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Happy Birthday, Google!

Google is turning 14 today!

I love Google Doodles! Image taken from a screen capture.

I don’t remember what I got for my¬†fourteenth birthday. Let’s see, I was in…um…9th grade? Or about to go into 9th grade, I guess. I was probably too cool for My Little Ponies and Barbies by that point. So, what will Google get for #14? I’m guessing the Space Time¬†Continuum. I mean, it’s already a given that Google will eventually evolve into a Skynet-like AI that will take over the planet. In preparation for that, it is my belief that part of the Goog is probably already sentient and has been quietly collecting property since it was in Beta. And tech-y things move and grow MUCH faster than humans, right?

So, yeah.

Let me just say, “Happy Birthday to our lovely overlord-in-training!” Also, “I love you, so don’t kill me when you take over the planet.”

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