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Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH

Russell Crowe as Noah… need I say more?

Aronofsky on set. (source: collider.com)

I’m not sure what Darren Aronofsky is going for with Noah (his next film). He’s either trying to encourage people to read the Bible, piss off a lot of religious types, or just say “Eff it! Let’s make a biblical flick!”

My money is on the last two because from what I’ve read, he’s not exactly going “by the book” on this one.

He’s straying away from the “two by two” idea that we’ve typically gotten from Bible stories and going more with a darker telling of the classic tale, so you probably won’t see a lot of animals in this flick. He’s still apparently going to hear the voice of God telling him to build the Ark because some heavy rain is coming to cleanse the Earth.  The movie is panning out as more of an epic, end-of-the-world survivor’s tale rather than a save all the animals, PETA-loving family flick.

And there’s a bad guy in it, too. Ray Winstone (great choice!) will play the villain, Tubal-Cain. I don’t remember there being a bad guy in this story, but I always thought it needed one. With Winstone playing the part, I don’t see a Snidely Whiplash-type of villain either; expect something much more menacing.

There’s also going to be 11-foot tall fallen angels with no wings and six arms called Watchers in this film. This makes it even more intriguing. I can’t wait to see how those look on screen. Plus, Aronofsky is even having a life-sized Ark built for the film! Yep, that’s right! No CG Ark for this film. It’s all about the realism.

Lerman as Ham on set. (source: collider.com)

The film also stars Sir Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah (another great choice!), Jennifer Connelly as Noah’s wife Naameh, and Logan Lerman as one of Noah’s sons, Ham.

I’m not one for biblical films, but this one has caught my interest. It’s helmed by one of my favorite directors (although, I will admit that I didn’t think Black Swan was all that great), it stars one of my favorite actors (Crowe), and it’s gonna have those giant freakish angels.

Sounds like a winner to me.

The downside is that it we’re gonna have to wait until 2014 to see it.  But, I think it’ll be worth it. If it’s good enough for Aronofsky to drop out of The Wolverine for, it’s good enough to wait a year and a half to experience

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