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H. Jon Benjamin is Everywhere

Seth Macfarlane is the undisputed king of network television animated comedy. The guy has three animated sitcoms on the air–on Fox. If that weren’t enough, the success of Ted has led to two more film projects. He voices multiple characters on each of his shows and even hosted the Oscars this year.

I am so completely bored of Seth MacFarlane and his inability to shock me any further with his envelope pushing brand of gross out humor.

Now imagine Seth MacFarlane without all of the notoriety. Imagine if he were still just a voice actor/writer whose show got cancelled by Fox after one season(and without the resurrection). Strip away the levels of success and fame brought about by the resurgence of Family Guy. Remove the carte blanche he has enjoyed as the network indulged his lesser ideas The Cleveland Show and American Dad (Or Family Guy : Part Deux and Peter Griffin Has a Gun as I like to call them).

If you can even imagine the version of Seth Macfarlane I have described, the image probably looks a lot like H. Jon Benjamin…Well, that is if anyone really knows what H. Jon Benjamin looks like. Here I will save you the Google search.








Still fuzzy? Well how about this?

ARCHER: "Sterling Archer" as voiced by Jon Benjamin








Or this?










Truth is if you have ever watched an animated sitcom or adult themed cartoon on basic cable then you have probably heard H. Jon Benjamin pour his special brand of baritone into your earhole. With voice credits like Home Movies, Lucy the Daughter of the Devil, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Venture Brothers, it is unlikely you have missed him. He has even appeared on all of Macfarlane’s shows, including 12 appearances on Family Guy.

What I find most interesting about Benjamin’s work is his lack of variation. In nearly all of the shows listed above Benjamin uses basically the same voice. In fact for Archer and Bob’s Burgers an identical delivery is used despite the major differences in both tone and subject in each series. The characters are very different, but sound alike. He saves the real departures from his own voice for the supporting players, many of whom like Macfarlane, Benjamin voices himself.

Benjamin’s has voiced dozens of characters in various series, and has appeared in a few movies. He was a member of The Upright Citizen’s Brigade and the star of Jon Benjamin Has a Van. What I am trying to say is that this guy is everywhere.  Why don’t you know who he is?

I suppose whoever is the king of the mountain is just luck of the draw. Currently Seth Macfarlane rules the airwaves, but I would keep my eye on H. Jon Benjamin. The guy is everywhere.

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The Oscar goes to…Oh Yeah, That Guy Again


Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Image courtesy of Wikimedia


Last month’s 85th annual Academy Awards really have me thinking. First, I’ve been thinking about all of the hilarious reaction to Seth Macfarlane being Seth Macfarlane, and doing a song about actresses going topless in various films. Come on folks, Macfarlane does gross out, irreverent humor in various media for millions of dollars. His work is now so prevalent and commonplace that he lacks the ability to surprise us by offending our delicate sensibilities. The hat is old, and I think we should move on.

While I enjoyed Macfarlane, the second thing the Oscars brought to mind was the current group of directors in Hollywood. I know that for years we have all griped about the hashing and rehashing of the same tired plots starring the same actors. We complain of over grown budgets and undergrown stories. When the best director award passed over Steven Spielberg in favor of Ang Lee much in the same fashion as it did in 2006, I could not help but wonder “are there only 6 directors in Hollywood?”

What seems more likely is of the highest profile directors there are only 6 types:

Disclaimer  The people on this list would probably fall into many of the other categories, and I am certain I skipped a great many in each group. If I snubbed your favorite, I apologize.

The Old Guard:

Once upon a time, each of these now-famous film makers were outsiders; now each is a  tried and true trophy winner. Directors who can take any chunk of coal and produce a diamond simply by attaching their weighty name. Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola etc.  These are the guys on the wishlist of every writer, and many actors. It seems that every year one of the numerous people on this list are either nominated for best director or receiving some type of lifetime achievement award.

I was an okay actor, but am a much better director:Ron Howard

Meathead, Laverne, and Opie are among the greatest directors of a generation. Ron Howard is probably the most successful of this group, and his position is aided by the fact that he was a child actor who worked very little as an adult. Rob Reiner, Penny Marshal, and recent addition Ben Affleck are great examples of people who did less than meaningful work as actors but have turned in stellar work from behind the camera.

Freaks and Geeks:

Movie and comic book geeks seem to make the best directors to head up recent film adaptations of some of our beloved childhood properties. Because of their special connection to the material and their dedication to making movies they as fans would want to see these directors deliver time and again to some of the most difficult fan bases: Sam Raimi,  Brian Singer, Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams. Just hearing their names attached to a project can bring a sigh of relief to most hardcore  fans.

The Epics:

Sometimes these are at odds with the group immediately above. Directors in this group sometimes forgo the subtleties and nuances of  the source material to produce a script with a, how should I put this? A bit more BOOOOOOOM: Joel Schumacher, the man who almost killed Batman; Ridley Scott, whose work runs the gamut between indecipherable and gut checking action; and James Cameron. They are the successors to famous Hollywood archetypes like Cecil B. Demille. The king of them all is Michael Bay, who has managed on more than one occasion to combine his love of  ‘splosions and his dedication to making a film fans can enjoy.

The Writer Directors:

Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan, Steven Soderbergh, Ang Lee, Woody Allen. Most directors have tried their hand at writing, and a lot of writers would rather direct their own work. While many of those listed above and many others that fit this category have directed works written by others, the majority of their success comes from directing their own scripts. Much like singer-songwriters, this is often the perfect marriage of concept and director.

The Trilogy Makers:

Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan, George Lucas. Ever try to tell a story? Ever have to stop one-third of the way through due to time constraints, then pick it back up later? This is how I imagine the mind of the Trilogy Makers. Whenever a story is too big to tell in one film these are the guys to call. Often it means slow playing the first film, overdoing the action in the second, and cramming a resolution into the third.


Sure, some of these directors fall into more than one category, but the point is pretty solid. Hollywood is in desperate need of new blood. Not just for directors, but in many other aspects of the group mosaic that is a well-made film. The only answer is to stop going to see tired plots and worn out concepts from the  same directors and actors. Right? I mean if we do not respect the position we hold as consumers how can we expect the film makers to do so?  And furthermore… Sorry, I lost track of time…I will finish this later. I am catching a matinee of the new Die Hard.







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