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The Walking Dead: A Week Later

Be warned: There are some SPOILERS below as I whine about The Walking Dead! 

Last week, the world watched as NOTHING really happened to The Governor (TG) on The Walking Dead. Sure, he killed a bunch of people and stuff; but he tore off into the sunset with his two loyal lackeys, fleeing to fight another day.

The disappointment was palpable and predictable. I mean, you had to know the showdown between Rick and TG wasn’t going to happen so soon! They’ve only really had one interaction so far, and TG is just too good of a villain to get rid of that quickly.

“Welcome to the Tombs” was a pretty good ending to season three, tying up some loose ends that I was not loathe to see go (I’m looking at you, Andrea) and giving us some fresh new problems for season four.

But, with the end of season three, there is now a big hole in my Sunday night. The horror! (Don’t get me wrong; there is something to be said about getting an hour of your life back, amiright?) I’ve grown accustomed to being grossed out on a weekly basis, and I need something to tide me over until season four starts next fall.

(Speaking of being grossed out, was it just me or did the gore seem to get more and more unrealistic and gratuitous this season? By the end, things started to look like vaguely human Hefty bags filled with tomato juice! Gore has it’s place in this show, true, but I firmly believe it should also have a POINT. But, that’s another article, I suppose.)

I’ve been seeing things pop up on the Interwebz that will help me get though the long, walker-less dry spell we’re facing. Hopefully, you’ll like them, too! Enjoy!


Charming! A great way to check off all the needed items on your zombie preparedness list, right? Image courtesy of PlayBox.

I MUST start with a set of photographs posted on The Walking Dead’s Facebook page. “Norman Reedus by Terry Richardson” is WELL worth your time, folks. Daryl never looked so good! Check it out here.

I’m really a fan of the hipster pose. Don’t ask me why.

And don’t judge me!

I saw this Zombie Plan charm bracelet pop up last week, and since then, every geeky-themed website and Facebook page has passed it around. Personally, I love it! What’s not to love?

While you’re on Etsy, check out this necklace by LaughingVixenLounge. Clearly inspired by The Walking Dead, the little charms include a sheriff’s hat, gun, and badge! My favorite part is the little greenish rock (Magnesite bead) that looks like a bit of zombie flesh or even a brain.

Braaaiiiinssssss (Don’t you wish the walkers moaned “Braaaiiiinssssss?”)!

Have you seen the latest McFarlane Toys line for season three? They’re pretty amazing! Here they are on Amazon. I think my desk at work needs a Michonne, don’t you? For that matter, I’m sure  your desk/dresser/table/what-have-you needs one, too! And how about that Merle? Great detail.

What awesome The Walking Dead-related swag have you found floating around the Internet? Post in the comments, so we can all gather and console ourselves until the next season starts!


[[Featured image courtesy of The Walking Dead’s Facebook page.]]

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