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Sweeping Up the Dark Lord’s Mess

They lurk in engine rooms and basements of spaceships, waiting to surface from the depths of darkness to mop away the madness of spills and dead rebels. Yes, I said dead rebels. Did you ever wonder who cleaned up after Darth Vader or the clones? Someone has to. That Death Star gets dirty!

The Guild producers, Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire, created an awesomely geeky Space Janitors webseries. I’m assuming that the cast can’t mention Darth Vader, the Emperor, or Storm Troopers because of copyright laws. This problem does not lessen the humor or detract from any reference identification. The Emperor is the Dark Lord, etc. You’ll get it.

My favorite episode at the moment is “Light-Based Arm Cutter Instrument.” The main characters, Darby Richards and Mike Chet, are in the basement of the spaceship (which is the creators version of the Death Star) just wiping up another mess and something falls from above. Darby nonchalantly picks up a severed hand attached to some sort of saber-like device. The hand gets tossed into a hazardous waste receptacle as the duo tries to figure out the purpose of the “electrical instrument.” The Empire Strikes Back reference is just brilliant. So, I guess we know what happened to Luke’s hand!

After using it as a musical instrument, a “mush cooker” (mush is their food and comes in a rainbow array of colors), and several accidents involving Mike’s arms, any fan of Star Wars, or The Guild, won’t be disappointed. Space Janitors is a humorous trip through the Empire’s class system with the exploits of individuals stuck in dead-end jobs who just want more out of their lives.

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