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Keith Olbermann and Other Things I Hate

I hate Keith Olbermann, but only because I have seen his show.  Over the 8 years that Countdown aired on MSNBC (which I also hate) Olbermann spewed bile and lobbed unsubstantiated charges at pretty much anyone not on the DNC’s Christmas card list.  He got into fights with Bill O’Reily (whom I also hate), his twin brother from the parallel universe of Fox News (which I also hate), and brought in fairly good ratings as one of the more angry Liberals on television.  Daily, Olbermann would look smugly into the camera and in that condescending tone that made him semi famous and unemployed by ESPN all those many years ago, declare someone for some reason “The Worst Person in the World”

Proving that journalism was the last thing on his mind and finding it more difficult to stay atop the ratings pile with a Democrat as president, Olbermann decided rather than betray his adoration for President Obama and comment on his administration’s mistakes and shortcomings (I’m looking at you Joe Biden…whom I also hate)  he would instead leave MSNBC.

Olbermann landed at Current TV the brain child of Al Gore (whom I would hate if he had ever been relevant) and other guilty rich men.  Current TV is openly progressive and strives to “shine a light where other networks won’t dare and boldly explores provocative subjects”.

As a host, Olbermann has always done whatever he pleased with no filter or standard on his show.  He made all editorial decisions and had final say over guests and how much he would let them speak.  When he did not get his way he would hold out, threaten to not go on, and insist that Rachel Maddow (whom I…oh you get the idea) change her hair style because only one of them could have it.  While that last one may not be true, the rest of the list is the Olbermann SOP and is widely and publicly discussed by his former employers.

So earlier this year when Olbermann refused to cover the Gop Primary season until certain undisclosed technical issues on his show were resolved, no one was really surprised.  Well except for Captain Planet and the self-loathing rich man’s club at Current TV.  These issues could not be resolved and last week Olbermann and Current parted ways.  Each issued statements blaming the other for the break- up of this partnership.

Al Gore said in his open letter to Current viewers:

“Current was also founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”

So Olbermann behaved in the way he always does and Current is somehow only now taking notice.  Did they watch his show before paying through the nose for it to anchor their network?

Current TV did not buy a pig in a poke here. Olbermann is without a doubt always himself love or hate him (everyone remembers where I fall on this right?) Current tv has created a scenario in which I am forced to defend Keith Olbermann. You win universe.

As I was recovering from this thought, I was completely taken aback by the news of Olbermann’s replacment. Eliot Spitzer?!  Really?!  Where does he fall within the respect, openness, and loyalty to viewers?  As you may recall, Eliot Spitzer was the former  Governor of New York who resigned when it was discovered that he was, for lack of a better term, a huge whoremonger.  That is progressive, right ladies?

Maybe Current will fire Spitzer after auditing his expense accounts.  Maybe then they will hire Garfield the Cat and fire him for being lazy.

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Muggles and Republicans

I love Rachel Maddow. I really do. She does a wonderful show that I listen to (via Stitcher) everyday and am always entertained, informed and enlightened.

photo courtesy msnbc.msn.com

But sometimes, the poor woman just doesn’t get it.

Lately she’s been trying to figure out the metamorphosis of Pro-Life theory among Republicans. More and more Republicans are aligning themselves with a pro-life agenda which is more far-reaching and radical than in the past. All the GOP presidential contenders have backed an interpretation of the pro-life position which would not just end abortion, all abortion, but make most forms of chemical contraception illegal. They have all spoken out clearly that they are aware of this and have no trouble with it. They don’t approve of contraception. Officially.

The state of Virginia is working on a bill to declare that “life begins at conception.” Which would do the same as above. In addition, a bill has passed both Houses which would require that any woman wanting an abortion must be required to have an intrusive (vaginally penetrating) sonogram whether the doctor in charge thinks it necessary or not. Some call this “slut-shaming” or “punishment for sexual activity.”

Heavy duty, huh? Poor Rachel is trying to get her head around the logic here. She’s a self-described political geek and none of this makes sense politically. Virtually all women (more than 99%) aged 15–44 who have ever had sexual intercourse have used at least one contraceptive method. Yet the Republican party, on the state and national level, has thrown their weight behind the elimination of contraception. Rachel is really confused. How can making illegal something that 99% of women have done make good political sense ? How can the GOP think they’ll win votes by threatening to make 99% of all women criminals. It isn’t logical. It makes no political sense. She doesn’t understand.

And that, of course, is because Rachel Maddow is a muggle.

Muggles, for those of you who have been Harry Potter-less the past 15 years, is a sub-species of humanity which has no talent or ability at magic. They are unable to use, see or conceive of the magical reality which whirls about them. Thus they are unable to effectively evaluate the actions of those men and women who do see the reality of the magical world. They must base their judgment and actions on visible evidence, logic, reason, science, falsifiable experiments, etc… And these things simply cannot detect or manipulate magical power.

So, if Maddow is a muggle, that makes the conservatives she is talking about wizards. They are in touch with a reality she isn’t. They see a truth she can’t. Therefore what they are doing makes eminent sense–if you can see as they do.

Anyone who has listened to the conservatives lately is fully aware that they have a source of knowledge and power that their enemies don’t. They’ve given it many names, but for the moment, let’s call this source of knowledge and power “The Force” (yeah, I know I’m mixing metaphors, work with me here), but it is magical.

Like things magical, it doesn’t surrender to  “proof” or “evidence.” To be a wizard is to know that the magical world isn’t affected by things in the muggle world only vice versa. The actions of wizards can seem strange and contrary (Newt Gingrich lectures America on sexual morality). They declare the existence of things others can’t see (weapons of mass destruction) . They believe that they can make something real simply by declaring it so (“Obama is a Muslim and a foreigner”). They detect causal connections between phenomena (gay marriage and the fall of western civilization) that are invisible to muggle research or instruments. They know the power that rests in rituals (sonograms before abortion). They are privy to secrets and wisdom that is beyond others (America was founded as a Christian Nation). In light of this, Rachel, what women do with or think about contraception is irrelevant. The Force has declared it wrong and that is that. Muggle concepts such as “science” or “historical evidence” is also irrelevant, since the muggle world is a lesser part of the magical world. This is a very old and traditional model of reality: Plato would have understood it perfectly.

Logically then, wizards are more fit to rule than muggles, since successful wizards (who can be identified by their overwhelming mastery of things in the muggle world: money, sex, political power, defining of reality and the like) obviously know far more than the muggles they are ruling. It is obvious that wizards should not be bound by muggle rules, while muggles, for their own good, must be ruled by wizards who will apply their superior knowledge and power for the muggle’s own good.

"The Force is strong with this one."

The wizards of the GOP have spoken of creating a smaller government that doesn’t interfere in the life of American citizens. At the same time, they propose legislation which will require the government to monitor the Internet, entertainment media, sexual activity, emails, phone calls, political activity and other private behaviors. This is not hypocrisy or confusion, it makes perfect sense. Wizards don’t have to worry about such rules, with their magical powers they can circumvent them (or the rules cover nasty things wizards would be disgusted to do). Muggles, on the other hand, need such rules for their own protection and safety. As many in the GOP will tell you: only wizards are fit to rule.

So, unless Rachel and her fellow travellers figure this out, they are in for a very frustrating political season. They are unable to see what the wizards see and thus will never fully understand what the wizards are up to. They are limited to such things as evidence, science, research, logic and reason. None of which are able to penetrate the world of those who possess magical power.

Remember Rachel:

Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards,


Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Perry and Anne Coulter at CPAC 2012.


For they are subtle and quick to anger.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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