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Gaming for Fun: Nintendo, Wii U, and Enjoying my Hobby Again

Last year, I beat Zelda II for the first time.  It was challenging, and because of that challenge, it was fun. Playing that old NES game made me realize that I was going through the motions while playing many of my games. I was playing Halo 4 just because I owned it. I was buying games more and more often because I was growing so bored with one of my favorite pastimes. Something needed to change.

So, I did something crazy–something a lot of gamers aren’t doing right now. I bought a Wii U; it was my first Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64.

I wasn’t gaming a whole lot when the GameCube released, and quite frankly, I had felt burned by the lack of RPGs on the N64, so I didn’t purchase it. When I got out of college, I bought an Xbox because of Halo. After that,  I picked up an Xbox 360, so I skipped the Wii entirely.

Wind Waker BUndleI was debating an Xbox One or Playstation 4 (though, admittedly, I’ve never really liked Sony products ever since they released minidiscs back in the day) when it occurred to me that I didn’t really care about either of them. I wanted to have fun, and those systems weren’t showing me anything that I was getting excited about.

So, I decided to try to capture a bit of nostalgia, and, so far, the Wii U is doing the job. I get to play all the games I missed from the Wii, and the Wii U is (painfully) slowly trickling out classic games.

Most exciting, I’m playing Zelda and Mario games on a regular basis again. I just finished Wind Waker and  loved every second of that game.

Maybe gaming has left me behind. That’s fine. I think I’ll be okay just having the kind of fun I want to have again.

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