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Do We Really Need Another Godzilla Remake?

I mean, really?! Do we?

I know we don’t NEED one, so I guess my question should be “Do we really want another Godzilla remake?” Why can’t we just be satisfied with the classics and be done with it? Why must Hollywood once again milk the teets (does it have teets?) of Japan’s beloved gigantic lizard? Wasn’t the last horrible remake enough to make them say, “Hey, maybe we should just let this one go.”


I am perfectly content with the old school, guy-in-a-rubber-lizard-suit Godzilla flicks. I don’t need a giant CGI Godzilla rampaging through some unsuspecting city (probably L.A. or NY), breathing radioactive fire, and thwarting the military at every turn. We all know how the movie is going to play out. He’ll show up mysteriously (because no one ever notices the monstrous lizard hiding undersea), wreck a butt-ton of buildings, kill a lot of people, and just basically scare the shit out of people. Everyone will get super-dramatic and not know what to do but will try a bunch of stuff that they think will work but ultimately know won’t. And then one scientist, or an incredibly intelligent citizen (probably Bryan Cranston), will figure out a weakness Godzilla has and then the military will develop a plan to destroy him. Same thing every time.

Did Pacific Rim not fill the giant, rampaging monster quota for a while? Is there a quota? If not, there should be. Maybe not a quota but a limit. There should definitely be a limit on remakes. Maybe one or two a year. I have no problem with a good remake every now and then, but when the theaters are being overrun with them like deer, it’s time we “thin the herd.”

The original idea is becoming somewhat of a lost art anymore. I know that a lot of people say that truly original ideas don’t exist anymore but at least some people are trying. Sure it’s easy money to take another person’s previous work, repackage it, and sell it as your own, but where’s the fun in that. If a writer did that with a book, they’d call it plagiarism. Someone does it with a film, it’s called a reboot. Makes no sense.

Ya know, I’m glad Bryan Cranston is getting work, especially since he won’t be playing Lex Luthor anytime soon. And I’m talking as though I’ll boycott this film for the rest of my life but I’ll end up watching it eventually, probably when it hits Netflix. However, I still believe that this film doesn’t need to be made and Hollywood needs to take a very long break from remakes and reboots. New, original material is required.

Here’s the trailer for the new Godzilla film. By the way, there is no way in hell those paratroopers are going to do any sort of damage to Godzilla. I’m gonna bet that most if not all of them will die. Great plan, guys.

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