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The Walking Dead Recap/Review: “Walk With Me”

You’re smart. You know that this recap will contain spoilers, so I don’t really see the need to warn you of them. But, I love you, so I will. There will be SPOILERS and conjecture, so don’t drink my milkshake. 

So, we all now know what Merle is going to be for Trick-or-Treat! He’s going to be a pirate, obviously. Garrr, Cap’n Hook! Gosh, I hope he has a hook! Last night, all we saw was a knife attached to a prosthetic of sorts, though. It was more of a stump cover, really.


We got some much-needed girl time during last night’s episode, “Walk With Me.” But, before our girls Andrea and Michonne could put on their pjs and watch a chick flick, the Governor (who I will be referring to as TG) was introduced, marking a long-promised story arc that should lead to the old gang eventually getting back together. I haven’t read this far in the comic books, but I know TG is supposed to be a pretty nasty guy. Judging by all the conspiratorial  looks that he and Merle were tossing back and forth, I’d say Rick’s hand may be on the line for some good ole fashioned payback.

But, AMC tried to make me think TG was an upstanding guy…at least until a certain point. More on that later, though.

The episode starts out in a helicopter, and it’s clear that they’re in distress. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was watching a flashback or if these military guys were about to get VIP tickets to WalkerCon. (I wanted to go with ZombieCon, but darn if they don’t call them walkers!) I got the picture when the helicopter crashed, and the scene switched to Andrea and Michonne watching smoke billow into the sky from the crash site.

The Governor. Looks about as trustworthy as any politician. Image courtesy of AMC.

The two woman arrive on the scene (along with Michonne’s pack walkers) just before TG and some of his men. They sensibly hide in the bushes. This made me happy, because folks usually go tearing out to meet the new guys. That’s usually not a good idea in a post-apocalyptic world. It usually gets you shot.

But, the pack walkers begin shuffling about, rattling their chain leashes, and Andrea had some issues with coughing. Michonne (I REALLY like her) dealt with the pack walkers swiftly, taking off their heads with her katana. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do the same with Andrea.

TG and his men investigated the crash site and found the pilot still alive. They extricated him and it seemed like he was going to be rescued. Then, the women watched as TG stabbed a different soldier in the head, one that the women had seen was already dead. The soldier had turned, but the women didn’t know that. So, they assume (rightly, I’m sure) that TG and his men are bad dudes.

If you’ll recall, Andrea wasn’t with the main group when Rick revealed that everyone is already infected with the walker virus. So, she just assumes TG is just abnormally cruel and demented…which he may be. My money is on yes, he is.

TG and his men take the pilot and leave, and the women think they’re in the clear. Then…MERLE!

Everyone knew he was coming back to the show. Seriously, it would have been hard not to know, especially in light of last week’s teaser for this week.

Andrea promptly faints and goes in and out of consciousness as she and Michonne are blindfolded and taken back to what we soon learn is Woodbury, a seemingly idealic, walker-free town of less than 80 people. She wakes up in a medical facility, and Michonne is with her.

Merle is there and Andrea tries to explain that Rick and Daryl went back to look for him. But, it’s clear that Merle is still harboring ill will against New Shane (Rick) for cuffing him to a roof in Atlanta, forcing him to cut off his own hand in order to escape what he assumed was a walker onslaught.

Andrea also briefly recounts her own story, telling about all the people who died from the group and how she was separated from them after the farm.

Then, TG comes in and tells them they are guests. Skeptical Michonne is skeptical. To be fair, so is Andrea, but she leans toward too trusting, and we see her begin to fall for this attractive bedtime story over the next couple of days.

Their weapons have been confiscated, but they’re told they can have them back in the morning. TG tells them that they need rest in a safe place. He invites them to have breakfast at his house the next morning. There, he’ll give them their weapons, refresh their provisions, and send them on their merry ways.

Skeptical Michonne is skeptical.

TG leads them to a room for the night and wishes them well. Michonne looks disgruntled and shuts the door to block to view of a guard posted outside.

The next day, Andrea and Michonne get a tour of the town from a random Woodbury resident. Andrea is beginning to be taken in more and more. Michonne is still reserved and untrusting, leading to a small spat between the two friends.

The evil trinity: Merle, Milton, and TG. Image courtesy of AMC.

Meanwhile, TG is visiting Milton’s shop of horrors. Milton is a bespeckled man with a keen interest in walker anatomy and operation. It’s clear he’s testing walkers and trying to figure out how they work. It’s even intimated that they’re working on a way to use walkers against other walkers. TG observes that Michonne’s pack walkers were used as a sort of camouflage, making me think he’s working on something along those lines.

I was fine with this. I mean, I guess I was supposed to be repulsed by severed walker heads that were still blinking and looking around, but…meh. Seems like a good idea to investigate what you’re up against.

TG also visited the rescued helicopter pilot. He’s in bad shape, but it looks like he’ll pull through. The pilot tells TG that the rest of his unit are not too far away, and TG promises to bring them back safely to Woodbury.

TG is a liar.

He drives up to the unit and quickly gains their trust, telling them he rescued the pilot and was sent to rescue them. Their guards down, the unit is summarily mowed down by Merle and other assorted TG lackeys. Achievement Unlocked: More Supplies.

Upon returning to Woodbury, TG sells the townspeople a load of hooey, saying walkers had gotten to the unit before they could be rescued. He’s quite inspirational and tells them that Woodbury will muster on, using the recovered supplies. How convenient.

Then, TG tells the people that it’s almost time for curfew and to head home. Woodbury’s strict curfew is one of the reasons it’s remained safe, according to Andrea and Michonne’s earlier tour guide. So, the crowd disperses, and Andrea stops TG to offer her help and support. She also asks what his real name is, and he tells her that he’ll never tell.

“Never say never,” Andrea says almost playfully.

He stares at her for a while, and you wonder if he’s going to be a love interest (at least I did). But, no dice. He coldly replies, “Never,” and walks away.

Back in what I assume are his personal quarters, TG glances at the naked form of the tour guide that showed Andrea and Michonne around earlier and then looks at a family picture complete with wife and son. He looks grim, so I’m guessing they got eaten. In this world, that’s probably a safe bet. He puts the picture aside before settling into a recliner. A weird light is glowing on his face from off-camera, and the music got extra dramatic as we see what he’s staring at.

The wall in front of TG is full of severed heads in fish tanks. Some are walkers, some aren’t. At the top of the wall is the rescued pilot’s head.

It looked surprised. I think I LOLed.

So, yeah, TG has issues. New Shane’s going to have his hand (yes, that’s singular on purpose…) full when they finally meet up!

What did you think of “Walk With Me?” Does Woodbury seem to creepily idyllic to you, too? And why the heck to they have electricity? Generators? Seems like a waste outside of the medical facilities.

Sound off below!

((Featured image courtesy of AMC and located at http://blogs.amctv.com/photo-galleries/the-walking-dead-season-3-episode-photos/episode-3-governor-michonne-andrea.php.))




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