Bowie making a return to the music scene after a 10-year break with The Next Day. I’ve been waiting for Bowie to come back for a  while now, and I was starting to worry that it might not happen. Thankfully, it is, and judging by the first single, “Where Are We Now?”, the wait has been well worth it. But we all have to wait until March 12th to find out if that’s true.

Next, we have the triumphant return of the multi-talented Mr. Justin Timberlake. After doing some heavy duty touring to support his last album, 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, and taking a few years to focus on his acting career (which included some hilarious appearances on SNL), JT is returning to music with a new album, The 20/20 Experience. The new album drops March 15th and is, of course, produced again by Timbaland. Seems like JT believes in “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Here’s to hoping he brings sexy back…again.

Third, pop-punk all-stars Fall Out Boy have reunited and are releasing a new album, Save Rock and Roll. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was saddened by their breakup in 2009 and wasn’t too overwhelmed by their music projects that followed. Pete Wentz really did nothing that impressed, Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk was good but not FOB good, and The Damned Things was enjoyable but didn’t quite equal up to the sum of its parts (it featured members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, and Every Time I Die). A return from Fall Out Boy to the music scene is more than welcome.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. It’s been five years since Dig, Lazarus, Dig was released and even though we’ve been somewhat satiated with Nick’s other works (Grinderman and soundtrack work), it just wasn’t enough. We needed some Bad Seeds to go along with our Nick Cave. And on February 18th, we’ll have it with Push the Sky Away.

But with all good things, we will almost unfortunately have to deal with some less than favorable things (to be nice). Destiny’s Child, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Cher, and possibly Britney Spears  are all making comebacks this year. Don’t waste your money, folks. Save it for a rainy day when better music is released, like the new Slayer album which is set to release this year.

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The Disco and Rap Hall of Fame? I Think Not


For quite a while, I have been carrying around a list of bands and artists that should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yearly, the Rock Hall inducts five to seven artists or bands based on the following criteria:

“To be eligible for induction as an artist (as a performer, composer, or musician) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the artist must have released a record, in the generally accepted sense of that phrase, at least 25 years prior to the year of induction; and have demonstrated unquestionable musical excellence.

We shall consider factors such as an artist’s musical influence on other artists, length and depth of career and the body of work, innovation and superiority in style and technique, but musical excellence shall be the essential qualification of induction.”

The acts that meet the above requirements for induction are then placed on a ballot, and the voting members of the organization select the years inductees.

The 2013 inductees are an eclectic group. The Hall has finally resolved a complete injustice by accepting Rush into the fold. Power rockers Heart and influential bluesman Albert King have had their contributions acknowledged. Singer song writer  Randy Newman famous for stringing together various incomplete thoughts into songs that often feature in Disney films rounds out the list of current inductees that make some sense.

Also included for no good reason are angry rappers Public Enemy and disco queen Donna Summer. It pretty much goes without saying that I have no love for either genre, nor do I harbor any affection for these artists. There are still so many true rock acts left who are eligible for induction…Like:


Gram Parsons

Eligible since 1992

Key track: Return of the Grievous Angel,

Parsons’ blend of genre bending rock, country, folk, and jazz was an influence on the Rolling Stones (see “Wild Horses”) the Byrds, the Eagles, and the list goes on. His work with the Flying Burrito Bothers and The International Submarine Band invented the Country Rock/Southern Rock genre. Parsons’ referred to his blending of styles as “Cosmic American Music.”


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Eligible since 2009

Key track: Red Right Hand

Formed in 1993 by multi-instrumentalist Nick Cave, the Australian post glam dramatic sound of The Bad Seeds seemed to come out of nowhere. While David Bowie is an obvious influence, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are an all original. Not as whiny as The Smiths, not as heavy as The Cure, the group continues to produce fantastic concept albums. Cave is also a sought after writer and collaborator.



Warren Zevon

Eligable since 1994

Key Track: Werewolves of London

The Hunter S. Thompson of folk rock, Warren Zevon is a true musician’s musician. A lyricist unmatched in modern music with an instrumental ability trained by Stravinsky and honed with songwriting royalty like Jackson Browne. Warren Zevon never sold a lot of records and never received a lot of radio play, but many Hall of Famer’s count him as an influence.


Cheap Trick

Eligible since 2002

Key Track : I Want You to Want Me

The Japanese Press has often referred to this Illinois band as the American Beatles. Cheap Trick possessed an ability to be a throwback band while maintaining a pop sensibility. Truly until their Live at Budokan Cheap Trick was really no big deal. The live version of I Want You to Want Me is the number one reason for their inclusion here.



Dire Straits

Eligable since 2003

Key Track: Money For Nothing

Let me explain this in a way that our younger readers might understand: Dylanesque vocals and Claptonesque guitars led to Beiberesque sales and radio play for Mark Knopfler and company. So Far Away, Sultans of Swing and Walk of Life alone should rate the Hall of Fame. Their contributions to the video format though dated now were unmatched in the 80s.



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A Post of Random Holiday Stuff


I think we’ve all seen something like this:

It’s generally pretty awesome. (Side note: my wife informed me that these people broadcast the music over unused radio bands. That makes sense.)

Since the holidays are coming (or already here, if you are one of my Jewish readers), I decided to go in search of awesome holiday things. I’m going to warn you that, much like my mind, this list is going to be pretty random, so bear with me.


First up, Bing Crosby and David Bowie. I’m so glad the universe conspired to make this happen.


Here is a Spock Santa hat. Live long and sleigh ride.











This is pretty. The Piano Guys perform O Come, Emmanuel.


This album exists.


















And finally, to end this mildly strange journey, here is an animated .gif of Lumpy, Chewbacca’s father, from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

I’m sorry you have to see this. Happy Holidays!

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