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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January 1st, and we made resolutions; it’s the cool kid thing to do. Some of these are real. Some of these are fake. Some of these are probably  a mixture of both. Have a good New Year!

Julie Bethlenfalvy (Writer): In 2013, I’d like to find someone to invent something to improve my short-term memory. I don’t have one. I’m like the guy from Memento, but I can’t tattoo everything I forget on my body. I’d be completely covered in mundane ludicrous things like, “Feed the pug,” “your blog is due Wednesday,” “you have plans with so and so on Friday,” “turn off the lights,” “buy bananas,” etc.

Colleen Kiphart (Writer): I make New Year’s resolutions like I bake cookies – many at once and not for myself.

Oh sure, I say I’m going to eat vegetarian at least twice each week. In reality, on our honeymoon I saw a goat killed and later on I ordered that goat at a restaurant and sucked the marrow from his bones. He was delicious. I regret nothing. I hate goats. Unless I’m eating them. Then I apparently love them.

But this year, I’ll do it (And, because I cook for him, I’ll drag Mike into it with me! Two people doing it, that’s gotta count for this year and last year.).

Rob Allyn (Entertainment Guru):

1. Continue on my path to being a better person, boyfriend, father figure, brother, friend, and son. “Be excellent to each other.”
2. Actually write a novel. Maybe even write it on a typewriter…or maybe not. Worry about getting it published afterwards. (Also, start writing scripts again.)
3. Actually get into shape. I mean, like healthy and ripped. Like realistic, movie universe, superhero ripped.
4. Work harder with my fellow “shipmates” to make The Cool Ship even more successful. And finally do podcasts.
5. Work with TJ Johnston to finally make DDSys a legit thing. Maybe even make his vampire musical a legit thing too.
6. Learn sign language and stained glass crafting.
7. Draw, paint, design, create more. Just be more artistic.
8. Steal a TARDIS. Become The Doctor. Be brilliant.

John Calhoun (Captain of the ship):

I usually don’t do resolutions. New Year’s just so happens to coincide with my birthday so every January 1 is kind of a mixed bag.

There’s the usual stuff that you never do like quit drinking (pfffff, right), only eat 80 calories a day or date a Bolivian supermodel. And so on until you wake up one day after Christmas and you can’t remember what your resolutions were last year. Or maybe YOU do. I don’t.
Recently though I read an article at Cracked (because revelation can come from the strangest of places) that resonated with me. David Wong distills the harsh truths about becoming a valued member of society. It’s poignant, though a bit materialistic, because he draws a connection between being a valued member of society and getting what you want.
I swear to god it’s not as obvious as it sounds after typing that sentence. Or if it is, that’s not really the point. The point was to internalize that message and squash the excuses that keep you from acting on it. And, for me, it was an affirmation of a lot of the things I sometimes think about but don’t take seriously. You can read the whole thing here.
 I’m in a space where the late 20s are giving way to the early 30s and my state of affairs isn’t terrible, but it’s also not what I want. This year I did some things I thought were important, but they weren’t things that I wanted for me. 2012 was the year I became the product of my work instead of my work being the product of my desire.
I’m not suffering from a terminal case of narcissism (I don’t think); I know you don’t just go out into the world and do what you want. But you can work to that end. Instead of doing so I spent 2012 wandering from one thing to the next. 2011 too. And 2010.
No more. 2013 is the year I definitively figure out what I want to do with my life a build the skills toward that end. It sounds vague, so let me break it down. By December 31st of this next year I will be able to say with certainty where I want to be in 5 years and how I’m going to get there. And I’ll be able to list two skills I have developed to get there.
Also, I’ll jog three miles everyday and some other shit.

TJ Johnston (Lord of Content):

I don’t generally make resolutions because I tend to fail at them, but my determinations this year are pretty simple.

1.) Finish my novel
2.) Design a board game/RPG
3. Keep trying to turn The Cool Ship into something more than it currently is
4.) Hope that I can become either a wizard, viking, or superhero

Boom. Done. Happy New Year.


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