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Pop Shock: Naked Survivor

So, last night, I joined the tons of folks watching as some crazy guy crossed part of the Grand Canyon on a teeny wire. Nik Wallenda, a career daredevil, high-wire walking nut crossed safely in a little over 20 minutes.

Sighs of relief! I mean, it was LIVE television, right? My morbid curiosity made me watch to see if he fell. He didn’t; I’m glad! Congratulations, Nik!

Tapping into the hordes of vicarious thrill-seekers like myself, the Discovery Channel took the opportunity to debut a new show: Naked and Afraid.

Say what?

Yes. NAKED and Afraid.

So, apparently, this show is some kind of naked take on Survivor.


Pixelated peek-a-boo! Gross. Image taken from video.


Survivalists are dumped in the jungle and told to…survive. Oh, and did I mention that they’re NAKED?┬áSome of the previews have shown leaves and whatnot covering their jiggly bits, but come on! Are you serious?

I don’t think I’m a prude. I really don’t, (Really!) but this is clearly catering to a base, voyeuristic audience that will be tuning in to see if some random flash of genitalia made it through edits without pixelation!


I guess I’m supposed to admire their tenacity, their survival skills. But, frankly, those aren’t where my mind goes. I’m too busy wondering about bugs in highly undesirable places, sunburn (also in the aforementioned places), and that poor woman’s…er…possible hygiene issues.

Weird? I don’t think so. See, Discovery Channel has to make this show different. Why else would people tune in for yet another survivalist show? There are already so many!

Can’t you just imagine how this show pitch went? Picture the execs sitting at the conference room table, unimpressed with a pitch of another survivalist show. Panicked, the show creator reaches long and blurts out, “But, our contestants are NUDE!”

Intrigued, an exec leans forward. “Nude, you say? Hmmm…”


Naked people aren’t going to make me watch a show that’s already been done a hundred times before. How about you? Will you watch? Defend your nudie-lovin’ ways in the comments!

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