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Who’s Who?

Over the weekend, rumors started to fly that Rory Kinnear could be the new Doctor. Kinnear is (maybe) supposedly taking up the mantel that will be discarded when current Doctor Who Matt Smith leaves the show around Christmastime.


Nice skull, Rory. Image courtesy of The Guardian.

I’ve read that he’s more of a stage actor, but he’s vaguely familiar to me.

When it comes to  a new Doctor, I want the actor to be someone I don’t know. I guess Kinnear fits that bill. While I’ve seen him in the newer Bond films, it wasn’t a role that really resonated with me, and frankly, he just looks like some random British dude to me.

Is that a good thing? I guess.

Knowing that he comes from a theater background gives me some hope. I love theater, and anyone who poses with a skull (Yorick, I presume.) and some flowers is obviously a bada$$. I mean, look at the picture! His face is half in shadow! You know he means business.

When it gets right down to it, I guess I don’t really care who the new Doctor is. (Shocking!) As long as the show continues to feel the same; to stay with the message that good will eventually triumph over evil; to have ridiculous sets and terrifically outlandish aliens; I’m good.

Although, a woman playing the Doctor would have been pretty sweet. Maybe next regeneration? Get on that, BBC.

What do you think about this unconfirmed news? Will Kinnear be a good Doctor? Were you pulling for someone else?


[[Featured image courtesy of Daily Record and Sunday Mail and is found at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/tv-radio/actor-rory-kinnear-favourite-replace-1928557.]]

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