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Pop Shock: Miley

So, maybe this is me being an old person. But, I don’t really think so.

I’ll freely admit there were times during last night’s VMAs that I looked at my husband and said, “I don’t get this. Do you get this? Does this mean we’re old?” Namely, Kanye; I just don’t get Kanye. I’ll just put that out there. Why perform in such a way that I can’t SEE you performing? I’m sure it was symbolism of some kind. It usually is, isn’t it?

Bah. Humbug.

I’m not against weird, though. I actually quite enjoyed Lady Gaga’s square mask, white nun-inspired costume that led into an entertaining exercise in quick changes and wig parades! Fun stuff.


What was with Miley?

I want to like Miley; really, I do! But, her performance at last night’s VMAs makes it really hard for me. Here’s the video, but I don’t suggest watching it. It’s pretty gross.


Can we start with the teddy bears? It was a furry convention! Giant bears everywhere! Although, I did like the huge teddy bear with the Geordi La Forge mask on. You know the one I mean; Miley came out of its chest like it was a spaceship from the planet Skank. So, after semi-humping the teddy bear entry/door, she traipses down the teddy bear stairs with her tongue hanging out. Ummm, okay. You’ve got a tongue. Is that supposed to be sexy? Doesn’t quite hit the mark for me, Miles. Instead of sexy, she came across as a terribly immature child desperately trying to gain attention.

Then comes the dancing with over-the-top pelvis thrusting. This is nothing really new, I guess. It was gross, yes, but nothing new from a pop starlet trying too hard.

That’s where she went wrong, incidentally: she was trying WAY TOO HARD. She ended up copying and ramping up every other tired attempt at over-sexualized individualism.

will smith reaction

Their expressions say it all.

I get it, YOU LIKE SEX. You don’t need to point at your crotch every other beat. And later with a foam finger? Okay, you like sex with others and yourself. I get it.

And, Robin Thicke? Dude! You’re married with a child! The do-it-yourself Kama Sutra display was a bit much! Actually, it was more than a bit too much; it was WAY too much.

Oh, yeah, let’s not forget the singing. Miley was NOT at her best last night. If fact, she was pretty horrible. But, judging from her performance, she didn’t choose to focus on vocals. That was extremely obvious!

I can only suppose that she was meant to seem grown up. Shocking. Cutting edge.

No. It didn’t work.┬áHer behavior didn’t come across as shocking or cutting edge. It came across as immature, gross, and just plain vulgar.

Think of the (Will Smith’s) children!

What do you think, guys? Am I over-reacting?


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