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Jesse’s Need for Speed

So, last night, I’m watching the series finale of Breaking Bad, and a shortened version of this comes on:

Good placement with Aaron Paul and whatnot. I mean, any fan of BB is going to perk up at the chance to see Jesse again outside of reruns. Not that it’s exactly Jesse, but…yeah.

Then, it occurred to me that Need for Speed is a video game I used to watch my brother play back in the day. I had completely forgotten about the game! Huh. That train of thought led me to remember all the train wrecks that were movies proporting to be adaptations of video games. Cautionary tale numero uno: Uwe Boll.

There are tons, and you know it.

Get outta my way, B*tch!

Get outta my way, B*tch!

Therefore, as much as I want Jesse to make it in a world without BB, I have some serious doubts if this is his chosen vehicle (Vehicle…get it? Pun-tastic!). Name one movie that was taken from a video game that was ANY good! Perhaps it’s my Monday morning drearies that are preventing me from coming up with anything good, but let me hazard to say that there aren’t all that many.

Maybe Tomb Raider. But, only if you catch me on a good day. Oh, and I’ll admit a certain nostalgic fondness for the first Mortal Kombat movie. It’s pretty terrible though. (Speaking of MK, I recently rediscovered Machinima’s web series! It’s refreshingly good. Seriously. Check out the second season starting here.)

So, what do you think, Cool Shippers? Will Need for Speed follow in the depressing footsteps of many of its video game movie predecessors? Or am I totally off base when it comes to my underwhelming opinion of the genre? Let me know in the comments.



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