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Awesome Upcoming Indy Games

Shovel KnightKotaku posted an article by an anonymous game developer yesterday that explained how video game publishers are killing the game industry. Whether he is right or wrong, I can say that some publishers have made some really bad decisions lately. Luckily, there are some really awesome independent game studios that are putting out some games this year. Here are the games that I’m really excited about.

Shovel Knight:

Shovel Knight was just funded on Kickstarter (in fact, it raised more than quadruple the money of its original goal), and looks like an awesome 8-bit-style homage to the NES. It is an awesome mix of the gameplay from Ducktales, Mega Man, and Castlevania. The team is experienced, and the gameplay demo they put out looks solid (it doesn’t hurt that they sent it around to many videogame sites to let their reviewers play it).   I can’t imagine a better love letter to the NES.

I helped support this game, and if you want to support it as well, they are still accepting Paypal donations.

Here are the Game Grumps playing the demo of Shovel Knight. (NSFW Language)



Considered a spiritual successor to the excellent Terraria, Starbound is a big, ambitious game about space exploration. The story is that your planet is destroyed, and your shuttle is hurtled into space. From there, you land on a planet and your trek across space begins.

From what I’ve seen of the game, there’s going to be a lot to do. There are a lot of planets to explore, quests to complete, terraforming to do, and lots of things to build. It really reminds me of Terraria, but if you could build a spaceship and explore other planets, too.

If you liked Terraria or Minecraft, I have a good feeling that you’ll like Starbound, too. This is another project in which you can donate to help development.

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine:

Monaco has been getting a lot of hype since it was first shown a few years ago. It’s a single-player or co-op game (though I think it looks the most fun played with others) in which you and your team have to case a building and then rob it. There are multiple classes to play and it looks like the game captured the fun of heist movies.

I can’t wait for me and some friends to become master thieves. Monaco will be available April 24 on Steam and XBLA.


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