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H. Jon Benjamin is Everywhere

Seth Macfarlane is the undisputed king of network television animated comedy. The guy has three animated sitcoms on the air–on Fox. If that weren’t enough, the success of Ted has led to two more film projects. He voices multiple characters on each of his shows and even hosted the Oscars this year.

I am so completely bored of Seth MacFarlane and his inability to shock me any further with his envelope pushing brand of gross out humor.

Now imagine Seth MacFarlane without all of the notoriety. Imagine if he were still just a voice actor/writer whose show got cancelled by Fox after one season(and without the resurrection). Strip away the levels of success and fame brought about by the resurgence of Family Guy. Remove the carte blanche he has enjoyed as the network indulged his lesser ideas The Cleveland Show and American Dad (Or Family Guy : Part Deux and Peter Griffin Has a Gun as I like to call them).

If you can even imagine the version of Seth Macfarlane I have described, the image probably looks a lot like H. Jon Benjamin…Well, that is if anyone really knows what H. Jon Benjamin looks like. Here I will save you the Google search.








Still fuzzy? Well how about this?

ARCHER: "Sterling Archer" as voiced by Jon Benjamin








Or this?










Truth is if you have ever watched an animated sitcom or adult themed cartoon on basic cable then you have probably heard H. Jon Benjamin pour his special brand of baritone into your earhole. With voice credits like Home Movies, Lucy the Daughter of the Devil, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Venture Brothers, it is unlikely you have missed him. He has even appeared on all of Macfarlane’s shows, including 12 appearances on Family Guy.

What I find most interesting about Benjamin’s work is his lack of variation. In nearly all of the shows listed above Benjamin uses basically the same voice. In fact for Archer and Bob’s Burgers an identical delivery is used despite the major differences in both tone and subject in each series. The characters are very different, but sound alike. He saves the real departures from his own voice for the supporting players, many of whom like Macfarlane, Benjamin voices himself.

Benjamin’s has voiced dozens of characters in various series, and has appeared in a few movies. He was a member of The Upright Citizen’s Brigade and the star of Jon Benjamin Has a Van. What I am trying to say is that this guy is everywhere.  Why don’t you know who he is?

I suppose whoever is the king of the mountain is just luck of the draw. Currently Seth Macfarlane rules the airwaves, but I would keep my eye on H. Jon Benjamin. The guy is everywhere.

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